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The sun is shining here today and I'm wearing my fabby artisan trousers rather than wool tights. Still a bit sniffly but *fingers crossed* this cold is on the way out - my head and ears aren't too bad today. And our wedding rings are ready and look gorgeous from the photo the guy has sent me! Can't wait to see them in person.

Hopefully things are looking up :)

ETA: And Chapter 3 of the Wormworld Saga is up!

ETA 2: Said picture of the rings is now linked in comments (friends-locked)
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I've actually managed to achieve stuff today which is a rare for a Monday. That's what happens when I do things before turning the computer on! As a result, I have a tea loaf cooling in the kitchen and had a lovely walk earlier before the sun started going down. We're in the midst of our first really cold snap of the season at the moment - it's been beautifully sunny for the past 2 days but the pavements are thick with frost in the shade and the big pool at the Swanny Ponds is about 3/4 frozen over.

I can't believe it's the second week of November already, this year is going so fast. I've given up on getting the bathroom finished before the new year, it's just too cold and damp to get the paint dry now. Instead, my plan for this month is mostly to get organised for the festive season in the hope that I'm busy working by December. Speaking of work, what I should be doing is the final edits on That Report as the IFA sent it back again; they are really taking the micky now! Still, it is mostly just proof-reading errors now so shouldn't take long.

In other news, I am frantically trying to avoid succumbing to the lurgy that has hit most of the roleplaying society over the past week. I'm not doing too well because I already have a bit of head cold but I'm dosing myself up with paracetamol and decongestants, and trying to do some gentle exercise, and get sunlight and fresh air every day. Went for a walk along the water front on Saturday and swimming yesterday (although that might have been a bit much, my head was noticable worse afterwards), and a walk around two local parks earlier today. Mage game tonight, which I'm looking forward to except that it involves spending another evening with the plague bearers, still at least they won't be in my home this time ;) Trying to decide if I want to go to a T'ai chi workshop in a couple of weeks despite having not been to a class since January...
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I've been moping about for the past 2 weeks because I've had annoying mild flu and head coldy-type symptoms and felt too crappy to do any exercise, which is what I really needed after the double disappointments of no pottery and the poor Boy missing out on his uni place, putting all our future plans back by another year. But we are off to Northern Ireland tomorrow to stay with his folks for a week so hopefully the change of air will perk me up and I'll feel better by the time we get home. I'm trying not to be nervous about meeting his parents by remembering that we are grown adults who live together and are being treated as such, so it won't be like going to the South Coast at the tender age of 19 and being disapproved of for going to the bathroom in my nightshirt! I'm actually more nervous about meeting his other old friends but at least it looks like I've avoided having to go to the pub with them all, so my aversion to drunken people won't have them thinking I'm a joyless stuck-in-the-mud.

While we are away it will be the 10th anniversary of my move to Scotland. I'm good at feeling stuck in a rut but the fact is the Boy, a bunch of good friends, the Turret, money in the bank and a PhD isn't a bad showing for that time even if I do have no career to speak of. And hopefully I'll come back to news of a new contract and pottery classes starting up again. Besides which, it is almost autumn and that is never a bad thing.
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Looks like my pottery instructor will be holding some classes at her home workshop so *fingers crossed* I will get my pottery fix after all, although delayed by a few weeks while she gets it sorted.

In less good news, I feel really rather rough today and am concerned I am coming down with the lurgy again :( I am really fed up of recurrent viral ick. Maybe I'm just going to have [ profile] thebirdwoman's cold from spending Sunday evening over there. That wouldn't be too bad, it was probably worth it for the lovely dinner she cooked ;)
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I'm hoping the weather will be better tomorrow because we are off to St. Andrews Castle to the Medieval Beltaine Fayre for the day with some friends and I'm particularly looking forward to May pole dancing as I've never actually done it :)

Today however, it is wet and horrible. I need to pop into town to run some errands and I'm trying to talk myself into going swimming (going to get wet anyway, may as well have exercise at the same time!). Have been a complete funk all week, mostly due to feeling a bit yuck, and could do with the endorphins now the lurgy seems to have abated.
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Have finally been paid, which is good because I need to do my Yule shopping and find a replacement for my favourite winter skirt, which is falling apart.

