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My Saturday involved doing my kitchen chores while singing along to loud 80s Bon Jovi and then an evening of TV entertainment which involved Strictly, awe-inspiring record-breaking Grand Prix Final figure skating*, and Red2 (I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up).

*I really don't understand why figure skating isn't more popular, what they are doing on ice these days is fantastic. Mind you, it doesn't help that it never gets any coverage on the UK media because we are crap at it these days.
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Back from holiday, had a lovely time, filled with coastal walks, castles, Roman sites, and paddling (we had 3 days of proper summer weather). And wildlife and not quite getting trampled by cows (yes, there's a story there, the moral of which is never assume a footpath marked on a map will actually be usable if you're in England). There will be a proper update with photos but LJ was down for *hours* earlier and now it's bed time so you'll have to wait.

In other news, I watched Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this evening - my, that's one trippy film...
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Hellboy II: The Golden Army is fab! I enjoyed it even more than the original. The visuals are fantastic, I love Del Toro's aesthetic, and it's thoroughly entertaining - very funny but also quite touching in places.

Swam another 40 lengths on Saturday and then went to a BBQ in the evening, which was good fun and involved catching up with some people I haven't seen in a while. And spent yesterday pottering around being domestic, including discovering that it is now possible to recycle plastics locally.

The weather can't make up it's mind at the moment. It's gone decidedly autumnal and the nights have really dropped in recently but after being cold and slightly damp all weekend, we have lovely sunshine again today and I had to change when I got back from town because I was too hot in a jumper and knee highs with my cotton skirt. Still, I have funky new stripey tights for when it is actually cool enough to wear them :)

Am not overly impressed with the world today though, as I had grand plans for achieving lots of stuff but my stomach is playing up and I don't really feel like doing much, which is doubly annoying today because it's T'ai Chi this evening and I don't want to miss it again :( I hope I'm not coming down with something again, I was sneezing at the swimming pool on Saturday and my throat has been sore since yesterday...
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is complete drivel, moderately entertaining drivel, but drivel nonetheless. There are some gorgeous 1940s evening dresses among the costumes though (I've been spending too much time on [ profile] stylishly_yours!) and Michelle Yeoh is good. The plot reminded me of one of those roleplaying game advertures where the GM is desperate for the PCs to succeed so keeps coming up with more and more obstacles between the villain and his ultimate triumph to give them yet another opportunity to beat him.

Hellboy 2 looks rather shiny indeed though - Lucius Malfoy look-alike evil elves FTW!
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On Friday night, the Boy took me to see Stardust. I love the book to pieces and was really looking forward to seeing it, knowing that Neil Gaiman had been closely involved with it, and I wasn't disappointed. It's quite different to the book in places, but the changes work for the different medium, and it's beautifully done. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it - Robert Deniro's camp sky pirate is not to be missed and Claire Danes is brilliant as Yvaine. And it's very funny in places, as well as being a classic quest story and a love story. All good :)

Saturday was mostly spent flat wrangling, and I'm really appreciating having a clean and almost tidy flat ;) Then peeps came round for dinner and we had Irish stew and a yummy fruit salad (cantalope melon, satsuma, apple, pomegranate, fresh fig and grapes in orange juice), and played Puerto Rico, which was good fun.

Yesterday was grey and miserable so we mostly pottered around doing shopping and more flat stuff, and catching up on the TV I had recorded on Thursday and Friday evening. I did manage to get a lovely grape velvet skirt in TKMaxx though, so I do actually have a choice of dressy skirts to wear for occasions this winter.

Today, dawned grey and miserable again so I gave in and put the heating on because I was washing my hair, but it's brightened up a bit now. This may be my favourite time of the year, but I do have to remember to get out in the daylight enough or it really doesn't agree with me. Still, lots of exciting things to look forward to over the next few months - meeting up with [ profile] thebirdwoman on Friday and hopefully catching up with some old friends who have moved down South later that evening, Samhain (must make up my costume for the party this weekend!), going down to my parents' in November for my Dad's 60th birthday, Yule, Christmas, Hogmanay... *beams in anticipation* And the Boy has to book his holidays for next year this week too so this lunchtime we have been plotting trips away for our birthdays (May and July), and late September again. Vancouver is on hold for the moment, but we are planning Stratford for David Tennant in Hamlet, and to meet up with some of my old uni mates, Northumberland, the Boy's homeland, and the Lakes again :)


Jul. 16th, 2007 03:33 pm
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Stardust is on at the Edinburgh Film Festival on August 21st and 23rd and I think it isn't on general release over here until October. Anyone want to come? I rather fancy it :) Tickets are £7.95 but you get a 15% discount for a party of 7 or more...
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Bird song on the radio makes for a very entertainly confused kitty :)

Have watched the latest Bond film (Casino Royale) and Shaun of the Dead recently - Bond entertained me and both my parents (no mean feat) and I really enjoyed Shaun... despite my famous dislike of ick in films, which tells you something about the quality of the writing - great fun.

