2015 plans

Jan. 1st, 2015 11:58 am
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- Manage more than 30 books this year
- Read To Kill a Mockingbird and Great Expectations
- Read the rest of the Jacqueline Carey Terre D'Ange books
- Read Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles

- Start making notes for my novel
- Keep up with my Storium games

- Make myself a top/cardigan/jumper
- Try colourwork
- Actually knit something for my mother

- Try historical fencing
- Manage the MTB skills trail at Templeton without going around any of the obstacles
- Swim outdoors
- Start running again

- Institute monthly date nights
- Finally make our wedding photobook
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New blog post featuring the press moulded lantern and leaf mask from last year is finally up

Yesterday's return to class went well and apparently the college are thinking of offering an HNC in ceramics next year when we are based at the new campus. If it happens, and that is quite a big if because my tutor has said she won't teach it on her own, I'll definitely be interested in doing if I can wrangle it around work. It's likely to be 2 days a week apparently, which should be doable if I'm still pretending to be an academic by then ;)
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I'm in a contented little bubble at the moment because I'm not actually unemployed until a week on Friday but I don't have any work to do until the funders come back to us with comments, which won't be this week because our contact is on holiday until Monday (yes, for once in my life I submitted something earlier than necessary!).

Weather is rather lovely, sunny but still cool and too early for hayfever. Pottery is back on after the Easter hols tonight so I get to catch up with my girls and get my hands dirty :) I have a long To Do list but it's all domestic stuff or pottery-related, like updating my blog with new photos, setting up an online store, and emailing a guy about making him goblets and stuff for LARP.

In other news, we are once more a car-enabled household so are plotting an outing at the weekend to celebrate. At the moment I'm torn between Perth, Elcho Castle and maybe a walk in the Moncrieff woods, or St. Andrews and either a coastal cliff walk or up the Tay estuary to the ruined monastry. Need to start getting out and about in the countryside at the weekends again. And doing some exercise! The only damper on things is that my t'ai chi instructor appears to have quit since I last made a class back in January - I hope she isn't ill or something, must find out what has happened, I was going to go back next week :(

Good things

Sep. 4th, 2008 02:31 pm
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- I had my ear syringed yesterday and can now hear again, and no longer feel like I am living inside a seashell
- I swam 40 lengths (1 km) in 45 minutes yesterday
- I have a yummy banana tea loaf cooling in the kitchen
- the sun is shining and it is a nice pleasant temperature
- pottery started again last night (although we are doing raku, which puts a bit of a spanner in the works as far as my plans go)
- Off to the cinema to see Hellboy II tonight, going to a BBQ on Saturday, and maybe to Glamis countryside fair on Sunday.
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So far, being 30 is suiting me just fine; I've managed to more or less hold on to the ocean of calm I found during my holiday and have been pottering through life very nicely thank you. I've been making progress on my To Read pile, and generally relaxing, and I'm still doing some work for the European project I was working on before my contract ended (writing a paper and editing reports) because my (former) boss and the project leader asked very nicely. Of course, this relaxed attitude probably isn't particularly justified, because I am not rich enough to sustain the life of an intellectual dilettante for very long, and so far I have applied for precisely one job, but it's not like stressing out helps anything.

Yesterday, the Boy took a flexi day and went cycling in the morning while I did a few chores, and then he took me out to lunch at the DCA (which was lovely, but I do wish they would say on the menu when things have chili in them) and we had a nice potter around town in the sunshine, before heading out to the roleplaying society to design characters for a new Full Light, Full Steam game (steampunk Victoriana in space). I also finished reading Lonely Werewolf Girl, which I thoroughly enjoyed (except for the volumn of errors, which made me feel like contacting the publishers and offering my services as a proof reader!) and would recommend to all fans of urban fantasy who like something a bit, well, 'punk' I guess - given it features a werewolf rock band and fashion obsessed Fire Elementals. And now I am doing something which will inspire envy in Stephen Fry and a chunk of my Flist - reading my FIRST Georgette Heyer novel, The Foundling.

