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Mo & Erin made a thing -
Pride and Prejudice meets taking the piss out of the poor men who feel hurt by feminism. I knew I loved Lizzie Bennet :)
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The sun is shining here today and I'm wearing my fabby artisan trousers rather than wool tights. Still a bit sniffly but *fingers crossed* this cold is on the way out - my head and ears aren't too bad today. And our wedding rings are ready and look gorgeous from the photo the guy has sent me! Can't wait to see them in person.

Hopefully things are looking up :)

ETA: And Chapter 3 of the Wormworld Saga is up!

ETA 2: Said picture of the rings is now linked in comments (friends-locked)
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Have been quiet around here recently due to a combination of factors, including lots of work to do and silly headcold/viral ick, combining badly to produce major funk. However, we had summery weather for a few days and I seem to have finally banished the ick so I'm feeling perkier, or would be if I wasn't very tired because the Boy spent the weekend doing cross-country pantomime (AKA larping), came home absolutely shattered last night, and proceeded to keep me awake half the night snoring, tossing and turning, and groaning.

Anyway, still have stacks of work to do but have booked a weekend in York early next month so have something to look forward to. And I spent a good chunk of the weekend lounging on my sofa with all the windows open, and bare arms and legs, reading Maggie the Mechanic, which is the first collection of the 'Locas' storyline from Love and Rockets. It's an utterly mad punk/SF/something soap opera, featuring a bunch of mostly female punks and their trials and tribulations (frequently involving trying to get money out of their friends and relatives), spiced up with robots, space ships, occasional dinosaurs, and all manner of shifty unhanded dealings of a very human nature. One particular character has so far alternated between turning up in the middle of the jungle looking for treasure, begging her billionaire boyfriend (with horns...) to make her into a super hero, and getting sacked from the local cornershop - which I think nicely illustrates its utter randomness. Really quite entertaining once you get into it though!
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Day 10 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

I don't generally start books that I don't think I'm going to like from the offset but there have been a few I've struggled to get into but ultimately enjoyed - One Hundred Years of Solitude and Wicked immediately spring to mind, as does Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Preacher is probably the most extreme example though, there are bits of it I found incredibly distasteful but I was too caught up in the main characters to give up on the story. The bit where Cassidy meets another vampire in New Orleans is particularly enjoyable for anyone who gets fed up of whiny goth vampires!

In other news, the Boy and I watched Wild Swimming on BBC4 last night and it was a little gem of a programme. We are Dr Alice Roberts fans anyway but outdoor swimming, profound reflections on the link between water and humanity, and even the ever informative Prof. Ronald Hutton musing on the topic, made for a little bit of magic. I haven't been swimming outdoors for years and it made me long to redress that sooner rather than later.
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Day 09 – Best scene ever

Okay, these are just getting harder! The most memoriable scene I've ever read is the catching a pebble in the moonlight scene in Waylander but it probably helps that I've read the book about 7 times. Best scene though... Oh, actually - the scene towards the end of Strangers in Paradise where Francine is sitting outside a cafe waiting for Mary Beth when some guy comes up to her and attempts to chat her up. She replies, "Hi Clay. I'm ten years older than you and I'm gay," and it's such a perfect demonstration of her personal journey that it makes me tear up and love her to pieces everytime I read it.
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but I just wanted to *squee* because I've just submitted the report that has been kicking my arse for most of this year, in a manner most similar to my thesis all over again (except this is much better, and much more interesting), so


Also, my Strangers in Paradise omibus arrived on Wednesday and it is a thing of beauty! For those of you not familiar with this wonderful work of fiction, it is a comic series that Terry Moore spent 10 years of his life writing (and drawing) and is essentially, a soap opera (complete with crime gang, FBI agents, kidnapping, a plane crash, marriage, divorce and miscarriage) but what makes it really special is that at its heart, it's a beautifully observed romance about two women learning to love themselves as well as each other. And now I get to spend all weekend (well, all Sunday maybe, the weather forecast for tomorrow is too good to stay inside all day) re-reading it all from the beginning and falling in love all over again!


I feel soo much better now :D
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On Saturday, i had a lovely day out with [ profile] mcwoof, which involved oogling beautiful Fiona Haldane pastels at Alessandro's which neither of us can afford (scroll down to the forest ones, they are my favourites), buying a really nice moss green, fitted, short suede jacket in a charity shop for £6.50 (June is my shopping luck!), and having a very pleasant walk around the loch in Crombie country park (bracing but very good for blowing the cobwebs away).

I have made it to all my usual social activities this week - T'ai Chi on Monday (where I quickly remembered the chunk of the 108 I have learned despite a 3 week gap), pottery on Wednesday (made another plant pot, poured a goblet, and glazed my Celestial Goddess which has turned into a flat-backed plaque rather than a 3D statue), and roleplaying last night (Jakob and I ended up taking over the session with character angst, but no-one seemed to mind too much :) Only problem is, now Miss Finchley has been cornered into basically confessing her feelings for Ash, I have to decide what she is going to do about it, aside from angsting and being repressed!).

