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Mo & Erin made a thing -
Pride and Prejudice meets taking the piss out of the poor men who feel hurt by feminism. I knew I loved Lizzie Bennet :)
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Having finished Cryoburn and mostly resisted temptation to howl at length, I'm enjoying some comfort reading just now. My book of choice is The Maker's Mask, Book 1 (of 2) of Requite by Ankaret Wells. Ankaret is a very talented friend of mine, I've waxed lyrical about her wonderful writing before but I have new victims converts in the making now so if you are a fan of good old fashioned sci-fi adventure stories with wonderful characters and a bit of romance, you should check out her blog and read some extracts to see if it's your sort of thing. The adventures of Tzenni Boccamera, the ever-practical engineer who wishes people were as simple to understand as plumbing systems, and her blue-haired hermaphrodite bodyguard with a sharp tongue to match its sharp sword, await ;)

And in the interests of fairness, because I know several talented writers around here, for those of you who are e-book enabled - Ros Clarke writes fun modern romance, and Melanie Clegg writes historical romance and a wonderful blog about historical women, art and stuff.

Go forth and find new books to enjoy ;)


Sep. 12th, 2011 01:37 pm
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*Saturday started off very badly, when I woke up to Tony Blair being interviewed on the Today programme and wanted to stab his eyes out after about 2 minutes. I then spent the rest of the weekend avoiding all news and coverage of the 9/11 memorials like the plague, which did wonders for my sanity.

*I went swimming on Saturday afternoon and ended up in the sprint lane, which was a bit full on. I love my new goggles soo much though - they don't leak or steam up!

*The Boy and I had dinner with a friend we don't see enough of on Saturday night and it was lovely. Also, her pet rats are incredibly cute.

*Dr Who made me cry. That's the first time I've been emotionally engaged this series and therefore a win (ETA: okay, I forgot about The Doctor's Wife). My only gripe is that the writing *still* seems to be ignoring the fact that Amy and Rory are supposed to be parents.
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My ceramics stock page is now up to date

I'm quite chuffed, I have two parcels to take to the post office this afternoon and quite a bit of other interest, and my blog has had more hits today than ever before (even if most of them are [ profile] stylishly_yours peeps looking at [ profile] white_hart's bead necklace).

I really must do some actual work now however, lovely as it is to sell things I've made, it is never going to pay the bills... The college fees maybe, but never the bills.
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I finally made it through A Dance in Blood Velvet by Freda Warrington, I've only owned it for about 13 years... It's a rather odd story about a couple of occultists who get more than they bargained for, a ballet dancer who becomes Lilith reincarnated, and a bunch of angel vampires who claim to be messengers from God. Not quite what I expected as a follow on from a vampire romance novel. And my copy fell apart and turned out to have 50 pages missing due to a binding error. Oh well.

Now I'm reading The Mists of Avalon, which I've somehow never actually read before. Well, I know exactly how it happened, I got put off fantasy novels as a young teenager after reading a bunch of crappy ones and when I started reading them again in my early 20s I didn't go back to the classics. I'm really enjoying it though, which is good because I want to finish it before my new purchases arrive:

I've ordered Books 1 & 2 of Requite (The Maker's Mask and The Hawkwood War) by Ankaret Wells from Lulu. Ankaret has been blogging about her experience with self publishing here and her latest post details why you should buy the books. If they sound like your sort of thing, why not take a chance on a new author? I've been reading her personal blog and short fiction for years and I think she is really talented. And there are extracts of both books on her blog if you want to check out her style.
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I've been moping about for the past 2 weeks because I've had annoying mild flu and head coldy-type symptoms and felt too crappy to do any exercise, which is what I really needed after the double disappointments of no pottery and the poor Boy missing out on his uni place, putting all our future plans back by another year. But we are off to Northern Ireland tomorrow to stay with his folks for a week so hopefully the change of air will perk me up and I'll feel better by the time we get home. I'm trying not to be nervous about meeting his parents by remembering that we are grown adults who live together and are being treated as such, so it won't be like going to the South Coast at the tender age of 19 and being disapproved of for going to the bathroom in my nightshirt! I'm actually more nervous about meeting his other old friends but at least it looks like I've avoided having to go to the pub with them all, so my aversion to drunken people won't have them thinking I'm a joyless stuck-in-the-mud.

While we are away it will be the 10th anniversary of my move to Scotland. I'm good at feeling stuck in a rut but the fact is the Boy, a bunch of good friends, the Turret, money in the bank and a PhD isn't a bad showing for that time even if I do have no career to speak of. And hopefully I'll come back to news of a new contract and pottery classes starting up again. Besides which, it is almost autumn and that is never a bad thing.
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Looks like my pottery instructor will be holding some classes at her home workshop so *fingers crossed* I will get my pottery fix after all, although delayed by a few weeks while she gets it sorted.