Life is good. Now I just need to get fit, get a job, and sort out the disaster area the flat has become this year!
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On Friday night, the Boy took me to see Stardust. I love the book to pieces and was really looking forward to seeing it, knowing that Neil Gaiman had been closely involved with it, and I wasn't disappointed. It's quite different to the book in places, but the changes work for the different medium, and it's beautifully done. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it - Robert Deniro's camp sky pirate is not to be missed and Claire Danes is brilliant as Yvaine. And it's very funny in places, as well as being a classic quest story and a love story. All good :)

Saturday was mostly spent flat wrangling, and I'm really appreciating having a clean and almost tidy flat ;) Then peeps came round for dinner and we had Irish stew and a yummy fruit salad (cantalope melon, satsuma, apple, pomegranate, fresh fig and grapes in orange juice), and played Puerto Rico, which was good fun.

Yesterday was grey and miserable so we mostly pottered around doing shopping and more flat stuff, and catching up on the TV I had recorded on Thursday and Friday evening. I did manage to get a lovely grape velvet skirt in TKMaxx though, so I do actually have a choice of dressy skirts to wear for occasions this winter.

Today, dawned grey and miserable again so I gave in and put the heating on because I was washing my hair, but it's brightened up a bit now. This may be my favourite time of the year, but I do have to remember to get out in the daylight enough or it really doesn't agree with me. Still, lots of exciting things to look forward to over the next few months - meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] thebirdwoman on Friday and hopefully catching up with some old friends who have moved down South later that evening, Samhain (must make up my costume for the party this weekend!), going down to my parents' in November for my Dad's 60th birthday, Yule, Christmas, Hogmanay... *beams in anticipation* And the Boy has to book his holidays for next year this week too so this lunchtime we have been plotting trips away for our birthdays (May and July), and late September again. Vancouver is on hold for the moment, but we are planning Stratford for David Tennant in Hamlet, and to meet up with some of my old uni mates, Northumberland, the Boy's homeland, and the Lakes again :)


Apr. 12th, 2007 10:59 am
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Back in Dundee and busy catching up on work and flat wrangling. Fortunately, time at the parents' getting morning tea at 7.30 am has reset my body clock and I am finally capable of getting up at a decent hour of the morning again, so more time to fit everything in (this is my excuse for updatting this before i get properly stuck into sorting out my database!) :)

Visit went well and was very restful. Caught up with old school friends and roleplaying buddy at the wedding, pottered around enjoying sunshine and weeding in the garden, chose a fabby lamp as my Bday pressie from the parents, which is coming up with them next month, visited Nanna and Aunty Maureen in Milton Keynes and had lovely walk along the Grand Union Canal in glorious sunshine, and headed over to near Worksop to visit old friends from my first year in Aberdeen, Faye and family, and a surprise visit from Cinny. So lots of sunshine and old friends - all good :)

Got back on Tuesday evening, delayed as always, but having enjoyed first class all the way up because it was the only advance cheaper ticket i could get as I delayed booking too long. Am seriously considering treating myself to 1st class coming back up after Xmas as train is always heaving.

Break has also done my head the world of good. Once caught up with work, need to make progress on DIY. Have decided that I'm moving next year, to little house with garden outside of the city, and if this means I have to learn to drive then so be it. I want to wake up to birds singing not traffic noise! Am still seriously considering career shift but having done some research, I'm going to need to be able to keep myself for a few years yet doing whatever I can with my current skills and certainly going back to university will have to wait until I'm settled in my new home as I'll need a new contract/job to get another mortage unless i move this summer, which I'm not going to do since Lodger is staying until October at least and I'll get a much better price if I do the bathroom and kitchen before I sell. Anyway, enough wittering - catching up with work and making flat fit for parental viewing next month is going to keep me busy for the next few weeks!

