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*Twitter is a very strange thing - one minute I'm reading loads of worthy liberal campaigning stuff and the next I end up wandering into a love-in between random actor-types in LA... Did you know the guy who plays Damon in The Vampire Diaries has set up an environmental charity?

*I finally found someone who procrastinates more than me - Ben Goldacre. I wish it wasn't so hard to get into science journalism, I want to get paid for ranting about (mostly) science-related stuff online. Especially just now because I have an essay on food ethics rumbling around in my brain, inspired by a combination of stuff I'm doing for work (carbon losses from chopping down the rainforests to grow palm oil, soybeans etc) and observations on a friend's veg*n ethics, which unfortunately isn't enough work-related to justify spending the time on at the moment.

Also, completedly unrelated to this post, but I must really get around to updating my pottery blog!
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After the stress of Friday afternoon, I had a nice relaxing weekend. Friday evening was spent enjoying a Masterchef: the Professionals marathon and then Saturday dawned every bit as sunny and gloriously autumnal as predicted so, after an abortive attempt to go out in the car (it has developed loose distributor cables), The Boy and I caught the bus to St. Marys and walked to Templeton Woods for a lovely wander.

The woods were really quiet so we trotted all round, right up to Clatto reservoir and back, and we even saw a pair of red squirrels when I stopped to take some pictures in the lovely afternoon light. We did about 8 miles all told because we walked home through Camperdown Park and down through Lochee rather than catching the bus.

On Sunday, I pottered into town and did a bit of shopping, and then we spent the afternoon on the sofa watching the Grande Pix while the stew cooked down for dinner. We've just eaten the left overs for lunch and it was thoroughly yummy both times, if I do say so myself :)
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This is a pretty good article about the rise of Paganism in the UK, except for her insistance that Harry Potter helped make "pagan spirituality and mythology part of pop culture". Given that religion is completely absent from Harry's world, the books probably have less to do with pagan spirituality than any other books which include witches and magic that I can think of!

Hope everyone had a good Midsummer's Day yesterday. We didn't manage a countryside visit, but we did have a lovely little feast of Scottish lamb with roast spuds, and steamed carrots and leeks, followed by raspberries with creamy peach yoghurt, all accompanied by elderflower cordial. Yum, yum :)
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I am eating reheated leftover stew from yesterday, wearing an outfit reminiscent of a purple pirate wench, which is somewhat wasted by the fact I haven't left the house all day and only The Boy has seen it. Report page count is currently sitting 16 pages short of where I want to be by Sunday so that The Boy and I can actually go out somewhere for the day and relax. Have written 8 pages in the last two working days though, so this is emminently doable.
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Have finally been paid, which is good because I need to do my Yule shopping and find a replacement for my favourite winter skirt, which is falling apart.

Am achey but contented today from lots of exercise over the weekend - went swimming on Saturday and spent all day Sunday at the Rokpa, doing a T'ai Chi workshop run by our head of School. Got to do advanced dar-lu with one of the other instructors as my partner so that was good, although my flexibility is crap because I can't do snake-creeps-down or bend-bow properly :( Oh well, can really feel it today so must have done some good! Hopefully, class tonight will stretch me out a bit and I'll be less sore tomorrow.

Also got treated to a lovely lunch at the DCA after swimming, yum, yum. Although, the poor Boy then proceeded to come down with a nasty cold and was too sick to come to the workshop and has been sent home from work today :( Am hoping I can avoid it, since I had the horrible head-explodey lurgy last week.

Weather is cold but frosty, and sunny and clear, so lovely to my mind :) The Coat even got an outing on Thursday night for roleplaying. Sunsets have been gorgeous and there was the most beautiful reddish tiny crescent moon yesterday evening, She almost looked like a solar eclipse.
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As is somewhat typical after a week or more of stressing and not getting out much, I came down with lurgy on Thursday :( Particularly unpleasant, feeling like my head was going to explode lurgy, which resulted in several days on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself. Today, I am mostly feeling better, although still a bit achey and heavy feeling, but in the kind of funk brought on by sulking inside for days :( Nothing is happening on the work front - no comments back yet on the report and still awaiting news of funding for the next potential project.

Still, I made another raku glaze at pottery on Wednesday (the Boy has started referring to it as my alchemy class!) and will hopefully get to see what they come out like this week, it snowed on Saturday night (in the city centre, in November!), and we had a yummy roast dinner on Sunday, involving acorn squash (yum, yum!) so it could all be worse.

gratuitous snow and kitten pics )
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Have a magical evening, everyone.

