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This writing malarky is great when I have the brain for it. Just finished my third* collaborative story game on Storium - - this one's a futuristic cyberpunkish, soft SF story about a group of friends caught up in political corruption and I'm rather pleased with my character Hari, as well as what we managed to come up with as a group.

*Not counting the pirate story which we've finished a 'book' of but moved straight on to another instalment. The first being a lesbian romance novel set in rural England and the second a behind-the-scenes superheroes soap opera, never let it be said that I'm not exploring different genres ;)

2015 plans

Jan. 1st, 2015 11:58 am
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- Manage more than 30 books this year
- Read To Kill a Mockingbird and Great Expectations
- Read the rest of the Jacqueline Carey Terre D'Ange books
- Read Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles

- Start making notes for my novel
- Keep up with my Storium games

- Make myself a top/cardigan/jumper
- Try colourwork
- Actually knit something for my mother

- Try historical fencing
- Manage the MTB skills trail at Templeton without going around any of the obstacles
- Swim outdoors
- Start running again

- Institute monthly date nights
- Finally make our wedding photobook
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As you may have gathered, I had a nice surprise on Sunday when thebirdwoman and pluginChris made an unexpected visit. We spent a very pleasant afternoon on the beach in Broughty Ferry in the sunshine. Visits from friends are lovely, and unexpected visits are even nicer in a way...
Yesterday I finally got to play my new Adventure! character, Lottie, the film star. It was great, she is soo much more fun to play than Svetlana was. I've even started a character diary for her, which I've never done before read the first installment here )

I'm going to have such fun with her :) Unfortunately, we are playtesting Lindsay2's Five Rings scenario for the Nationals for the next two weeks so I won't get to play her again for a while.

Today, I actually revised for the faststream exams (don't look so surprised!), I've done all the practice questions they sent me. I have a horrible feeling that my brain is going to ache horribly by Thursday night... oh well, playing Sky in Changeling will probably make me feel better.

It was lovely, sunny and mild, today while I was out running, I almost took my work down to the waterfront but then it clouded over...

Anyway, I want to find a picture of a 1920s filmstar to help me do a character sketch for Lottie so I'm going to head off now.

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