Oh, while I'm here - hello [livejournal.com profile] white_hart, I only just noticed that you had friended me so i've added you back now, welcome to the mad house ;)
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*raises a glass to new beginnings*

Up here in the Frozen North, Winter is in her death throes not quite ready to relinquish her hold to Spring. We haven't had more than a few flurries of snow but it's been bitterly cold. But change is in the air and the nights are really drawing out; once the clocks go forward at the weekend, it'll be light enough for evening running. Time to start doing...
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The entire of the pottery class are now convinced that I'm a breast-fixated lesbian, thanks mostly to [livejournal.com profile] mcwoof being a complete wind-up merchant. I can't remember the last time I ever blushed soo much, and I was laughing so hard, it brought tears to my eyes. My obsession with making female figurines has been noted, and last night the teacher Anne, talked me into trying an actual statue (30-40 cm high) rather than ickle figurines, and there followed a lot of discussion and ribbing about the size of her breasts, and me spending about 30 mins trying to get them vaguely in proportion and a sensible shape. Of course, my obsession actually has far more to do with me being a Goddess worshipper than the fact that I'm attracted to women, but nevermind. Anyway, a Celestial Goddess statue is in progress, I need to decide details for next week and might post some design sketches on [livejournal.com profile] gathering_bones if I can get some half decent images together. I also glazed my three chalices so *fingers crossed* they will turn out well. I've made a Spiral Chalice, a Triple Goddess Chalice, and a Rock Pool Chalice. I would have had 4 because i poured them in pairs, but using the molds two weeks in a row meant they stayed a bit damp and the fourth one broke when I tried to remove it, so I converted the cup part into a moon and stars tea light holder, which I can glaze next week when the new antique gold glaze is mixed up. I should also be able to glaze my bowls next week, as the blues and greens glaze is finally in too, having been on order since before christmas!

When I got home, the Lodger and i watched the first of the new series of Grand Designs, which led him to coin the fantastic term 'architec-porn' as they were doing up a 14th Century castle and we were both in fits of jealous ecstasy over it. So who wants to buy a castle with me, hm?? I'd *love* to buy one and have a bunch of us live together in it - I'd even learn to drive so we could lift share 'cos obviously it would have to be out in the countryside. Any takers? And yes, I am serious, you all knew i was a bit of a hippy, right? Maybe I should start playing the lottery...
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Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a happy and safe Hogmanay celebration and your new year is going well :)

This year I'm thinking less and doing more, looking forward and not back. So I'm not going to witter on about 2005, it can be summarised by a single word - exhaustion, but now it's over and I'm drawing a line under it and moving on. Last year was my rest year, this year is Revolution.

2006 has started well omened - it's been sunny everyday and New Years Day was absolutely beautiful. I went out for lunch with DURPS and then [livejournal.com profile] thebirdwoman came over and we had a lovely walk around Camperdown, which was all scrunchy icy snow, and watched the sun go down over the Tay (I should have taken my new camera with me, it was really beautiful). Then i cooked trout, roast spuds and parnips, and steamed carrots and kale for dinner, which was rather scrummy if I do say so myself. Yesterday, I finally constructed my chest of draws for the bedroom, with a little assistance from Jakob, and did T'ai Chi in the park - 37, 44, 5 animals form and palm.

Todays plan includes spare room wrangling. I'm also trying to decide whether to rearrange my bedroom furniture 'cos I feel like a change but if I move the bed against the wall, I'll have to have my bedside table in the window alcove which is kinda awkward...

Oh and for those who were concerned, Gizmo is fine, back to her normal pester-pants self ;)
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Possibly, I should be getting my knickers in a twist about Christian propaganda but the fact is, I read the Chronicles of Narnia as a child and was completely oblivious, and they also failed to indocrinate anyone I know. I may well be hideously offended by some of the content in the later books if I reread them as an adult, and choose not read them to any, purely theoretical, child of mine, *but* the fact remains that The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is a very fine, thoroughly entertaining film, which I refuse to feel guilty for enjoying. Tilda Swinton is particularly fine as the Witch but even the children failed to annoy me (the ones in the film, that is; i nearly killed some of those in the cinema!)

Saturday, was a very fine day which included much nattering, walking on the beach in December sunshine, eating very fine seafood linguine and generally moseying around, and yesterday was our Yule feast, ablely hosted by Amy. We ate lots, swapped pressies and played silly games, all fine fun :)

Today, I've been out for lunch with Jakob and tonight DURPS are decending en masse on a pub quiz so more fun to come before I decamp Southwards on Thursday morning.

...Brought to you by todays word of the moment - fine :)

Also, I appear to have decided to get a tattoo in February, or possibly May, depending how long it takes me to settle on a design.

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