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Why did I think this week was the time to break out my spring user icon?? We currently have a blizzard outside...


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:50 pm
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It was so mild yesterday, despite being really windy, that I walked home from the pool with wet hair and no hood on, so I've decided it is time to banish the ice berries for a few months and break out a spring icon. It's looking quite spring like around here - my clivia is in full bloom, I have pretty little tete-a-tetes flowering, and the tradescantias have been at it too, and the mystery pink thing is still full of flowers! And the park is full of crocuses, still a bit early for daffs up here though, I think. Also, we can tell it is March because Gizmo has decided 5 am is breakfast time...


Back to the to-do list anyway, have been too distracted by pottery-related glee the last couple of weeks.
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Excited about Dr Who tonight :) See the shiny new icon - universe-saving followed by tea and cake, how could I resist ;)?

Speaking of cake - Black Lab are no more (BOO!) but Paul Durham is in a new band called Cake or Death (whose CD I'm currently listening to courtesy of the ever on-the-ball [ profile] pluginchris) - isn't that just the finest band name ever??

And speaking of Dr Who, [ profile] purple_bug, i have The Clockwise Man for you, but I started reading it at Stirling station yesterday so I'll finish it before I pass it on.

Fun and games at Amy's this afternoon so i guess I better get ready - have a good holiday weekend, peeps :)
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I've uploaded all the random icons I had stored on the laptop (and I still have spaces *grin*) and made a new Gizmo icon and a candle icon from pictures I finally got around to uploading from my digital camera. If you ask nicely I might even post some of the others ;) I'm trying to decide if i should actually have an icon of me and shatter the mystery for the entire 5(?) of you who have never met me in the non-virtual world...

EDIT: You can tell a lot about a girl from her bedroom... Check out my pictures (linked from info page) ;)

Don't mess

Jan. 31st, 2006 01:15 pm
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with a woman with a shiny new Starbuck icon to shoot you with :)

That's my procrastination quota used up for today!
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Why do people make icons with tiny text on them that you can't read????

But, oh the prettiness ;)!

Must stop now though, already have some Strangers in Paradise icons saved on the laptop to upload - Francine and Katchoo goodness... yum.
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I've treated myself to a paid account and spent many hours today scouring icon communities! I'm too fussy, I've only picked 4 so far - firefly icons, since I'm hopelessly obsessed with it at present, and a really arty Six Feet Under one which I happened across. I also have space for photos now, so if you're very lucky I might give in and post a picture of my very red hair later!

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