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Jan. 17th, 2012 01:20 pm
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I'm now posting knitting and any other crafty stuff I get up to on my old ceramics blog, there's an LJ RSS feed (see my user info) if you want to follow it from here, or of course you can just read it on WP or your usual RSS feeder. I'm not going to plug every post here anymore because I don't want to bore those who aren't interested (although obviously I might still post about crafty stuff occasionally if I feel like it).
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I updated my blog - new bead necklace making, knitting and future projects. Am debating what to do with it - give it a make over and post multiple crafts despite the pottery-specific name, or just start a new one. Of course, either option will probably be updated once in a blue moon so I guess it doesn't really matter...
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Mostly for [ profile] rosathome who commissioned some:

pictures of buttons and rambling about the joys of things not coming out how you expect )

I also have a pile of porcelain stuff, including these buttons and a stack of pendants so I'll be updating my pottery blog at some point. Anyone know of a good online source of silver findings for jewellery making, preferably in the UK? These definitely need something more delicate than the steel jump rings I used for my stoneware stuff.


Feb. 28th, 2009 04:54 pm
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For [ profile] anthrokeight, [ profile] catfink and whoever else is interested, here are some piccies of the ceramic jewellery I've been busy making at my pottery classes:

Painted stoneware pendants with crystal glazed or glass beads (both spoken for!)

more pictures here )
Top row: crystal glazed pendants with glazed or glass beads (purple heart spoken for)
Middle row: dark red glazed pendants and beads (heart with two drops already spoken for), and round crystal glazed or dark red glazed pendants, plus a painted pendant with a glass centre (blue, yellow and red one)
Bottom row: crystal or dark red glazed star and leaf pendants, and stoneware painted pendants.


Nov. 13th, 2008 11:59 am
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I made my first glaze last night at pottery - it was like being back in the lab, with the gloves and face mask and nasty chemicals, except for the huge old scales that measured in ounces and the fact that i was measuring stuff into a big plastic bucket :)

I was somewhat sceptical about Raku before, what with the not being waterproof or food safe, but I have to confess, I saw the attraction as soon as we started yanking glowing red hot pots out of the kiln and burying them in saw dust as it rapidly turned into a bonfire in a bin. It's quite magical watching it all happen right before your eyes, and washing the charred wood off to reveal lovely shiny effects - very elemental, literally and figuratively.
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When I was snowed under trying to finish that report, i had several posts going round and round in my head, but of course, as soon as things eased off a bit, my brain juices dried up and nothing was forth coming. Am still feeling rather stuck and stagnant but need to get stuck in again fast or the last report will be a nightmarish last minute rush too...

Anyway, did manage to go running twice last week, although I intended to go today and haven't, but at least I have t'ai chi tonight so will be doing some exercise. I'm finally learning the full 108 posture form so I'm all on my tod as the rest of the class are either complete beginners or about 1/2 way through the 37 short form. It does mean, however, that I'm having to learn it properly, because I have no-one else to follow.

My creative juices are also starting to flow again at pottery - I made my celestial Goddess statue idea as a flat wallplaque last week, hopefully she will still be in one piece on Wednesday after drying out a bit. Haven't decided how to decorate her yet though, I have little silver stars and silver and gold enamel paint but I don't know how much of her to glaze first, or whether to use velvets or coloured slip to put more detail on her. No rush to decide I suppose, I have vases and at least one more goblet to pour, plus several coil pot ideas, and another plaque or two in mind.

I finally finished reading The Court of the Air too, which I did enjoy, although I think it might have been a better book if he'd spent less time cramming in all his myriad ideas for the setting and a bit more time on his characters instead. It was particularly annoying when the head of the Court was introduced in a teaser-esque segment that made me think she was going to be a really interesting character, and then never featured, or was even mentionned, ever again! So while I enjoyed its inventiveness, it did read a little bit like he was determined to put all his ideas in one book incase he never gets published again. And the plot reminded me of some kind of mad anime series, it was a bit demented in places.

Anyway, t'ai chi beckons.
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My hormones hate me this week, i've felt like crap for days and this morning, this was elevated to death warmed-up. Fortunately, a nice cuppa, two nurofen and a long, hot shower are a remarkable restorative, and i'm feeling much more human now.

Deadlands last night was eventful - nattering about the session - the End of the World is Nigh, Demons from Hell and beyond )

Speaking of demons and fantasy - for those of you who haven't discovered it yet via [ profile] thebirdwoman, I'd like to point you towards Dark Red - the webcomic as it's rather fine, in the vein of Neil Gaiman and others of a dark fantasy in the 'real' world bent. You can even get an insight into the artist's creative process over on her LJ [ profile] thedarkredblog.