Am reading great Victoriana - Sally Lockhart books by Phillip Pullman; highly recommended if you like tales of dashing adventure and scheming evil villians, with a good dash of authentic period darkness. And Watchmen, which is grim and... well, we'll see.

Made it to T'ai Chi last night (much needed) and have achieved work (yay!), although still much to do, for tomorrow (boo!)
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So in summary:

PotC 3 - so-so
Dr Who The Family of Blood - bloody brilliant
weather - mostly yuk
strawberry perry - yummy
me - not overly impressed with the universe, in desparate need of exercise and getting some work done!
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On Friday, Jakob and I met up and practiced T'ai Chi in the park - I'm gradually getting the 37 and 44 move form versions into my head as two seperate entities, and we did Animals too - ahhh animals ;) Also, there was comic borrowing:

Strangers in Paradise - the 2nd to last issue EVAR. I'm not going to squee at great length, but everyone should read this, despite its faults (and i admit it has them), at its best it's one of those fantastic character stories that really has something to say about what it means to be human, and to love. Also, I *sooo* identify with Francine's journey these days...

Buffy season 8 - ohhh shiny! Joss Whedon is writing it himself at the moment, although I think only the first story arc (oh and the last apparently, if all goes to plan) and so far (I've read the first 3 issues) it's rather fine and the art work is good too. If you are missing the TV show (who isn't???) then I highly recommend checking this out! I can see certain peeps may have the fantasy dream image from the beginning of issue 3 burned into their imaginations for sometime to come ;)

Am also reading Joss Whedon's run of X-men - Astonishing X-men, which is rather good, although I've been a bit lost more recently as characters i'm not familiar with (not having read any other runs of the comic) have been showing up, and now I've missed an issue or two, and his new (to him) Marvel comic Runaways, which is about a group of supervillians' kids on the run, and is very funny indeed!

Speaking of Marvel - went to see Spiderman 3 last night. Enjoyed it in general, it was good but not fanastic, but was worth the £4.50 especially since the trailers were Pirates 3 (shiny, shiny, shiny!!), Shrek 3 (shiny!), Transformers (hmmmm...), and Harry Potter 5 (shiny, shiny, shiny!), and therefore would only have been improved if we'd got Stardust too. I was particularly entertained by how hopeless he is with women, and the obligatory 'black suit = brooding on gothic cathedral spire'. And that Saturday Night Fever-esque strutting down the street scene was soo cringeworthily funny I nearly cried. Overall, pretty entertaining I thought.

And of course the other cathedral and sound weapon featuring thing this week was the latest episode of Dr Who. I missed the first episode of this series but have seen all the others and while I've yet to be really grabbed by any of the new stories, I'm liking the less-manic post-Rose Doctor, and continue to be amused by their Whedon-esque ability to mix pop culture references - this week's mix of everything from Eliot to This is Spinal Tap was particularly notable. It was probably my favourite so far along with the Shakespeare episode. And the trailer for the rest of the season looked somewhat shiny - ummmm Captain Jack ;)

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Am remembering why I don't buy new shoes very often - made the mistake of wearing them for the first time with just fishnets rather than socks, and now have two painfully raw heels just from popping into town :(

But, so I'm not just coming here to moan about basically self-inflicted ouchiness:

Looky here - new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer for those of you who hadn't noticed yet. Shiny!

Dinner time...
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Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At World's End trailer here for anyone who hadn't noticed yet
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The Lodger is away until tomorrow so I've had the flat to myself all weekend. Saturday, there was general pottering and discovering that i can watch season 1 of Babylon 5 on my temporarily free Teleport TV service, which doesn't make up for the loss of BSG and will probably result in me being sorely tempted to invest in the 4 seasons on DVD (don't talk to me about season 5 - I've seen Neil Gaiman's episode and wondered at how fantastic it would have been had it featured Ivanova and allowed them to bring back Talia, and that is all), but has pacified me slightly, as it's amazing how fondly you can look back on it's early weaknesses and the dreadfulness of Sinclair, after you have totally fallen in love with it at it's best. I also made bolognase, 'cos I had a sudden craving and haven't made it for ages, and killer chocolate 'brownies' as my donation for Sunday, when I went over to [ profile] mcwoof's for a delicious roast dinner.