In less good news, I feel really rather rough today and am concerned I am coming down with the lurgy again :( I am really fed up of recurrent viral ick. Maybe I'm just going to have [ profile] thebirdwoman's cold from spending Sunday evening over there. That wouldn't be too bad, it was probably worth it for the lovely dinner she cooked ;)
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-Swimming is great, I'm soo glad I took it up again, it really is the most effective form of relaxation for me.

-The Boy is looking very dapper today in his waistcoat. We'll have been together 2 years next weekend and I still think he's a star even when he is driving me up the wall.

-Gizmo has been fine since Tuesday, despite throwing up on the way home from the cattery on Monday and having an upset tummy from stuffing her face the whole time she has been away. She is definitely much happier at the new cattery.

-Anti-histamines aren't quite a miracle drug but I'd certainly have spent much less time miserable over the summer as a child if they had been around 20 years ago.

-This month is going to be very busy and rather expensive but I get to spend time celebrating with some of my favourite people, who I do not see often enough these days.
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Have a magical evening, everyone.

I'm off for a walk in a local park with some woods and a rather old untended graveyard, to leave some offerings of thanks for this year's harvest, and generally be a bit witchy :) And tomorrow, some good friends are coming over for dinner and The Boy has something of an autumnal feast planned to welcome in the Celtic New Year.
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- Making a decision, acting on it and moving on. After procrastinating for a week, any decision is better than none.

- A good swim (40 lengths in under 40 mins) which restored my sanity and cheered me up despite it being a grey, damp day, that doesn't even have the decency to be really cold so you can snuggle up in something warm for comfort. More sociable than usual too, I got chatting to the rather cute girl I was sharing the slow lane with, and [ profile] mcwoof amused the life guard by waving and gesticulating at me through the window in the Union foyer.

- the Gizmo creature, despite the fact she tried to eat me when I got home from the pool. Chlorine must be tasty to cats...

- T'ai chi was good on Monday, we went through the 108 twice, and I'm starting to get the sequence into my head again. Next week we are doing the Poem and then I get the relearn Palm II. I love Palm II, it's a great workout and all that stabbing imaginary opponents in the throat and such is quite theraputic ;)

- last night at pottery I glazed two pots ready for trying Raku for the first time next week, and loaded the rest of my unfired work into the kiln for biscuit firing so I'll have more things to glaze next week, when the rest of the glazes should have finally arrived (who moves their business and neglects to inform any of their costumers for 10 months??).

- I get to play an ex-pirate in Victoriana escapades tonight :)

Time for a cuppa.

EDIT: Oh, and a merry afternoon chatting with [ profile] thebirdwoman yesterday while pottering around town in the sunshine, and potentially converting someone else to the wonder of Martin Millar's novels while borrowing the rest of season 3 BSG in return!
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- Bob is coming to do a T'ai Chi workshop on Sunday. This may not sound awfully impressive to most of you, but Bob Lowey is internationally (in)famous if you move in t'ai chi circles! Hopefully, I will get to learn some of the new Wudan form so I'm not left watching the Monday night people practice.

- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2 starts on Virgin1 next week. Season 1 was very shiny indeed, I highly recommend it.

- My mortgage is going down again next month thanks to the interest rate cut

- thanks to the restorative power of tea, a hot shower, a bowl of museli and a glass of orange juice, I no longer feel like death warmed up

- I'm meeting friends for a cuppa and a good natter later

Actually, I should really go and get dressed now, I'm going out in 40 mins!
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Still no news about whether I have that short contract, the refresh button on my inbox is going to be worn out soon ;)

Had my eyes tested this morning and was somewhat distressed to discover I 'needed'* new glasses given I've had to pay for them out of my savings. Still, they are green and funky, or will be, when my lenses are finally in stock.

Had to assist a drunk out of the middle of the road on my way back into town to meet Amy for lunch. He was on his hands, cat-like, blocking the road, there was someone in a car sitting waiting for him to move out of the way and everyone was just standing there staring, while I struggled to get him vaguely upright and then half dragged him on to the pavement and out of the way. People are very strange.

Dune is rather good, I really don't know why I haven't read it before now. Well, mostly I guess it's because i didn't get around to it before I went to uni and then the Dune game took over the roleplaying society and made me sick of hearing about it.

Gizmo is perched on the very edge of the dining table, attacking my spider plant, which she has just realised she can just about reach to snack on. Time for a cuppa, i think, with the aforementioned book, and then tidying before the roleplayers come round for the last session of Full Light, Full Steam. Maybe my inbox is like a watched kettle...

*I don't really because I only need them for reading the screen on this thing and I can see it perfectly well with my old ones, but my eyes have got slightly worse so the optometrist has given me the strongest perscription she can.
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Hellboy II: The Golden Army is fab! I enjoyed it even more than the original. The visuals are fantastic, I love Del Toro's aesthetic, and it's thoroughly entertaining - very funny but also quite touching in places.