I'm off for a walk in a local park with some woods and a rather old untended graveyard, to leave some offerings of thanks for this year's harvest, and generally be a bit witchy :) And tomorrow, some good friends are coming over for dinner and The Boy has something of an autumnal feast planned to welcome in the Celtic New Year.
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Made it to swimming yesterday and feel much better for it. Managed my 40 lengths eventually, felt like an empowered feminist warrior woman by going hairy and not caring, and amused the life guard when he spotted me singing along to Alice Cooper on the sound system. I like the Saturday lifeguards' taste in music ;)

Have finally cleared the washing up back log today, while singing along to my Alice Cooper albums because I realised yesterday that I hadn't listened to them for ages, and am now looking forward to a chicken roast dinner, which smells rather good.


my bathroom wall is white! The ceiling needs another coat and the walls are going yellow, and then of course there's the woodwork to sort out, but this time last week ( and for the past 4 years) it was a mishmash of holes, filler, plaster and orangey pink paint so the white is a big improvement :)

Also, my new glasses are quite funky, although narrower than my old ones so I haven't quite got used to all the lines in front of my eyes yet.
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It's dark and wet and miserable today, I'm not overly impressed. I'm burning scented candles in an effort to cheer the place up a bit, and also because it smelt a bit funny in here this morning after hosting the Reign game last night.

Still no news on the work front.

Went to Arbroath Abbey on Sunday and watched people in costume talking about Robert the Bruce, then got treated to a peace lilly (my flat is getting more and more like an indoor garden) and a lovely roast dinner and treats from Sainsburies, as The Boy had won some money a charity lottery thing his mother does for him.

Have just been moved to email radio 4 to point out that some woman who phoned to say she was intending to heat her house by burning her rubbish, should really rethink that plan due to the lovely toxic fumes, including highly carcinogenic PCBs, she will end up inhaling. They didn't read out my comment but fortunately they did mention someone had phoned in to warn her about toxic fumes. Given the fuss people make about the siting of incinerators, I would have thought people were generally more aware of such issues, but obviously not. Mind you, the presenter did express doubt as to its safety when he spoke to her and ask if she had got any advice about it.

Good things

Sep. 4th, 2008 02:31 pm
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- I had my ear syringed yesterday and can now hear again, and no longer feel like I am living inside a seashell
- I swam 40 lengths (1 km) in 45 minutes yesterday
- I have a yummy banana tea loaf cooling in the kitchen
- the sun is shining and it is a nice pleasant temperature
- pottery started again last night (although we are doing raku, which puts a bit of a spanner in the works as far as my plans go)
- Off to the cinema to see Hellboy II tonight, going to a BBQ on Saturday, and maybe to Glamis countryside fair on Sunday.
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I know peas and ham are a classic combination but I don't think the foodies had a bowl of warm mushy peas with ham shredded into it* in mind. Still, I'm finding it very tasty and comforting.

*I appear to have come down with the lurgy that the Boy had last week, the cupboards are rather bare, my throat is far too sore for salad to be an appealing prospect, and I don't feel up to going out shopping.
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So far, being 30 is suiting me just fine; I've managed to more or less hold on to the ocean of calm I found during my holiday and have been pottering through life very nicely thank you. I've been making progress on my To Read pile, and generally relaxing, and I'm still doing some work for the European project I was working on before my contract ended (writing a paper and editing reports) because my (former) boss and the project leader asked very nicely. Of course, this relaxed attitude probably isn't particularly justified, because I am not rich enough to sustain the life of an intellectual dilettante for very long, and so far I have applied for precisely one job, but it's not like stressing out helps anything.

Yesterday, the Boy took a flexi day and went cycling in the morning while I did a few chores, and then he took me out to lunch at the DCA (which was lovely, but I do wish they would say on the menu when things have chili in them) and we had a nice potter around town in the sunshine, before heading out to the roleplaying society to design characters for a new Full Light, Full Steam game (steampunk Victoriana in space). I also finished reading Lonely Werewolf Girl, which I thoroughly enjoyed (except for the volumn of errors, which made me feel like contacting the publishers and offering my services as a proof reader!) and would recommend to all fans of urban fantasy who like something a bit, well, 'punk' I guess - given it features a werewolf rock band and fashion obsessed Fire Elementals. And now I am doing something which will inspire envy in Stephen Fry and a chunk of my Flist - reading my FIRST Georgette Heyer novel, The Foundling.

