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The sun is shining here today and I'm wearing my fabby artisan trousers rather than wool tights. Still a bit sniffly but *fingers crossed* this cold is on the way out - my head and ears aren't too bad today. And our wedding rings are ready and look gorgeous from the photo the guy has sent me! Can't wait to see them in person.

Hopefully things are looking up :)

ETA: And Chapter 3 of the Wormworld Saga is up!

ETA 2: Said picture of the rings is now linked in comments (friends-locked)
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Pratting around on the internet may be a dreadful time sink but it can be also be wonderful in the way quite random things connect!

Today's example (which has cheered me up as I sit watching the weather change from pouring with rain and a howling gale, to snow and still a howling gale):

I went to have a nosy at Fashion for Nerds, a style blog which I occasionally read (or, more correctly, look at the pictures on) because the author wears some wonderful Victoriana outfits sometimes. That pointed me at this post on Already Pretty (a style blog I read rather less often) about style evolution with age which I should probably point out to [ profile] stylishly_yours. And that lead me onto Deanna Raybourn's website, where I discover she writes historical thrillers which sound rather interesting. I think I saw one of her Lady Julia Grey novels in an offer in Waterstones last time I was in there, has anyone read any of them?


Feb. 28th, 2009 04:54 pm
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For [ profile] anthrokeight, [ profile] catfink and whoever else is interested, here are some piccies of the ceramic jewellery I've been busy making at my pottery classes:

Painted stoneware pendants with crystal glazed or glass beads (both spoken for!)

more pictures here )
Top row: crystal glazed pendants with glazed or glass beads (purple heart spoken for)
Middle row: dark red glazed pendants and beads (heart with two drops already spoken for), and round crystal glazed or dark red glazed pendants, plus a painted pendant with a glass centre (blue, yellow and red one)
Bottom row: crystal or dark red glazed star and leaf pendants, and stoneware painted pendants.
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Excited about Dr Who tonight :) See the shiny new icon - universe-saving followed by tea and cake, how could I resist ;)?

Speaking of cake - Black Lab are no more (BOO!) but Paul Durham is in a new band called Cake or Death (whose CD I'm currently listening to courtesy of the ever on-the-ball [ profile] pluginchris) - isn't that just the finest band name ever??

And speaking of Dr Who, [ profile] purple_bug, i have The Clockwise Man for you, but I started reading it at Stirling station yesterday so I'll finish it before I pass it on.

Fun and games at Amy's this afternoon so i guess I better get ready - have a good holiday weekend, peeps :)
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I've uploaded all the random icons I had stored on the laptop (and I still have spaces *grin*) and made a new Gizmo icon and a candle icon from pictures I finally got around to uploading from my digital camera. If you ask nicely I might even post some of the others ;) I'm trying to decide if i should actually have an icon of me and shatter the mystery for the entire 5(?) of you who have never met me in the non-virtual world...

EDIT: You can tell a lot about a girl from her bedroom... Check out my pictures (linked from info page) ;)

Don't mess

Jan. 31st, 2006 01:15 pm
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with a woman with a shiny new Starbuck icon to shoot you with :)

That's my procrastination quota used up for today!
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An Eskimo goddess of the underworld, Sedna is a reminder of the nourishing gifts that are to be found deep in the dark, cold places that we most fear.
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Met up with [ profile] mcwoof yesterday and pottered off to Broughty Ferry on the bus. Investigated the shoe shop but have to go back in a couple of weeks because they don't have their long boots in yet. Wandered round Gillies drooling over all the gorgeous furniture I can't afford, a beautiful walnut writing bureau being top of the wish list, and treated myself to the softest blanket ever for my bed - it's king sized, fleece lined, aubergine fake fur and utterly indulgent (and also machine washable, handily). Also had a meander through the gallery and then went to Visocchi's (think that's how it's spelt) for a late lunch. Had fresh seafood linguine which was absolutely delicious, featuring that fantastic Italian tomato sauce which always seems to be as much olive oil as tomato and never tastes as good when you make it yourself... Anyway, after a lovely cappacino to finish, we headed back to the bus stop, via a florists where I managed to get the peacock feathers I wanted to put on the vase Sam gave me (much to June's horror, as peacock feathers inside are apparently bad luck, although a quick hunt on google suggests that this is due to their association with the Evil Eye in Europe and that they are considered very auspicious in Asia, where they are associated with protection and several deities, and therefore I'm pretty happy with the symbolism, particularly since my bedroom is decidedly Asian inspired anyway).

All in all, a most enjoyable outing. The only problem is, I now have to work today to catch up with all the stuff I didn't do in the week :( Ah well...
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Why do people make icons with tiny text on them that you can't read????

But, oh the prettiness ;)!

Must stop now though, already have some Strangers in Paradise icons saved on the laptop to upload - Francine and Katchoo goodness... yum.

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