There, that's my good deed for the day :) Now to plug my own artistic endeavours - chalice piccies will be going up on [ profile] gathering_bones shortly. After consulting with Mum last night, I'm turning my big tile into a decorative piece for her kitchen wall and the four small tiles are going to be Sabbat plaques so I need to get designing those. I may well be doing my bit for interfaith understanding next week, as i fully expect someone to ask me what I'm doing...

In the meantime, work and pottering today, Games night tomorrow, and vistation from [ profile] psychohoebeast, [ profile] daboss and LM on Sunday. Better finish my abandonned spring cleaning :) And I have daffodils - two glasses full in the lounge and a vase on my altar, lovely and bright, and spring-like *happy sigh*
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The entire of the pottery class are now convinced that I'm a breast-fixated lesbian, thanks mostly to [ profile] mcwoof being a complete wind-up merchant. I can't remember the last time I ever blushed soo much, and I was laughing so hard, it brought tears to my eyes. My obsession with making female figurines has been noted, and last night the teacher Anne, talked me into trying an actual statue (30-40 cm high) rather than ickle figurines, and there followed a lot of discussion and ribbing about the size of her breasts, and me spending about 30 mins trying to get them vaguely in proportion and a sensible shape. Of course, my obsession actually has far more to do with me being a Goddess worshipper than the fact that I'm attracted to women, but nevermind. Anyway, a Celestial Goddess statue is in progress, I need to decide details for next week and might post some design sketches on [ profile] gathering_bones if I can get some half decent images together. I also glazed my three chalices so *fingers crossed* they will turn out well. I've made a Spiral Chalice, a Triple Goddess Chalice, and a Rock Pool Chalice. I would have had 4 because i poured them in pairs, but using the molds two weeks in a row meant they stayed a bit damp and the fourth one broke when I tried to remove it, so I converted the cup part into a moon and stars tea light holder, which I can glaze next week when the new antique gold glaze is mixed up. I should also be able to glaze my bowls next week, as the blues and greens glaze is finally in too, having been on order since before christmas!

When I got home, the Lodger and i watched the first of the new series of Grand Designs, which led him to coin the fantastic term 'architec-porn' as they were doing up a 14th Century castle and we were both in fits of jealous ecstasy over it. So who wants to buy a castle with me, hm?? I'd *love* to buy one and have a bunch of us live together in it - I'd even learn to drive so we could lift share 'cos obviously it would have to be out in the countryside. Any takers? And yes, I am serious, you all knew i was a bit of a hippy, right? Maybe I should start playing the lottery...
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The only thing I've achieved today is rescuing my 'thank-you' present from the Union :( I can't believe I left it behind and didn't realise until I was getting in the shower this morning! Ah well, it was still sitting where i left it when I hot-footed it over there at lunchtime so my new wolf guardian is now safely enscounced on my bedroom window sill :)

It's been grey and bitter cold all day, with occasional sleet, not pleasant, although I went out in The Coat* and was so toasty by the time i had walked for 20 mins that I had to abandon my hood and scarf, and unzip the top of my fleece to vent some heat!

Went back to pottery on Wednesday after a weeks absence due to the lurgy. Collected my little Spiral Goddess figurine and glazed my Spring Goddess and a flower pot, and poured two goblets (I have plans for chalices) AND made my first turned bowl on the wheel (although I've skinned my fingers again - ouch)! So pretty successful. I've decided to keep a crafty journal over at [ profile] gathering_bones to encourage me to achieve something creative every week, so I'm going to post piccies over there when i get around to doing anything other than claiming the name (it may also become something of a Craft journal, at least as far as creative stuff goes, I'm not sure yet, all my art seems to be very spiritually-inspired at present).

Last night was DURPS. We have a newbie in our game as an old friend I knew in Lancaster has moved into the area, and I got hit with a plot stick. Was good fun :) We finished with several of the characters, mine included, watching Custer fleeing from the ghosts of the 7th Cavalry come back to torment him!

Hmmm, guess i better start thinking about dinner. I was going to have a pork casserole but i don't fancy it now (it's what i had the Saturday night of much throwing up, so that's not awfully surprising)...

*For those of you who have not experienced The Coat in person, it's a black wool and cashmere, ankle length, double-breasted frock coat with a big furry collar, which [ profile] frogclock always referred to as 'dead penguine' because it's that really soft velvety black fake fur that toy penguines are often made out of.
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Barring any last minute requests for assistance, work is a wrap! Of course, the possibility of such a request means I have to keep half an eye on my email all day while trying to catch up on my house work...

Teacher Anne didn't turn up at pottery last night so we entertained ourselves for 2 hours with leftover clay and random moulds, since everything else was locked away. I got my prototype spiral bowl and my carved tealight holder back though, and the tealight holder has actually come out really well - my first proper success :) The antique gold glaze is gorgeous, it's such a shame it's not food safe or I'd be using far more of the stuff.

couple of piccies of tealight holder, with and without flash )

Anyway, no email as yet and I should get on with something useful. Need to pop out food shopping before lunch and it doesn't look like it's going to brighten up so I'll just have to brave grey and windy dampness...