The eclipse on Saturday night was rather fine, although looked more grey with a hint of dirty browny orange, than red to me. It was interesting how much more spherical the moon looked when not all shiny and bright, like a bubble hanging in the sky...

Sunday, we watched The Brothers Grimm after dinner, which was quite entertaining but a bizarre combination of very silly and really rather dark, which somehow didn't quite work.

And now it's Monday, I have a pile of house work to do which I neglected over the weekend, on top of work work, so I better get on with something useful!
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Had an annoying headache on Friday, not quite enough of a migraine for taking pills and heading to my bed, but enough of one that going to Tescos in the evening was a big mistake as the excessive fluorescent lighting was painful :(

Weekend made up for it though. Saturday was very spring-like, milder than it has been, and lovely and sunny and clear. Cadged a lift up to Camperdown with the Lodger who was taking his bike out, and had a very enjoyable walk around Templeton Woods and up to Clatto reservoir. There were lovely clumps of snow drops and the trees are just starting to bud. Saw Tree Creepers in the woods but only signs of squirrels, was probably a few too many people about to actually see the reds. Was soo nice to be out in the sunshine and fresh air in the countryside (it's on the edge of the city with just fields and farms out the back, so aside from being able to hear the road until you get to the far end, it's more or less in the countryside), must really make the effort more often, it felt like home...

Yesterday, Lodger was up a ladder in the bathroom removing the infamous Dundee Black Mould while I pottered around tidying and cleaning. I cooked us Spanish-style butternut squash stew for dinner and we watched the final results show of So You Think You Can Dance and then V For Vendetta 'cos Lodger hadn't seen it and I bought it on DVD a while ago and hadn't got around to watching it yet. Still a very fine film.

All in all, a good weekend. Company is agreeing with me.
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Gizmo was fine all day yesterday so i gave her chunkies for tea and this morning she was sick again *sigh* I can't work out whether these new chunkies don't suit or whether she was just randomly a bit ill, after all this morning was one of her typical I'll-throw-up-the-remains-of-my-last-meal-and-then-scoff-my-breakfast-like-nothing-has-happened incidents, rather than the throwing up and making a mess in her box and actually seeming like she feels ill of earlier in the week... Dry biscuits for now I think. Of course, the fretting is probably displacement fretting but at least I'm not having kittens over next week's trip to Brussels.

Weather is scarily windy. I need to put the rubbish out but i'm afraid to go and look at the roof 'cos i think I might have lost a tile or two yesterday. Good job I gave up on my window boxes!

Anyway, slides for meeting next week are sorted and emailed off, and washing up, putting out rubbish and shifting recycling beckons. Didn't leave the house yesterday due to awful weather so must do better today. And it's obviously put me in a strange mood 'cos I left a very dodgy comment* on a friends LJ and then ran away (before you start thinking there is gossip in the offing, it was regarding the promo shots for Pirates 3 which are here for your enjoyment)

*Which may have alluded to my slight blades fetish and appreciation of Elizabeth dressed as a warrior woman... Possibly, maybe...
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Saturday was history day - Alex came over and we went to Pictavia, the Pict information centre at Brechin Castle. T'was interesting but mostly consisted of us picking holes in the information boards. I would love to know where they got their evidence from for the board about Pictish paganism, I suspect they mostly made it up but maybe I'll get around to attempting some research at some point. Also, the pro-Christian bias was most entertaining, especially since pre-Roman christianity was probably pretty unrecognisable to modern Christians, but apparently the coming of christianity allowed for a better system of hereditary kingship and allowed their society to advance and flourish, in a way which their traditional pagan system supposedly didn't. Hmmmm *sceptical face* I'd have liked to see some evidence of this, beyond an assumption that any christian system is obviously inherently superior! Then we went to Edzell Castle, which was intersting and less controversial :)
Also I bought mead, a candle holder and a late harvest/winter garland thingy. And saw the freakiest christmas decorations ever - fake stuffed animals and a Christmas tree which was like one of those toilet roll holder dollies, it had a head, torso and arms and then the tree part as a skirt and was about 6' tall!!

