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My Saturday involved doing my kitchen chores while singing along to loud 80s Bon Jovi and then an evening of TV entertainment which involved Strictly, awe-inspiring record-breaking Grand Prix Final figure skating*, and Red2 (I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up).

*I really don't understand why figure skating isn't more popular, what they are doing on ice these days is fantastic. Mind you, it doesn't help that it never gets any coverage on the UK media because we are crap at it these days.
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Apparently I have become a morning person in less than two weeks - I was awake by 7 am every morning all week, including all weekend. My neighbours may be less impressed with this development because we had Florence & the Machine blaring out at 8am this morning (Radio 4 isn't safe until 8.50 am on a Sunday) and I'm currently listening to Tori's Little Earthquakes album and singing along very loudly (and probably quite badly!). Sunday morning worship Helen style ;)
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Leona Lewis is doing a worryingly good line in ruining my favourite songs. Hallelujah and Run were bad enough, now she's apparently covering Iris and Colourblind* too, but all of these crimes pale in comparison to her bid for Christmas number 1, which is a schmultzy cover of Hurt.

Anyone with any taste knows the Johnny Cash version is the definitive cover but it's a Nine Inch Nails song people; Trent Reznor does not write songs about measley broken hearts! That song has a whole world of hurt behind it which that young lady has no clue whatsoever about (not that I'd wish that on my worst enemy but still) - it needs pathos and an emotional range which is totally beyond her to do it justice.


This is why I don't like it when I love music that is too popular. No-one play Black Lab or Whipping Boy's first album at her. At least the Levellers are safe surely, being used for an advert for Boots slimming products is the worst they'll ever have to suffer, right?

*At least it's not Amy hit the atmosphere I guess. Seriously, that song performed live is something else - I've never seen so many grown men cry in my life.
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I was going to post a picture of my sparkly Yule tree today but I just discovered that both sets of camera batteries are flat so you'll have to wait until I've recharged them!

I finished reading The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly before I went swimming at lunchtime. It took me a little while to get into it, but when I did, I really enjoyed it, particularly when it turned out to have Roland in it and reminded me of The Dark Tower series. Maybe it's strange coming from a 31 1/2 year old, but I still find Coming of Age stories mean a lot to me and this one was particularly timely, reminding me that the important thing about fear is not that we don't feel it, but that we don't let it paralyze us or drive us into doing things we would never normally contemplate. It strikes me that having the courage to face our fears and act noblely inspite of them is a big part of getting the most out of this journey we call life, and as Roland's tale illustrates, it's the journey that matters...

Also, I've been surrounded by people squeeing about Tim Minchin for most of the year and have been thoroughly bemused, but then a friend pointed me towards his Christmas song, 'White Wine in the Sun' and now I get what everyone is on about. For those of you who can't be bothered to click on the YouTube link and listen, it's a rather poignant and touching ballad about how he really likes Christmas because he spends it with his family, the people who make him feel safe in this world, and it sums up really nicely why I don't hold any truck with people who insist Christmas is pointless without Jesus (no offense to the Christians out there whose religious festival has been co-opted, but I think you have to accept that these days, in the UK at least, it is a secular festival to the majority of people who celebrate it)(even though I'm not freaked out by churches and would rather have Desmond Tutu than Dawkins over for dinner). The bit about the hymns particularly stuck a chord (*heehee*) because it is the singing that I miss most about going to Church on Christmas Eve.
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Made it to swimming yesterday and feel much better for it. Managed my 40 lengths eventually, felt like an empowered feminist warrior woman by going hairy and not caring, and amused the life guard when he spotted me singing along to Alice Cooper on the sound system. I like the Saturday lifeguards' taste in music ;)

Have finally cleared the washing up back log today, while singing along to my Alice Cooper albums because I realised yesterday that I hadn't listened to them for ages, and am now looking forward to a chicken roast dinner, which smells rather good.


my bathroom wall is white! The ceiling needs another coat and the walls are going yellow, and then of course there's the woodwork to sort out, but this time last week ( and for the past 4 years) it was a mishmash of holes, filler, plaster and orangey pink paint so the white is a big improvement :)

Also, my new glasses are quite funky, although narrower than my old ones so I haven't quite got used to all the lines in front of my eyes yet.


Jun. 29th, 2007 12:57 pm
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Paul Durham is a God.

I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that men fall in love through their eyes and women through their ears - *sooo* true...

For the vast majority of you, who have no clue what i'm talking about, Paul Durham is a singer-song writer in an American band called Black Lab. [ profile] pluginchris, you never told me they had done another album since See the Sun, I should really start checking their website more often! Hmmm, lovely exchange rate, new CDs here we come! Thanks for the heads up, [ profile] evildrganymede :)
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Didn't make an awful lot of progress on the painting front yesterday, annoyingly, and the 'bluebell' paint is more sky blue than baby blue so too dark to pair with chocolate curtains, going to have to be cream I think. But the room is really bright so it'll be fine with lighter accessaries.

