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Ended up at the on-call vets yesterday with Gizmo because she'd been off her food since Friday. Now waiting on blood test results but an appetite stimulant and some special recovery food, plus roast chicken, appear to have sorted her out. *Fingers crossed* there is no underlying problem and it was just a random thing.

Meanwhile, the Boy is currently at A&E with a suspected broken hand after falling on the nasty bruise he got at fencing last week.

One day I'll have a quiet life!
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In typical fashion I kept wanting to post last week when I couldn't even read my flist but since LJ has been working again, I've singularly failed to be inspired.

*Gizmo had to go back to the vets last week but it's now been over a week and *touch wood* she seems fine so I'm hoping that is the last cat related drama I have for a while.

*4 tower blocks were blown up across the way on Sunday - it was a rather impressive sight and now I have a view to the Law Hill from my flat. I have photos but have singularly failed to upload them from my camera (spotting a theme here? Anyone would think I was in full on procrastination mode...)

*I finished reading The Wind Up Girl last night. I enjoyed the world building and the plot, and although most of the characters were totally unlikeable, I felt it mostly redeemed itself by the end when the female characters finally developed some agency and got their revenge. cut for discussion of rape in fiction )
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The Boy is the sort of person things happen to. I don't know quite how he manages it. This week, he had lunch with Brian Cox (the actor not the Professor) and got hit in the mouth by a hailstone, which managed to break a filling and crack one of his wisdom teeth. Cue neither of us getting much sleep on Tuesday night because he was in agony :(

On Wednesday, I just about made it through pottery, although all I did was glaze a bunch of beads (don't get excited, they need to go in the kiln on their own so whether they'll be fired before xmas is anyone's guess!) and manage to rub what I later realized was probably Norwegian Blue glaze over something thinking it was iron oxide... that'll be interesting when it's fired! And we did make it to t'ai chi because we didn't want to miss the next section of the 108, but I yawned all the way through and Kev was high on painkillers!

Yesterday, we caught up on much needed sleep with a long lie-in and then pottered into Broughty Ferry, intending to buy a rug or two for the flat from the Gillies clearance sale but it turned out the style we wanted was still Very Expensive, so instead I bought a denim skirt, a brown and cream tweed skirt suit and a copy of Wolf Hall from various charity shops. Which I think neatly proves [ profile] mimmimmim's theory that if you give stuff away, good things come back to you :) Although, the skirt suit needs some work as the jacket could do with being cinched in a bit at the waist while the skirt is too tight (strange really given they are the same size) so I think I'm going to hack it off at the hips and redo the waist band. We really need to get the sewing machine fixed!

Today, I need to have a good crack at the much overdue report for Tim, although the fact that I'm typing this with a Gizmo laying over my right arm is not going to help on that front...
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Gizmo was looking particularly like butter wouldn't melt this morning... probably because she woke us up several times in the night, being a little madam and demanding attention!

it's a hard life being Gizmo )
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Why do cats always endeavour to throw up over multiple areas rather than just doing it all in one place?? Or is it just Gizmo who likes to walk around the room while heaving?
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Had a really good week in (Northern) Ireland (we crossed the border a couple of times) last week - the weather was mostly lovely and the countryside is beautiful.

We arrived on Saturday evening having ended up getting the train down to Edinburgh and then the shuttle bus to the airport because the car is having a fit again. Our flight was delayed by an hour but The Boy's folks were there to pick us up from Belfast so we didn't do too badly. On Sunday we pottered around Rostrevor and went for a walk along the Fairy Glen, and then after lunch we headed across the border to Carlingford on the other side of the Loch, which has some lovely Norman architecture and a castle built by King John in the 13th Century. On Monday, we wondered around a lovely local graveyard and then went up to Belfast, visited the cathedral which has some really beautiful mosaic art work in it, and met up with a couple of the Boy's old school friends. Tuesday was hiking day - we walked up through the forest park to the Cloughmore Stone and then up and across the ridge line to Slieve Martin, which is almost a mountain.