Swam another 40 lengths on Saturday and then went to a BBQ in the evening, which was good fun and involved catching up with some people I haven't seen in a while. And spent yesterday pottering around being domestic, including discovering that it is now possible to recycle plastics locally.

The weather can't make up it's mind at the moment. It's gone decidedly autumnal and the nights have really dropped in recently but after being cold and slightly damp all weekend, we have lovely sunshine again today and I had to change when I got back from town because I was too hot in a jumper and knee highs with my cotton skirt. Still, I have funky new stripey tights for when it is actually cool enough to wear them :)

Am not overly impressed with the world today though, as I had grand plans for achieving lots of stuff but my stomach is playing up and I don't really feel like doing much, which is doubly annoying today because it's T'ai Chi this evening and I don't want to miss it again :( I hope I'm not coming down with something again, I was sneezing at the swimming pool on Saturday and my throat has been sore since yesterday...
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Since returning from holiday, there has been a masquerade party, which was very good fun indeed, and the usual weeks activities - t'ai chi (still learning 108, looks like we might be doing a demonstration in the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, which is exciting), pottery (I actually threw things on the wheel and they aren't all wonky ;)), board gaming (Ticket to Ride European edition), and roleplaying (Changeling finished with a victory kiss between Miss Finchley and Ash, and we all lived to serve the rightful King!). Saturday night was the DAFTAs (annual roleplaying society awards dinner) which was also good fun, and on Sunday, [ profile] thebirdwoman came over and took me out to lunch at the DCA, which was lovely.

I finally finished reading Otherland, which was definately worth the effort - excellant sci-fi with strong fantasy elements (it's mostly set in a virtual universe and a lot of the worlds are taken from literature), much recommended to all who enjoy such things, and am now thoroughly enjoying Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar, which is madcap, wacky urban fantasy featuring warring werewolf clans and fashion obsessed Fire Elementals!

And Dr Who was brilliant, very Time Traveller's Wife, and a bit Otherland too.
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On Saturday, i had a lovely day out with [ profile] mcwoof, which involved oogling beautiful Fiona Haldane pastels at Alessandro's which neither of us can afford (scroll down to the forest ones, they are my favourites), buying a really nice moss green, fitted, short suede jacket in a charity shop for £6.50 (June is my shopping luck!), and having a very pleasant walk around the loch in Crombie country park (bracing but very good for blowing the cobwebs away).

I have made it to all my usual social activities this week - T'ai Chi on Monday (where I quickly remembered the chunk of the 108 I have learned despite a 3 week gap), pottery on Wednesday (made another plant pot, poured a goblet, and glazed my Celestial Goddess which has turned into a flat-backed plaque rather than a 3D statue), and roleplaying last night (Jakob and I ended up taking over the session with character angst, but no-one seemed to mind too much :) Only problem is, now Miss Finchley has been cornered into basically confessing her feelings for Ash, I have to decide what she is going to do about it, aside from angsting and being repressed!).

On top of walking and T'ai Chi, I also went running yesterday and practiced T'ai Chi in the park afterwards.

I have comics to read, mostly notably Buffy season 8 up to issue 12 (yay!)


I've even achieved some work!! Although now I need to spend the rest of the weekend writing stuff up, but hey, it should be ready to submit sometime next week and then I am FREEEEEE ;) (And soon to be unemployed, but one thing at a time, hm?)
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This week is not going well; I am not in Copenhagan, I felt really rough all weekend with The Boy's cold, and my throat looked like it had been colonised by grey, chewing gum-like aliens by sunday night after two nights of not enough sleep, and the proverbial excrement has finally hit the fan regarding work. BUT the weekend went pretty well:

We made it to Lossie in one piece on Friday evening, despite the wind trying very hard to blow us off the road once we got north of Aberdeen. It was cold and blustery but gloriously sunny all day for the wedding, which went off mostly without a hitch, and was lovely. The church service was sweet and touching, focusing on love and sticking together with no pointed comments about defending the traditional family or whatever nonsense it was that the vicar at the last church wedding I attended felt the need to include. I'd have preferred it if I had known the hymns but since I mostly only know the ones we sang at school and a few gospel songs from going to the Salvation Army, that was never really on the cards. I was very glad indeed that I had taken my big frock coat despite thinking it was going to rain, because we ended up holding flowery arches for the couple to walk through when they exited the church, and it kept me nice and snug standing around in the cold, while still looking suitably smart. And the evening do was good too, although I have sore arms (but no bruises for a change) from doing two versions of Strip the Willow! I'd forgotten how much fun ceilidh dancing is :) It was lovely to end the evening slow dancing in the Boy's arms too, I've never got to do that at a function before.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with everyone, wandered along the beach, and then had a leisurely drive home along the coast road in the sunshine, stopping in Stonehaven for lunch. Gizmo came home from the cattery yesterday, having apparently been in a foul mood all weekend and done an awful lot of hissing, but soon settled and is currently sprawled on my lap, being cute and dopey as usual :)