Eurovision cheered me up though, once it got going, it was the funniest it's been in ages. The Finnish rock band were fantastic, and it was great that they actually won rather than the usual pop-tat, but 'honourable' mentions should also go to Lithuania for having the audacity to chant we are the winners, of Eurovision, vote, vote, vote, for the winners and also their mad bald guy with the Prodigy-esque dancing, the woman in the piano (Russia), the random puppet (Latvia), the bondage dancers (Armenia, i think) and the woman in the denim shorts with the fantastic legs. And the random lyrics of the evening award goes to Croatia, for a song which featured something along the lines of hay, straw, salami, beets in the chorus, and also the line nibble me where no-one can see!! Ahhhh, classic Eurovision...

And now it's back the painting I guess.
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The Big Weekend was good fun yesterday. Feeder were excellant as usual and we bounced up and down quite happily, then we stayed for two songs by the Editors before decamping for a loo and chips break, followed by a guest appearance by Franz Ferdinand, who were also very fine. Pink was very good but only played 5 songs (3 from her new album, Like a Pill and Get the Party Started) which was rather disappointing. Then we watched a bit of the Zutons before Keane, who played the singles we all heard to death (although I will confess I quite like them, especially Bedshaped) and some new songs for half an hour. Overall, a good time, although the sets were disappointingly short, but hey, it was free :)! Feeder doing Seven Days in the Sun was probably my highlight.

Am now panicking because the flat is a complete tip, i have a stack of work to do, and I've just found out that [ profile] purple_bug gets thrown out of her uni halls at the end of next week!! Cue headless chicken impression!

BTW, since you were asking [ profile] thebirdwoman and [ profile] frogclock, I'd like Feeder's Greatest hits album (The Singles), Pink's new album and James Lovelock's new book (much cheaper on Amazon) for my birthday :)
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I finally made it back up to the cool and decidedly damp North. Picked up Gizmo from the cattery yesterday evening and she was soo desperate for cuddles she kept me awake half the night, purring very loudly and attempting to burrow into me. But she did manage not to throw up everywhere unlike last time so that's good. She is missing her other fang though, I really should book her into the vets to have her teeth cleaned before any more fall out - she's going to love me for that :(

Had grand plans for mass tidying but it's turned into a very busy weekend 'cos it's Craig's birthday BBQ later today and then tomorrow I'm going to the Radio 1 Big Weekend to see Pink and Feeder!!! Couldn't believe I actually got tickets, I've never won any individual competition-type things before. Fantastic early birthday present and makes up for not getting T in the Park tickets since this is FREE!

*bounce, bounce*

Only slight dampener on things is that I currently feel like death warmed up and have a stonking headache due to a combination of nowhere near enough sleep and the joys of being female. Ah well, ibuprofen is a wonderful thing.
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Excited about Dr Who tonight :) See the shiny new icon - universe-saving followed by tea and cake, how could I resist ;)?

Speaking of cake - Black Lab are no more (BOO!) but Paul Durham is in a new band called Cake or Death (whose CD I'm currently listening to courtesy of the ever on-the-ball [ profile] pluginchris) - isn't that just the finest band name ever??

And speaking of Dr Who, [ profile] purple_bug, i have The Clockwise Man for you, but I started reading it at Stirling station yesterday so I'll finish it before I pass it on.

Fun and games at Amy's this afternoon so i guess I better get ready - have a good holiday weekend, peeps :)
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Felt like death warmed up yesterday but did manage a quick potter around town with [ profile] mcwoof to buy an eclectic bunch of stuff:

CDs - Alanis Morrisette the Collection, Tori Amos Little Earthquakes and The best of Runrig Long Distance

Books - The Stations of the Sun: a History of the Ritual Year in Britain by Ronald Hutton and V for Vendetta

And two rolls of rice paper and a box of coloured ink sticks.

Also forgot to mention that I've watched Kung Fu Hustle (wacky, wacky film) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (very good - I wanna dye my hair blue and work in a book shop now ;))

I sooo need to get my eyes tested!
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I dreamt I had a conversation with Chris Martin last night, and I was telling him how his singing made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I saw Coldplay at T in the Park, so when I woke up this morning my first thought was 'I wonder when tickets go on sale for this year?'

Turns out the answer is Friday and the Chilis are headlining Saturday night! Official website here It's £56.50 for one day.

So how about it [ profile] thebirdwoman and [ profile] pluginchris? Can we go this year, pretty please???
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I love It can't come quickly enough on the Scissor Sisters album too. Gizmo was looking at me like I'd sprouted a second head this morning - I don't think cats understand the urge to dance round your living room ;)

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