Am achey but contented today from lots of exercise over the weekend - went swimming on Saturday and spent all day Sunday at the Rokpa, doing a T'ai Chi workshop run by our head of School. Got to do advanced dar-lu with one of the other instructors as my partner so that was good, although my flexibility is crap because I can't do snake-creeps-down or bend-bow properly :( Oh well, can really feel it today so must have done some good! Hopefully, class tonight will stretch me out a bit and I'll be less sore tomorrow.

Also got treated to a lovely lunch at the DCA after swimming, yum, yum. Although, the poor Boy then proceeded to come down with a nasty cold and was too sick to come to the workshop and has been sent home from work today :( Am hoping I can avoid it, since I had the horrible head-explodey lurgy last week.

Weather is cold but frosty, and sunny and clear, so lovely to my mind :) The Coat even got an outing on Thursday night for roleplaying. Sunsets have been gorgeous and there was the most beautiful reddish tiny crescent moon yesterday evening, She almost looked like a solar eclipse.
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As is somewhat typical after a week or more of stressing and not getting out much, I came down with lurgy on Thursday :( Particularly unpleasant, feeling like my head was going to explode lurgy, which resulted in several days on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself. Today, I am mostly feeling better, although still a bit achey and heavy feeling, but in the kind of funk brought on by sulking inside for days :( Nothing is happening on the work front - no comments back yet on the report and still awaiting news of funding for the next potential project.

Still, I made another raku glaze at pottery on Wednesday (the Boy has started referring to it as my alchemy class!) and will hopefully get to see what they come out like this week, it snowed on Saturday night (in the city centre, in November!), and we had a yummy roast dinner on Sunday, involving acorn squash (yum, yum!) so it could all be worse.

gratuitous snow and kitten pics )
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Hellboy II: The Golden Army is fab! I enjoyed it even more than the original. The visuals are fantastic, I love Del Toro's aesthetic, and it's thoroughly entertaining - very funny but also quite touching in places.

Swam another 40 lengths on Saturday and then went to a BBQ in the evening, which was good fun and involved catching up with some people I haven't seen in a while. And spent yesterday pottering around being domestic, including discovering that it is now possible to recycle plastics locally.

The weather can't make up it's mind at the moment. It's gone decidedly autumnal and the nights have really dropped in recently but after being cold and slightly damp all weekend, we have lovely sunshine again today and I had to change when I got back from town because I was too hot in a jumper and knee highs with my cotton skirt. Still, I have funky new stripey tights for when it is actually cool enough to wear them :)

Am not overly impressed with the world today though, as I had grand plans for achieving lots of stuff but my stomach is playing up and I don't really feel like doing much, which is doubly annoying today because it's T'ai Chi this evening and I don't want to miss it again :( I hope I'm not coming down with something again, I was sneezing at the swimming pool on Saturday and my throat has been sore since yesterday...
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I know peas and ham are a classic combination but I don't think the foodies had a bowl of warm mushy peas with ham shredded into it* in mind. Still, I'm finding it very tasty and comforting.

*I appear to have come down with the lurgy that the Boy had last week, the cupboards are rather bare, my throat is far too sore for salad to be an appealing prospect, and I don't feel up to going out shopping.


Nov. 2nd, 2007 04:29 pm
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I have a slight lurgy, mostly just a bad throat although I'm headachey and a bit generally blurgh as well, and I'm waiting for people to email me back about booking flights for Copenhagan in January, which is rather irritating, because I want to turn off the computer and veg out with a cuppa :(

The party on Wednesday night was good fun though - I was pleased with my costume (Roman noble woman), I laughed a lot, and I got to kill a pumpkin very dead indeed with one of Amy's practice swords! And yesterday, the Boy was off work so I got taken out for a very pleasant lunch indeed, and we had a wander around Perth and then came home and played Changeling. My character sold her deepest darkest secret, which may come back to bite her. The other characters guesses at what it might be were very amusing ;)


Aug. 13th, 2007 03:56 pm
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Am sick :(

*sniff* *wheeze* *cough* *sneeze*

Was lovely to catch up with peeps at the weekend though and I'm also very chuffed because I've managed to book a lovely self-catering apartment in a country house near Hawkshead for a week in September, so the Boy and I can go walking around all my favourite haunts as a teenager.

So overall, life would be pretty hunky dory if it wasn't for evil cold viruses and work...

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