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I seem to be acquiring a yarn habit. To help finance it, I'm trying to shift some more of my handmade ceramic pendants - check out this blog post for details of a Valentine's special offer. Thanking you :)

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Jan. 17th, 2012 01:20 pm
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I'm now posting knitting and any other crafty stuff I get up to on my old ceramics blog, there's an LJ RSS feed (see my user info) if you want to follow it from here, or of course you can just read it on WP or your usual RSS feeder. I'm not going to plug every post here anymore because I don't want to bore those who aren't interested (although obviously I might still post about crafty stuff occasionally if I feel like it).
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I updated my blog - new bead necklace making, knitting and future projects. Am debating what to do with it - give it a make over and post multiple crafts despite the pottery-specific name, or just start a new one. Of course, either option will probably be updated once in a blue moon so I guess it doesn't really matter...

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Aug. 15th, 2011 03:56 pm
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It hasn't happened in a while, but I finally got around to updating my pottery blog with some more thrown bowls I made before my college class ended.
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Mostly for [ profile] rosathome who commissioned some:

pictures of buttons and rambling about the joys of things not coming out how you expect )

I also have a pile of porcelain stuff, including these buttons and a stack of pendants so I'll be updating my pottery blog at some point. Anyone know of a good online source of silver findings for jewellery making, preferably in the UK? These definitely need something more delicate than the steel jump rings I used for my stoneware stuff.

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I made buttons - they are on my blog here. [ profile] white_hart has already laid claim to the set on the bottom left of the photo, so if you want one of the other sets, let me know (£4 for the 3 large ones on the top left and £4.50 for the 4 smaller ones, plus postage). ETA: only the other larger ones left now!

I have two leaf wall decorations to photograph and post too but the light is really crap here today due to fog and I'm still debating adding some gold enamel paint to both of them.

I also have these ivy leaf pieces for jewellery but I need some silver chain and earring fittings to make up the set. I'm wondering whether to do the earrings as studs or fishhooks - would you wear danglies that were only coloured on the front? I couldn't glaze both sides because the holes are too small to go on the bead rack... Although having said that, I suspect I may well end up keeping the set for myself, which means I'll probably go for studs anyway. The bigger leaf pendant just needs a little bead and a leather thong I think.

My tutor has us working with porcelin at the moment so I've made a load more ivy leaf pendants with that to experiment with stains and glazes, and brought some home to make beads over the weekend. And I've also been working on a vase made from 4 of my pressed moulded panels, which will hopefully be ready for biscuit firing next week. So all in all, I finally feel like I'm making some progress again this term, shame classes finish at the end of April!
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New blog post featuring the press moulded lantern and leaf mask from last year is finally up

Yesterday's return to class went well and apparently the college are thinking of offering an HNC in ceramics next year when we are based at the new campus. If it happens, and that is quite a big if because my tutor has said she won't teach it on her own, I'll definitely be interested in doing if I can wrangle it around work. It's likely to be 2 days a week apparently, which should be doable if I'm still pretending to be an academic by then ;)
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My ceramics stock page is now up to date

I'm quite chuffed, I have two parcels to take to the post office this afternoon and quite a bit of other interest, and my blog has had more hits today than ever before (even if most of them are [ profile] stylishly_yours peeps looking at [ profile] white_hart's bead necklace).

I really must do some actual work now however, lovely as it is to sell things I've made, it is never going to pay the bills... The college fees maybe, but never the bills.
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Another ceramics blog update, showing off the finished bead necklace I made for [ profile] white_hart.

Also, I have stacks of pendants sitting around gathering dust so I'm offering free 1st class UK postage on all jewellery orders of £10 or more. Personally, I'd like to ban all mention of it before November but I know hyper-organized people who are already doing christmas shopping so if you want something a bit different for a friend or family member, or a treat for yourself, why not consider a piece of handmade ceramic jewellery?

Here are some pretties to tempt you:

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I've actually updated my ceramics blog with pictures of the raku pieces I made before the summer!

Also, I've been playing with beads for a choker for [ profile] white_hart, this is my favourite so far:

And I have my termite mound vase completed too! Not very termite mound-ish any more now that it is blue and grey rather than raw clay coloured but still. Photos to follow, I haven't managed to get a decent one of it yet. For the past 3 weeks I've been working on a candle lamp using 4 of my press moulded panels stuck together with sections cut out. I can't check on it next week because the college is closed for half term *fingers crossed* it won't have cracked while drying out.
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I haven't written much about pottery since I finally got back to classes back in December but it's been going really well since I got back in my stride. I was thoroughly thrown at first by not being allowed to work on my own choice of projects but actually the change did me good. Having a new tutor gave me a different perspective and reminded me that I took pottery up for fun and as an artistic outlet, not to make stuff to sell. So while I still have plenty of necklaces lying around if anyone wants one at any point, I've started to redo my craft blog so the focus is much more on blogging about pottery rather than trying to flog stuff. I've finally put up the pictures of the first set of wall plaques I've made using my plaster press mould this evening and I'm planning a series of posts covering some techniques rather than just showing off finished pieces. We are doing raku now so I've been busy making rough tiles and things as test pieces for new glazes and this afternoon I made another two wall plaques to try raku firing, threw 3 pots on the wheel, and started making a mask. Raku pieces aren't waterproof or food safe so I'm working on some more decorative pieces. Next week we get to make our glazes and then the first week back after the Easter break will be the first firings. Very exciting!
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I'm probably going to update the blog on my new pottery website every week or so, so I've created a feed ([ profile] ceramicsbyhelen) so those of you who are interested can follow it on here (I'll keep photos down to a maximum of 2 per post and put most of them on my gallery pages instead so you needn't worry about your flist being flooded with lots of image heavy posts). This means rather than posting here everytime I've updated it, I'll probably just post if I've put a load of new photos up in the gallery or something.
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My new pottery blog/website is here - I would very much appreciate it if [ profile] thebirdwoman, [ profile] catfink, and [ profile] wendelah1 would comment on my opening post or about page to say how pleased you were with your pendants - thank you muchly!

I've had fun and games getting my head around Wordpress but I hope you think it looks okay. I've got more pages than posts up at the moment, but I will be blogging there too once I have more time.

Now I just need to get some business cards printed for Amy to give out at the event - I thought I was going to get some utterly bargainous ones online and then realised having them printed and sent out in time was going to almost triple the price :(

Oh, and actually do the job I'm being paid for...

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