Nov. 2nd, 2007 04:29 pm
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I have a slight lurgy, mostly just a bad throat although I'm headachey and a bit generally blurgh as well, and I'm waiting for people to email me back about booking flights for Copenhagan in January, which is rather irritating, because I want to turn off the computer and veg out with a cuppa :(

The party on Wednesday night was good fun though - I was pleased with my costume (Roman noble woman), I laughed a lot, and I got to kill a pumpkin very dead indeed with one of Amy's practice swords! And yesterday, the Boy was off work so I got taken out for a very pleasant lunch indeed, and we had a wander around Perth and then came home and played Changeling. My character sold her deepest darkest secret, which may come back to bite her. The other characters guesses at what it might be were very amusing ;)
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On Friday night, the Boy took me to see Stardust. I love the book to pieces and was really looking forward to seeing it, knowing that Neil Gaiman had been closely involved with it, and I wasn't disappointed. It's quite different to the book in places, but the changes work for the different medium, and it's beautifully done. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it - Robert Deniro's camp sky pirate is not to be missed and Claire Danes is brilliant as Yvaine. And it's very funny in places, as well as being a classic quest story and a love story. All good :)

Saturday was mostly spent flat wrangling, and I'm really appreciating having a clean and almost tidy flat ;) Then peeps came round for dinner and we had Irish stew and a yummy fruit salad (cantalope melon, satsuma, apple, pomegranate, fresh fig and grapes in orange juice), and played Puerto Rico, which was good fun.

Yesterday was grey and miserable so we mostly pottered around doing shopping and more flat stuff, and catching up on the TV I had recorded on Thursday and Friday evening. I did manage to get a lovely grape velvet skirt in TKMaxx though, so I do actually have a choice of dressy skirts to wear for occasions this winter.

Today, dawned grey and miserable again so I gave in and put the heating on because I was washing my hair, but it's brightened up a bit now. This may be my favourite time of the year, but I do have to remember to get out in the daylight enough or it really doesn't agree with me. Still, lots of exciting things to look forward to over the next few months - meeting up with [ profile] thebirdwoman on Friday and hopefully catching up with some old friends who have moved down South later that evening, Samhain (must make up my costume for the party this weekend!), going down to my parents' in November for my Dad's 60th birthday, Yule, Christmas, Hogmanay... *beams in anticipation* And the Boy has to book his holidays for next year this week too so this lunchtime we have been plotting trips away for our birthdays (May and July), and late September again. Vancouver is on hold for the moment, but we are planning Stratford for David Tennant in Hamlet, and to meet up with some of my old uni mates, Northumberland, the Boy's homeland, and the Lakes again :)

Still here

Oct. 15th, 2007 01:42 pm
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Felt kinda ucky most of last week but the lurgy refused to turn into a cold as I was expecting it to and now seems (*touch wood*) to have gone away. The weekend involved a trip to the pub, which was good fun and resulted in runner beans for dinner (ahh, the joys of green-fingered friends with a garden), but not to the countryside, because staying out 'til 12.30 am and, in the Boy's case, getting very drunk, is not conducive to getting up at a sensible time and going out walking. Oh well, I laughed a lot which is almost as good as exercise, and discovered another cocktail I like, and yesterday we had an enjoyable lazy afternoon instead, and then roast spuddies and chicken with said runner beans, bread sauce, carrots and broccoli for dinner, which was very yummy.

And now it's Monday again, the weather has turned decidedly foul, and I need to achieve both work and flat wrangling this week because peeps are coming round for dinner on Saturday night and my dining table is currently a junk repository!
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Have been a mite busy recently but the big report is all done now - yay! So just have a bit more prep for the project meeting at the end of the week and life has calmed down somewhat.
Actually managed to be sociable at the weekend and headed out to the pub with all and sundry, and made it over to Amy's to model various bits and pieces for some marketing shots, and have a good natter and fuss the kittens.
Have only been out on new bike twice so far, due to busy-ness, but T'ai Chi is going well, although I need to drag Jakob to the park to practice Palm as we are not doing it in class now the Monday regulars are back.
Other than that, life proceeds merrily enough, still loved up ;) I'm really looking forward to the bulk of this project being over so I can de-stress and NEVER get this stressed again (I'm sure my blood pressure was through the roof at times last week :(), and Dear Gods am I looking forward to my holiday!
Anyway, should be making powerpoint slides so I better stop procrastinating :)

Oh and, after I said it had gone autumny, we had the most beautiful week last week, proving the Indian Summer theorists at least partially correct, although today it is back to grey and cooler.

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