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I updated my blog - new bead necklace making, knitting and future projects. Am debating what to do with it - give it a make over and post multiple crafts despite the pottery-specific name, or just start a new one. Of course, either option will probably be updated once in a blue moon so I guess it doesn't really matter...
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I made buttons - they are on my blog here. [ profile] white_hart has already laid claim to the set on the bottom left of the photo, so if you want one of the other sets, let me know (£4 for the 3 large ones on the top left and £4.50 for the 4 smaller ones, plus postage). ETA: only the other larger ones left now!

I have two leaf wall decorations to photograph and post too but the light is really crap here today due to fog and I'm still debating adding some gold enamel paint to both of them.

I also have these ivy leaf pieces for jewellery but I need some silver chain and earring fittings to make up the set. I'm wondering whether to do the earrings as studs or fishhooks - would you wear danglies that were only coloured on the front? I couldn't glaze both sides because the holes are too small to go on the bead rack... Although having said that, I suspect I may well end up keeping the set for myself, which means I'll probably go for studs anyway. The bigger leaf pendant just needs a little bead and a leather thong I think.

My tutor has us working with porcelin at the moment so I've made a load more ivy leaf pendants with that to experiment with stains and glazes, and brought some home to make beads over the weekend. And I've also been working on a vase made from 4 of my pressed moulded panels, which will hopefully be ready for biscuit firing next week. So all in all, I finally feel like I'm making some progress again this term, shame classes finish at the end of April!
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I haven't written much about pottery since I finally got back to classes back in December but it's been going really well since I got back in my stride. I was thoroughly thrown at first by not being allowed to work on my own choice of projects but actually the change did me good. Having a new tutor gave me a different perspective and reminded me that I took pottery up for fun and as an artistic outlet, not to make stuff to sell. So while I still have plenty of necklaces lying around if anyone wants one at any point, I've started to redo my craft blog so the focus is much more on blogging about pottery rather than trying to flog stuff. I've finally put up the pictures of the first set of wall plaques I've made using my plaster press mould this evening and I'm planning a series of posts covering some techniques rather than just showing off finished pieces. We are doing raku now so I've been busy making rough tiles and things as test pieces for new glazes and this afternoon I made another two wall plaques to try raku firing, threw 3 pots on the wheel, and started making a mask. Raku pieces aren't waterproof or food safe so I'm working on some more decorative pieces. Next week we get to make our glazes and then the first week back after the Easter break will be the first firings. Very exciting!
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This is my reading list from 2009; I managed 29 novels, 5 trade paperback collections of comics and the entire of Strangers in Paradise (I'm not sure how many that counts as, it's about 150 comics all said and told I think!). Not bad going really.

My stand-outs for the year were definitely The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. The first being the kind of archetypal story that haunts you forevermore once you've read it; I see Roland and his quest everywhere these days. And the second being the first novel I've ever read that makes me wish I could write. I don't really know why that is, I've loved a lot of novels over the years but usually I'm most content to admire from afar in a 'that's fantastic but not something I could ever do' way. Whereas reading this book made me wonder if actually maybe I do believe in that old adage that everyone has at least one novel in them. It spoke to my soul in a way which made me wish that I could tell a similar story about my history...

in which I witter like a crazy person about having an idea for a novel. Which is crazy because I don't write fiction )And the last thing I need at the moment is another creative obsession with no hope of paying the bills...

In other book-related news, my copy of An Echo in the Bone (Diana Gabaldon's latest time-travelling historical romance about Claire and Jamie) arrived yesterday and I'm currently reading the first Lucifer Box book as I bought the set for the Boy for xmas and he's already finished all 3. Also on my reading list for the next little while are the 3 trades of Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez, which make up the Las Locas storyline about Maggie and Hopey, which the Boy bought for me. Better start my 2010 book list I guess.


Feb. 28th, 2009 04:54 pm
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For [ profile] anthrokeight, [ profile] catfink and whoever else is interested, here are some piccies of the ceramic jewellery I've been busy making at my pottery classes:

Painted stoneware pendants with crystal glazed or glass beads (both spoken for!)

more pictures here )
Top row: crystal glazed pendants with glazed or glass beads (purple heart spoken for)
Middle row: dark red glazed pendants and beads (heart with two drops already spoken for), and round crystal glazed or dark red glazed pendants, plus a painted pendant with a glass centre (blue, yellow and red one)
Bottom row: crystal or dark red glazed star and leaf pendants, and stoneware painted pendants.
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I guess it's the time of year for it but all I want to be doing just now is playing in the dirt - I have plants in need of repotting, shooting bulbs which need potting up, and last night at pottery class I got my first handmade beads back, all glazed and shiny, and now I'm hooked and just want to sit making more and more... Feeling the cool earth/clay beneath my fingers, waiting to awaken, just like the Earth and the rest of us.

Unfortunately, these things do not pay the bills. These hands need to be typing a report and my brain needs to come out of hibernation. Time for a cuppa, I think.