Watched the new Robin Hood in the evening. It didn't even try to be historical, half the cast have trendy haircuts and designer stubble, the first 'wench' to appear looked like her makeup had been applied with a trowel, and it had silly kungfu-esque combat and bizarre camera work, and was generally very silly. And apparently set to get sillier with Marian (no Maid anymore) becoming some kind of masked vigilante superhero. Okaaayyy. Think I'll be sticking with Robin of Sherwood thanks very much! The new series of Strictly Come Dancing started well though so at least there is something worth watching.

Yesterday, I pratted around doing naff all and then watched My Summmer of Love, which was good, in a strange sort of way, and just showed that playing games with people is a Very Bad Plan, especially if they are delusional or madly in love with you!

Today, Work, and this evening T'ai Chi, finally! And I should go out while the sun is still shining 'cos yesterday it had gone all grey again by the time I thought to move :(
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I can't post pictures 'cos my paid account has expired and i can't get LJ to accept my debit card details to renew it and i don't know why because it worked last year :( And the number of times i attempted to get it to work better not make the bank cancel my card thinking someone was trying to use it fraudulently, 'else I'll be really annoyed, and also very much inconvenienced :( Maybe I should phone the bank and check...


I'm stuck in a major rut at the moment, i can't seem to achieve anything and it's making me really frustrated :( I can't believe over half the year is gone; it's Lammas on Tuesday, the first harvest festival, so I'm supposed to be starting to enjoy the fruits of my years labour, and instead I have naff-all to show for myself. So much for my 2006 revolution :(

Sitting here, staring at this isn't going to help unless i'm working though so I'll take my grumpy self off elsewhere...

Oh, one non-moaning thing to report; watched the recent film of Pride and Prejudice last night, expecting to maybe not enjoy it that much given the BBC version was somewhat definitive, and actually really enjoyed it! Very well done, some cunning little cinematography tricks, and very well acted. And I correctly identified the outside of Pemberley as Chatsworth :) Although, i thought they also filmed on the Roaches (like the BBC version, only *NOT* claiming to be in Derbyshire (my pet peeve with that version, Derbyshire are always trying to make out the Roaches are not in Staffordshire when they clearly are!) only the Peak District) but it seems that they didn't after all...
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Pirates 2 was sooo shiny spoilers )

It feels like Friday 'cos i was out last night. But Spacey goodness tonight in the shape of Exile and hopefully appropriate weather for hill walking on Saturday...

Hmm, I definately need a Pirates icon!
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Having a good natter to my marvellous Mum on her birthday and having her love her pressie - good
Charity shop shopping in Broughty Ferry - good
New celtic dragon pendant - good
Yummy Italian lunch - good
Spending time with [ profile] mcwoof - good
Watching the last episode of Dr. Who - good (but the last series was still better)
Watching T in the Park on BBCi/BBC3 from the comfort of my living room - good (yes, i'm getting old, but I did *try* to get tickets)

Falling in love with absolutely gorgeous reclaimed wood 6 seater extendable dinning set in Gillies' sale - very, very bad, 'cos it's still nearly £900 and I'd buy it *if* I knew I was still going to have a job next year... But that's like, 2 1/2 months mortage! (Ye Gods, I am getting old if I'm measuring the cost of things like that!)


But hey, Mirrormask at the DCA tomorrow and Pirates... in the next few days too :)

...and not only does it feature Johnny Depp in a frock coat, but this time, we get Keira in one too, sword fighting no less... *swoon*
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I read V for Vendetta - I really enjoyed it, I'm just torn at the moment as to whether spoiler )

It'll be interested to see what they do with the film, apparently Hugo Weaving is playing V and Natalie Portman, Evey.

Also, i should read Watchmen.
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Felt like death warmed up yesterday but did manage a quick potter around town with [ profile] mcwoof to buy an eclectic bunch of stuff:

CDs - Alanis Morrisette the Collection, Tori Amos Little Earthquakes and The best of Runrig Long Distance

Books - The Stations of the Sun: a History of the Ritual Year in Britain by Ronald Hutton and V for Vendetta

And two rolls of rice paper and a box of coloured ink sticks.

Also forgot to mention that I've watched Kung Fu Hustle (wacky, wacky film) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (very good - I wanna dye my hair blue and work in a book shop now ;))

I sooo need to get my eyes tested!

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