Life is good. Now I just need to get fit, get a job, and sort out the disaster area the flat has become this year!
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On Friday night, the Boy took me to see Stardust. I love the book to pieces and was really looking forward to seeing it, knowing that Neil Gaiman had been closely involved with it, and I wasn't disappointed. It's quite different to the book in places, but the changes work for the different medium, and it's beautifully done. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it - Robert Deniro's camp sky pirate is not to be missed and Claire Danes is brilliant as Yvaine. And it's very funny in places, as well as being a classic quest story and a love story. All good :)

Saturday was mostly spent flat wrangling, and I'm really appreciating having a clean and almost tidy flat ;) Then peeps came round for dinner and we had Irish stew and a yummy fruit salad (cantalope melon, satsuma, apple, pomegranate, fresh fig and grapes in orange juice), and played Puerto Rico, which was good fun.

Yesterday was grey and miserable so we mostly pottered around doing shopping and more flat stuff, and catching up on the TV I had recorded on Thursday and Friday evening. I did manage to get a lovely grape velvet skirt in TKMaxx though, so I do actually have a choice of dressy skirts to wear for occasions this winter.

Today, dawned grey and miserable again so I gave in and put the heating on because I was washing my hair, but it's brightened up a bit now. This may be my favourite time of the year, but I do have to remember to get out in the daylight enough or it really doesn't agree with me. Still, lots of exciting things to look forward to over the next few months - meeting up with [ profile] thebirdwoman on Friday and hopefully catching up with some old friends who have moved down South later that evening, Samhain (must make up my costume for the party this weekend!), going down to my parents' in November for my Dad's 60th birthday, Yule, Christmas, Hogmanay... *beams in anticipation* And the Boy has to book his holidays for next year this week too so this lunchtime we have been plotting trips away for our birthdays (May and July), and late September again. Vancouver is on hold for the moment, but we are planning Stratford for David Tennant in Hamlet, and to meet up with some of my old uni mates, Northumberland, the Boy's homeland, and the Lakes again :)

Still here

Oct. 15th, 2007 01:42 pm
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Felt kinda ucky most of last week but the lurgy refused to turn into a cold as I was expecting it to and now seems (*touch wood*) to have gone away. The weekend involved a trip to the pub, which was good fun and resulted in runner beans for dinner (ahh, the joys of green-fingered friends with a garden), but not to the countryside, because staying out 'til 12.30 am and, in the Boy's case, getting very drunk, is not conducive to getting up at a sensible time and going out walking. Oh well, I laughed a lot which is almost as good as exercise, and discovered another cocktail I like, and yesterday we had an enjoyable lazy afternoon instead, and then roast spuddies and chicken with said runner beans, bread sauce, carrots and broccoli for dinner, which was very yummy.

And now it's Monday again, the weather has turned decidedly foul, and I need to achieve both work and flat wrangling this week because peeps are coming round for dinner on Saturday night and my dining table is currently a junk repository!
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My cactus flowered at the weekend:
behold its alien glory )

And the Lodger cooked me the most delicious dinner on Sunday night - roast lamb with black cherry glaze, roast parsnips and onion, mash, steamed carrots, asparagus and greens. Very, very good!

Book list is also up to date again and I've finally read the last ever Strangers in Paradise... On the one hand, the characters deserve a happy ending after all they have gone through over the past 15 years, but on the other, i can't help feeling it would have been more poignant if it had been a bit more bitter sweet. Mind you, to the fans of a certain character, it was probably very bitter sweet! I need to reread the entire lot, but they are bringing it all out in one volume next year apparently so I'm going to hold off buying it until then.
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The Lodger is away until tomorrow so I've had the flat to myself all weekend. Saturday, there was general pottering and discovering that i can watch season 1 of Babylon 5 on my temporarily free Teleport TV service, which doesn't make up for the loss of BSG and will probably result in me being sorely tempted to invest in the 4 seasons on DVD (don't talk to me about season 5 - I've seen Neil Gaiman's episode and wondered at how fantastic it would have been had it featured Ivanova and allowed them to bring back Talia, and that is all), but has pacified me slightly, as it's amazing how fondly you can look back on it's early weaknesses and the dreadfulness of Sinclair, after you have totally fallen in love with it at it's best. I also made bolognase, 'cos I had a sudden craving and haven't made it for ages, and killer chocolate 'brownies' as my donation for Sunday, when I went over to [ profile] mcwoof's for a delicious roast dinner.