Wednesday, the Boy drove us down to Newgrange and we visted two neolithic burial mounds. Knowth is newly opened to the public and you can't go right into the burial chamber but the stone carvings were fantastic and it feels a bit more authenic than Newgrange, which has been 'recreated' in a way. Still, both sites were really interesting and it was great to be able to go into the chamber at Newgrange and see a demonstration of how the sun enters at sunrise on the winter solstice, even if it is full of Victorian graphiti! We entered the lottery to get to be there over the Solstice but I don't expect we'll get picked. The Boy got selected a few years ago but his work wouldn't let him have the time off :(
Thursday, we went to Carrickfergus castle, which is really good except that they have ruined the inside of the Keep, which is now Disney Medieval style. Then we headed up the very scenic coast road to the Giants Causeway, which is really fantastic:
I won't be forgetting it in a hurry because I got absolutely drenched by a rogue wave while posing for a photo - unfortunately, the Boy has too busy trying to keep the camera dry to capture it.
After that excitment we just pottered around the local area on Friday and walked into Warren Point and back, via the monument to General Ross, who is supposed to have burnt the White House. And Saturday, we headed home to a very clingy Gizmo and something dodgy going on with the wiring of the oven switch, oh the joys of home ownership...
(more photos on Facebook BTW)
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-Swimming is great, I'm soo glad I took it up again, it really is the most effective form of relaxation for me.

-The Boy is looking very dapper today in his waistcoat. We'll have been together 2 years next weekend and I still think he's a star even when he is driving me up the wall.

-Gizmo has been fine since Tuesday, despite throwing up on the way home from the cattery on Monday and having an upset tummy from stuffing her face the whole time she has been away. She is definitely much happier at the new cattery.

-Anti-histamines aren't quite a miracle drug but I'd certainly have spent much less time miserable over the summer as a child if they had been around 20 years ago.

-This month is going to be very busy and rather expensive but I get to spend time celebrating with some of my favourite people, who I do not see often enough these days.


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:50 pm
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It was so mild yesterday, despite being really windy, that I walked home from the pool with wet hair and no hood on, so I've decided it is time to banish the ice berries for a few months and break out a spring icon. It's looking quite spring like around here - my clivia is in full bloom, I have pretty little tete-a-tetes flowering, and the tradescantias have been at it too, and the mystery pink thing is still full of flowers! And the park is full of crocuses, still a bit early for daffs up here though, I think. Also, we can tell it is March because Gizmo has decided 5 am is breakfast time...


Back to the to-do list anyway, have been too distracted by pottery-related glee the last couple of weeks.
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As is somewhat typical after a week or more of stressing and not getting out much, I came down with lurgy on Thursday :( Particularly unpleasant, feeling like my head was going to explode lurgy, which resulted in several days on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself. Today, I am mostly feeling better, although still a bit achey and heavy feeling, but in the kind of funk brought on by sulking inside for days :( Nothing is happening on the work front - no comments back yet on the report and still awaiting news of funding for the next potential project.

Still, I made another raku glaze at pottery on Wednesday (the Boy has started referring to it as my alchemy class!) and will hopefully get to see what they come out like this week, it snowed on Saturday night (in the city centre, in November!), and we had a yummy roast dinner on Sunday, involving acorn squash (yum, yum!) so it could all be worse.

gratuitous snow and kitten pics )
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Gizmo does not understand the notion of the clocks going back. This is causing a considerable amount of consternation in the household...

I guess I'm going to have to give in and feed her if I want to achieve anything in the next hour.
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- Making a decision, acting on it and moving on. After procrastinating for a week, any decision is better than none.

- A good swim (40 lengths in under 40 mins) which restored my sanity and cheered me up despite it being a grey, damp day, that doesn't even have the decency to be really cold so you can snuggle up in something warm for comfort. More sociable than usual too, I got chatting to the rather cute girl I was sharing the slow lane with, and [ profile] mcwoof amused the life guard by waving and gesticulating at me through the window in the Union foyer.

- the Gizmo creature, despite the fact she tried to eat me when I got home from the pool. Chlorine must be tasty to cats...

- T'ai chi was good on Monday, we went through the 108 twice, and I'm starting to get the sequence into my head again. Next week we are doing the Poem and then I get the relearn Palm II. I love Palm II, it's a great workout and all that stabbing imaginary opponents in the throat and such is quite theraputic ;)

- last night at pottery I glazed two pots ready for trying Raku for the first time next week, and loaded the rest of my unfired work into the kiln for biscuit firing so I'll have more things to glaze next week, when the rest of the glazes should have finally arrived (who moves their business and neglects to inform any of their costumers for 10 months??).

- I get to play an ex-pirate in Victoriana escapades tonight :)

Time for a cuppa.

EDIT: Oh, and a merry afternoon chatting with [ profile] thebirdwoman yesterday while pottering around town in the sunshine, and potentially converting someone else to the wonder of Martin Millar's novels while borrowing the rest of season 3 BSG in return!
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Still no news about whether I have that short contract, the refresh button on my inbox is going to be worn out soon ;)

Had my eyes tested this morning and was somewhat distressed to discover I 'needed'* new glasses given I've had to pay for them out of my savings. Still, they are green and funky, or will be, when my lenses are finally in stock.