Oct. 25th, 2006 09:21 pm
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Teapot survived first firing but I'm not glazing it until they get some new Norwegian Blue stoneware glaze 'cos it's really lovely and I have my heart set on it. Did carving today, and for once i succeeded where others failed and managed not to break my pot! I've done a circles and diamonds pattern in a cylindrical pot with a wide neck so i can put a tealight in it, hopefully it'll come out nicely :)

Plant pot tray is finished but I'll bring it home when the whole thing is done. Had to glue a corner back on but should be fine.
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Yesterday was dark, wet and windy and generally miserable all day - thank Heaven for 100 watt-equivalent energy saving lightbulbs! But pottery last night was good fun - I glazed my coil pot (really dark indigo) and planter and base (metallic green, hopefully light and dark in interesting organic shapes) and made a tea pot! Well, poured it into a mould anyway, next week I'll have to extract it and tidy it up ready for firing. Hope it turns out well, I might make some Christmas pressies if it does :)

Today, the sun has returned and I'm wearing my clay and glaze splattered denim skirt like a badge of pride - see, I'm an Artist ;)

Playing Deadlands tonight, last week's game was good fun, turns out my character is scarily efficient - unfazeable and a mighty good shot. However, the session ended with a shaman summoning a roc (as in giant eagle thingy) to attack us, so we may be in a tad bit of trouble now...
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Good things: my mouth and teeth got a clean bill of health at the dentists and the check up was FREE

Bad things: bus drivers who think it's fine to drive off while you're still rooting for your change. I find it hard enough to balance on moving buses at the best of times and I'm still a bit wonky in the head with the dreaded lurgy.

Ah well. Managed to drag myself to pottery last night and made my slabs into a plant pot with it's own tray. *fingers crossed* this will survive firing without cracking, my coil pot is split in the bottom but this may be repaired by glazing and refiring, or might get worse, we'll just have to see. Tonight, it's one-offs at DURPS for the start of the new term but I'm going to go and say Hi to people, hassle Bradley into GMing on Thursday and then come home 'cos I'm not up to roleplaying until 11pm, 30 mins walk from my bed.

Tomorrow, I must get my long boots reheeled and sort out my packing for my trip away and then Alex (of Alex and Catherine, not Old Alex) is giving me a lift to the cattery with Madam. And then I'm leaving at 11 am on Saturday, so all go :)
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Felt like death warmed up yesterday but did manage a quick potter around town with [ profile] mcwoof to buy an eclectic bunch of stuff:

CDs - Alanis Morrisette the Collection, Tori Amos Little Earthquakes and The best of Runrig Long Distance

Books - The Stations of the Sun: a History of the Ritual Year in Britain by Ronald Hutton and V for Vendetta

And two rolls of rice paper and a box of coloured ink sticks.

Also forgot to mention that I've watched Kung Fu Hustle (wacky, wacky film) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (very good - I wanna dye my hair blue and work in a book shop now ;))

I sooo need to get my eyes tested!
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Had a very civilised weekend :)

Friday, I ended up cooking chicken and pepper fusili, which was rather delicious if I do say so myself

recipe here if anyone is interested )

There was good food, wine and chatting, all good :)

After Adam and Amy left, I was relaxed and in a happy grateful mood so I set up an altar and attempted impromptu ritual, spirituality rambling )

Anyway, Saturday Alex came over and we pottered in the Ferry and had lunch and then I went round to Small Mike & Aileen's with Adam, Amy and Bradley and spent a very pleasant evening chatting and enjoying some very nice red wine, and Sunday I enjoyed my left overs and the last of the wine from Friday night, relaxing in front of the Winter Olympics, and then played Nobilis. All very civilised, and on Monday I was even helpful and crafty as I went round to Amy's and helped bead the wedding outfits she's been working on. We're planning on starting a little craft circle soon, hopefully that will encourage me to actually *make* something rather than just think about it!

Now I just have to get back into work gear, too many late nights has been the only drawback to all this socialising and tired eyes and reading pdf files all day don't mix well. But all in all, given it's still February, I'm feeling surprisingly content, if not quite up to productive ;) Also, I'm a complete numpty because it only occured to me this morning that I could dump the junk that's destined for the tip in my shed rather than falling over it in the flat until someone has time to take it away for me!!

And while I'm here - [ profile] mcwoof Gillies have your furniture on sale until next week and do you fancy a film after work or a curry night if you're busy Saturdays for the foreseeable future? I'll try and catch you on the phone tonight. Hope the OU thing went well!

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