The eclipse on Saturday night was rather fine, although looked more grey with a hint of dirty browny orange, than red to me. It was interesting how much more spherical the moon looked when not all shiny and bright, like a bubble hanging in the sky...

Sunday, we watched The Brothers Grimm after dinner, which was quite entertaining but a bizarre combination of very silly and really rather dark, which somehow didn't quite work.

And now it's Monday, I have a pile of house work to do which I neglected over the weekend, on top of work work, so I better get on with something useful!
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The only thing I've achieved today is rescuing my 'thank-you' present from the Union :( I can't believe I left it behind and didn't realise until I was getting in the shower this morning! Ah well, it was still sitting where i left it when I hot-footed it over there at lunchtime so my new wolf guardian is now safely enscounced on my bedroom window sill :)

It's been grey and bitter cold all day, with occasional sleet, not pleasant, although I went out in The Coat* and was so toasty by the time i had walked for 20 mins that I had to abandon my hood and scarf, and unzip the top of my fleece to vent some heat!

Went back to pottery on Wednesday after a weeks absence due to the lurgy. Collected my little Spiral Goddess figurine and glazed my Spring Goddess and a flower pot, and poured two goblets (I have plans for chalices) AND made my first turned bowl on the wheel (although I've skinned my fingers again - ouch)! So pretty successful. I've decided to keep a crafty journal over at [ profile] gathering_bones to encourage me to achieve something creative every week, so I'm going to post piccies over there when i get around to doing anything other than claiming the name (it may also become something of a Craft journal, at least as far as creative stuff goes, I'm not sure yet, all my art seems to be very spiritually-inspired at present).

Last night was DURPS. We have a newbie in our game as an old friend I knew in Lancaster has moved into the area, and I got hit with a plot stick. Was good fun :) We finished with several of the characters, mine included, watching Custer fleeing from the ghosts of the 7th Cavalry come back to torment him!

Hmmm, guess i better start thinking about dinner. I was going to have a pork casserole but i don't fancy it now (it's what i had the Saturday night of much throwing up, so that's not awfully surprising)...

*For those of you who have not experienced The Coat in person, it's a black wool and cashmere, ankle length, double-breasted frock coat with a big furry collar, which [ profile] frogclock always referred to as 'dead penguine' because it's that really soft velvety black fake fur that toy penguines are often made out of.
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Or does the fact that Youngs are sacking people in Scotland and shipping locally caught prawns to Thailand to be shelled and then shipped back again because it saves on labour costs, say everything about how our current obsession with cheap food is the root of all evil in Modern Western Society????
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It pays to think creatively when booking train tickets:

I finally got around to booking my tickets for the weekend after next, travelling down to Lancaster and then coming back from my parents' on the 2nd Oct, and by travelling via Edinburgh each way and buying a return ticket for that journey and singles for the Edin-Lancaster and Crewe-Edin journeys, I've managed to get the entire trip for just over £50 despite the fact that the direct train I'm coming back on was going to cost over £70 for a single - yay!

Didn't end up going to Aberdeen *again* today - no-one else could be arsed driving into the city 'cos they are working at home while the office is being wrangled, and with no meeting and potentially nowhere to work, i gave up and rescheduled catching up with [ profile] vodkafrenzy for next week.

Right, I'm making carbonara for dinner to use up the rest of the parmesan from Saturday's lasagna (i even bought pancetta to make it properly, although I'm going to negate that by putting mushrooms in it ;)) so i better go and start cooking.
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Gizmo thinks I've been replaced by a pod-person - I spent Friday evening preparing a mousaka-inspired bolognase, aubergine and potato bake thing for dinner last night and tidying the lounge cupboard so i could put away some of the piles of junk and move others from the middle of the floor! Then yesterday, I went hillwalking with Alex over near Loch Leven, which was very pleasant indeed and I'm not even suffering for it today :) And now I'm going to do the washing up and clean the bathroom, and then I'm cooking a roast for Sunday lunch!

Also, the final of the dancing was very good and my favourite couple won, and Dr. Who was scary :)

Now i just need the productivity to stretch as far as making some serious inroads in the amount of work I have to do over the next few months!!

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