The crocus were beginning to sprout in the park yesterday, though.
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When I was snowed under trying to finish that report, i had several posts going round and round in my head, but of course, as soon as things eased off a bit, my brain juices dried up and nothing was forth coming. Am still feeling rather stuck and stagnant but need to get stuck in again fast or the last report will be a nightmarish last minute rush too...

Anyway, did manage to go running twice last week, although I intended to go today and haven't, but at least I have t'ai chi tonight so will be doing some exercise. I'm finally learning the full 108 posture form so I'm all on my tod as the rest of the class are either complete beginners or about 1/2 way through the 37 short form. It does mean, however, that I'm having to learn it properly, because I have no-one else to follow.

My creative juices are also starting to flow again at pottery - I made my celestial Goddess statue idea as a flat wallplaque last week, hopefully she will still be in one piece on Wednesday after drying out a bit. Haven't decided how to decorate her yet though, I have little silver stars and silver and gold enamel paint but I don't know how much of her to glaze first, or whether to use velvets or coloured slip to put more detail on her. No rush to decide I suppose, I have vases and at least one more goblet to pour, plus several coil pot ideas, and another plaque or two in mind.

I finally finished reading The Court of the Air too, which I did enjoy, although I think it might have been a better book if he'd spent less time cramming in all his myriad ideas for the setting and a bit more time on his characters instead. It was particularly annoying when the head of the Court was introduced in a teaser-esque segment that made me think she was going to be a really interesting character, and then never featured, or was even mentionned, ever again! So while I enjoyed its inventiveness, it did read a little bit like he was determined to put all his ideas in one book incase he never gets published again. And the plot reminded me of some kind of mad anime series, it was a bit demented in places.

Anyway, t'ai chi beckons.
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My hormones hate me this week, i've felt like crap for days and this morning, this was elevated to death warmed-up. Fortunately, a nice cuppa, two nurofen and a long, hot shower are a remarkable restorative, and i'm feeling much more human now.

Deadlands last night was eventful - nattering about the session - the End of the World is Nigh, Demons from Hell and beyond )

Speaking of demons and fantasy - for those of you who haven't discovered it yet via [ profile] thebirdwoman, I'd like to point you towards Dark Red - the webcomic as it's rather fine, in the vein of Neil Gaiman and others of a dark fantasy in the 'real' world bent. You can even get an insight into the artist's creative process over on her LJ [ profile] thedarkredblog.

There, that's my good deed for the day :) Now to plug my own artistic endeavours - chalice piccies will be going up on [ profile] gathering_bones shortly. After consulting with Mum last night, I'm turning my big tile into a decorative piece for her kitchen wall and the four small tiles are going to be Sabbat plaques so I need to get designing those. I may well be doing my bit for interfaith understanding next week, as i fully expect someone to ask me what I'm doing...

In the meantime, work and pottering today, Games night tomorrow, and vistation from [ profile] psychohoebeast, [ profile] daboss and LM on Sunday. Better finish my abandonned spring cleaning :) And I have daffodils - two glasses full in the lounge and a vase on my altar, lovely and bright, and spring-like *happy sigh*
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The entire of the pottery class are now convinced that I'm a breast-fixated lesbian, thanks mostly to [ profile] mcwoof being a complete wind-up merchant. I can't remember the last time I ever blushed soo much, and I was laughing so hard, it brought tears to my eyes. My obsession with making female figurines has been noted, and last night the teacher Anne, talked me into trying an actual statue (30-40 cm high) rather than ickle figurines, and there followed a lot of discussion and ribbing about the size of her breasts, and me spending about 30 mins trying to get them vaguely in proportion and a sensible shape. Of course, my obsession actually has far more to do with me being a Goddess worshipper than the fact that I'm attracted to women, but nevermind. Anyway, a Celestial Goddess statue is in progress, I need to decide details for next week and might post some design sketches on [ profile] gathering_bones if I can get some half decent images together. I also glazed my three chalices so *fingers crossed* they will turn out well. I've made a Spiral Chalice, a Triple Goddess Chalice, and a Rock Pool Chalice. I would have had 4 because i poured them in pairs, but using the molds two weeks in a row meant they stayed a bit damp and the fourth one broke when I tried to remove it, so I converted the cup part into a moon and stars tea light holder, which I can glaze next week when the new antique gold glaze is mixed up. I should also be able to glaze my bowls next week, as the blues and greens glaze is finally in too, having been on order since before christmas!

When I got home, the Lodger and i watched the first of the new series of Grand Designs, which led him to coin the fantastic term 'architec-porn' as they were doing up a 14th Century castle and we were both in fits of jealous ecstasy over it. So who wants to buy a castle with me, hm?? I'd *love* to buy one and have a bunch of us live together in it - I'd even learn to drive so we could lift share 'cos obviously it would have to be out in the countryside. Any takers? And yes, I am serious, you all knew i was a bit of a hippy, right? Maybe I should start playing the lottery...
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Let this Heart,
Which has lain frozen too long
Under Winter's mantle,
Stir with the promise of Spring

Let a Fire be lit
And nurtured

Let this Heart,
Smouldering as yet,
Be reborn with the Sun
And burn as fiercely

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