Aug. 22nd, 2014

alithea: (Being human (base by ahlai))
This is an artificial trail full of obstacles. These are meant to require skill and be something you have to get over. I will be wracked with self-doubt and convinced that because it is hard I am going to struggle. Therefore I will struggle.

This is a natural trail. These rocks and tree roots are just here, they aren't intentional obstacles. I've been cycling over tree roots since I was a kid, this isn't hard. Therefore I just get on with it even if I wobble about a bit.

The annoying bit is, I know I'm struggling with the artificial trail because I have no confidence not because I'm not physically capable of it, but that doesn't actually help.

Brains are funny things. I'm very glad that when I started this job no-one ever approached teaching me stuff in a way that made me feel they didn't think I could do it.

ETA: I also wonder if I'd have more confidence regarding physical challenges if my mother hadn't spent my entire childhood telling me I was cackhanded and awkward.

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