Had to assist a drunk out of the middle of the road on my way back into town to meet Amy for lunch. He was on his hands, cat-like, blocking the road, there was someone in a car sitting waiting for him to move out of the way and everyone was just standing there staring, while I struggled to get him vaguely upright and then half dragged him on to the pavement and out of the way. People are very strange.

Dune is rather good, I really don't know why I haven't read it before now. Well, mostly I guess it's because i didn't get around to it before I went to uni and then the Dune game took over the roleplaying society and made me sick of hearing about it.

Gizmo is perched on the very edge of the dining table, attacking my spider plant, which she has just realised she can just about reach to snack on. Time for a cuppa, i think, with the aforementioned book, and then tidying before the roleplayers come round for the last session of Full Light, Full Steam. Maybe my inbox is like a watched kettle...

*I don't really because I only need them for reading the screen on this thing and I can see it perfectly well with my old ones, but my eyes have got slightly worse so the optometrist has given me the strongest perscription she can.
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This week is not going well; I am not in Copenhagan, I felt really rough all weekend with The Boy's cold, and my throat looked like it had been colonised by grey, chewing gum-like aliens by sunday night after two nights of not enough sleep, and the proverbial excrement has finally hit the fan regarding work. BUT the weekend went pretty well:

We made it to Lossie in one piece on Friday evening, despite the wind trying very hard to blow us off the road once we got north of Aberdeen. It was cold and blustery but gloriously sunny all day for the wedding, which went off mostly without a hitch, and was lovely. The church service was sweet and touching, focusing on love and sticking together with no pointed comments about defending the traditional family or whatever nonsense it was that the vicar at the last church wedding I attended felt the need to include. I'd have preferred it if I had known the hymns but since I mostly only know the ones we sang at school and a few gospel songs from going to the Salvation Army, that was never really on the cards. I was very glad indeed that I had taken my big frock coat despite thinking it was going to rain, because we ended up holding flowery arches for the couple to walk through when they exited the church, and it kept me nice and snug standing around in the cold, while still looking suitably smart. And the evening do was good too, although I have sore arms (but no bruises for a change) from doing two versions of Strip the Willow! I'd forgotten how much fun ceilidh dancing is :) It was lovely to end the evening slow dancing in the Boy's arms too, I've never got to do that at a function before.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with everyone, wandered along the beach, and then had a leisurely drive home along the coast road in the sunshine, stopping in Stonehaven for lunch. Gizmo came home from the cattery yesterday, having apparently been in a foul mood all weekend and done an awful lot of hissing, but soon settled and is currently sprawled on my lap, being cute and dopey as usual :)
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Gizmo on Christmas night - sound asleep still wearing her Christmas ribbon, after a hard day of pestering for food, filling her face with treats, and getting plenty of cuddles from assorted humans :)

Hope everyone else had an equally enjoyable day!
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Since I suspect people will start heading offline for the holidays pretty soon, I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful time over the festive season; whatever you are celebrating, I hope you have a joyous time with your loved ones!

Tree and festive Gizmo pictures )
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Gizmo is curled up asleep on top of The Boy's Christmas stocking*, looking very cute indeed!

*which is currently empty and laying on the dining table.
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Gizmo is currently standing on my shoulders. This is an improvement on climbing onto one and then down my back; all I have to do now is get her to sit down, or even better, drape herself stole-like, and stop sticking all her claws in my neck :)
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And many blessings to all those celebrating this Samhain.

I've finished sewing my costume and am sitting here with half my hair in curlers in preparation for the party this evening. It's going dark outside and the sky has gone a very funny colour, most appropriate, so I'm going to redress my altar and get my Witch on for a few minutes before The Boy gets home. Think I'm going to need to feed the cat first though, she isn't impressed with the time change and keeps trying to eat my dried flowers to illustrate how hungry she is!

Have a magical evening everyone :)
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Bird song on the radio makes for a very entertainly confused kitty :)

Have watched the latest Bond film (Casino Royale) and Shaun of the Dead recently - Bond entertained me and both my parents (no mean feat) and I really enjoyed Shaun... despite my famous dislike of ick in films, which tells you something about the quality of the writing - great fun.

Am reading great Victoriana - Sally Lockhart books by Phillip Pullman; highly recommended if you like tales of dashing adventure and scheming evil villians, with a good dash of authentic period darkness. And Watchmen, which is grim and... well, we'll see.

Made it to T'ai Chi last night (much needed) and have achieved work (yay!), although still much to do, for tomorrow (boo!)

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