On top of walking and T'ai Chi, I also went running yesterday and practiced T'ai Chi in the park afterwards.

I have comics to read, mostly notably Buffy season 8 up to issue 12 (yay!)


I've even achieved some work!! Although now I need to spend the rest of the weekend writing stuff up, but hey, it should be ready to submit sometime next week and then I am FREEEEEE ;) (And soon to be unemployed, but one thing at a time, hm?)
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My cactus flowered at the weekend:
behold its alien glory )

And the Lodger cooked me the most delicious dinner on Sunday night - roast lamb with black cherry glaze, roast parsnips and onion, mash, steamed carrots, asparagus and greens. Very, very good!

Book list is also up to date again and I've finally read the last ever Strangers in Paradise... On the one hand, the characters deserve a happy ending after all they have gone through over the past 15 years, but on the other, i can't help feeling it would have been more poignant if it had been a bit more bitter sweet. Mind you, to the fans of a certain character, it was probably very bitter sweet! I need to reread the entire lot, but they are bringing it all out in one volume next year apparently so I'm going to hold off buying it until then.
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Bird song on the radio makes for a very entertainly confused kitty :)

Have watched the latest Bond film (Casino Royale) and Shaun of the Dead recently - Bond entertained me and both my parents (no mean feat) and I really enjoyed Shaun... despite my famous dislike of ick in films, which tells you something about the quality of the writing - great fun.

Am reading great Victoriana - Sally Lockhart books by Phillip Pullman; highly recommended if you like tales of dashing adventure and scheming evil villians, with a good dash of authentic period darkness. And Watchmen, which is grim and... well, we'll see.

Made it to T'ai Chi last night (much needed) and have achieved work (yay!), although still much to do, for tomorrow (boo!)
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On Friday, Jakob and I met up and practiced T'ai Chi in the park - I'm gradually getting the 37 and 44 move form versions into my head as two seperate entities, and we did Animals too - ahhh animals ;) Also, there was comic borrowing:

Strangers in Paradise - the 2nd to last issue EVAR. I'm not going to squee at great length, but everyone should read this, despite its faults (and i admit it has them), at its best it's one of those fantastic character stories that really has something to say about what it means to be human, and to love. Also, I *sooo* identify with Francine's journey these days...

Buffy season 8 - ohhh shiny! Joss Whedon is writing it himself at the moment, although I think only the first story arc (oh and the last apparently, if all goes to plan) and so far (I've read the first 3 issues) it's rather fine and the art work is good too. If you are missing the TV show (who isn't???) then I highly recommend checking this out! I can see certain peeps may have the fantasy dream image from the beginning of issue 3 burned into their imaginations for sometime to come ;)

Am also reading Joss Whedon's run of X-men - Astonishing X-men, which is rather good, although I've been a bit lost more recently as characters i'm not familiar with (not having read any other runs of the comic) have been showing up, and now I've missed an issue or two, and his new (to him) Marvel comic Runaways, which is about a group of supervillians' kids on the run, and is very funny indeed!

Speaking of Marvel - went to see Spiderman 3 last night. Enjoyed it in general, it was good but not fanastic, but was worth the £4.50 especially since the trailers were Pirates 3 (shiny, shiny, shiny!!), Shrek 3 (shiny!), Transformers (hmmmm...), and Harry Potter 5 (shiny, shiny, shiny!), and therefore would only have been improved if we'd got Stardust too. I was particularly entertained by how hopeless he is with women, and the obligatory 'black suit = brooding on gothic cathedral spire'. And that Saturday Night Fever-esque strutting down the street scene was soo cringeworthily funny I nearly cried. Overall, pretty entertaining I thought.

And of course the other cathedral and sound weapon featuring thing this week was the latest episode of Dr Who. I missed the first episode of this series but have seen all the others and while I've yet to be really grabbed by any of the new stories, I'm liking the less-manic post-Rose Doctor, and continue to be amused by their Whedon-esque ability to mix pop culture references - this week's mix of everything from Eliot to This is Spinal Tap was particularly notable. It was probably my favourite so far along with the Shakespeare episode. And the trailer for the rest of the season looked somewhat shiny - ummmm Captain Jack ;)

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I read the first issue of Neil Gaiman's new Eternals comic yesterday. It's rather fine indeed!

Although, I can't help wandering how many of the British comic's readers will get that the "America's Next Superhero" bit is a complete spoof of 'America's Next Top Model' - Wonderful Wasp Mail indeed *snort* Guess there are some advantages to watching tat on LivingTV after all ;)

Also, read the latest Astonishing Xmen (Joss Whedon's take on the franchise), which I'm starting to struggle with because i think I've missed a few issues and it's started to revolve around a load of other characters that I'm clueless about having never read any of the other comics... ah well.

And now WORK!

... Oh, there's a thing about Burlesque on Radio 4 now, cool!
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I read V for Vendetta - I really enjoyed it, I'm just torn at the moment as to whether spoiler )

It'll be interested to see what they do with the film, apparently Hugo Weaving is playing V and Natalie Portman, Evey.

Also, i should read Watchmen.

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