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Great t'ai chi class last night - we did a warm up, animals (bear, tiger, stag and monkey), worked on the 37 (Yang style short form), went through the Poem once (Daoyin form set to music, although our instructor has lost her CD so I've yet to actually do it to the music! The Boy reckons he found it on Youtube the other day but I could only find every other set of daoyin exercises I've ever done when I looked earlier), and then did the 5 Element Dance which I haven't done for ages. And I got used as a teaching tool without Carol having to correct any of my postures (smug face). We're starting Palm 2 next week, which I'm excited about - it's a great work out, all low stances, punches, stabbing people in the throat and twisting balls (ah, martial forms!), and I've never managed to learn it all the way through yet (it's nightmare to follow because you are always changing direction).

It's back to the adventures of Dona Alicia and co at the roleplaying soc tonight, which is also good, except that I haven't done any exercise again today. I ought to walk to the uni but that means walking back at 11 pm, which results in me being wide awake when I should be in bed already.
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cut for those who have no interest whatsoever in my bizarre little hobby of pretending to be someone else and having imaginary adventures )

Annoyingly (but unfortunately unsurprisingly), I put 'swashbuckling women' into google image search to try and find a suitable picture to make an Alicia icon for this post, and the only one where the women weren't half naked, or at least showing off bare legs up to their armpits, was the picture of Katherine from the front of The Privilege of the Sword :( And while I dig the green velvet musketeers suit, Alicia looks rather more like Salma Hayek. This is the most appropriate one I could find but she should have a flouncy shirt and a rapier in each hand, damnit!
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*Big work meeting on Thursday went pretty well - have comprehensive plan of attack for getting paper accepted in GCB and detailed to do list. Spent the evening at the student union creating my character for the Boy's 7th Sea game inspired by the Dorothy Dunnett books we have both been reading. Can't wait to play her, she's a beautiful and deadly Castillian mercenary with a very bad attitude.

*The Boy had the day off on Friday so we went out for lunch & a spot of pottering, I did two of the three things I've been putting off for ages, and then worked in the evening while the Boy was out anyway.

*On Saturday, I felt a bit crap (that'll be spending Thursday evening in a warm box full of germ-ridden students) so taking it easy won over going swimming. I finished off the work I needed to do for a colleague for Monday, spend 1 1/2 hours on the phone to my folks who had been away on holiday for 2 weeks, and then spent the evening catching up on TV. Dr Who was filler (part of me wondered whether the baby was to convince us that we wouldn't have wanted them to go back and rescue River as one), True Blood was an improvement (I'm remembering there are other characters I love too, primarily LaFayette, and the vampire politics plot should be less irritating than all that Marianne nonsense, which got on my wick heartily by half way through last season), and I'm also watching the re-run of Misfits season 2 because it turns out to be much better than I expected from the trailers.

*Sunday, we took a couple of friends out for the afternoon and visited Balvaird Castle in Fife, which isn't usually open for internal viewing, and Stanley Mills outside Perth (which was more interesting than I was expecting having grown up in a mill area and been dragged to them for umpteen school trips - we got to play with waterwheel models complete with gushing water and sluice gates!).

*And yesterday, I spent my lunchbreak trotting round Templeton woods with the Boy and we saw 5 red squirrels and a waxwing, and had a picnic by Clatto reservoir.

Today is work and hopefully swimming, tomorrow is work and t'ai chi, Thursday is work and roleplaying, and we have plans for 4 out of the next 5 weekends - I approve of autumn :)
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Achey head on Monday turned into thumping head and feeling sick by late afternoon :( Annoyingly this meant I missed the last session of Star Wars, and yesterday I did the washing up and spent the rest of the day on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and watching The Mysterious Cities of Gold* because my head hurt too much to read.

Feeling more human today, although somewhat zombie-like. Hopefully some fresh air in a bit will perk me up.

*Fantastic 80s children's animated series about the search for El Dorado in the 16th Century for those unfamiliar with it. Turns out it holds up to rewatching as an adult pretty well. Unlike Ulysses 31, which we gave up on after about 4 epsiodes because it was too painful (although the theme tune is still fantastic).
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* My mouth has stopped feeling like it belongs to someone else today. I finished my 2nd course of antibiotics on Saturday night so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

* I'm always dreaming about houses I've never seen. The other night it was a fisherman's cottage that was built into a cliff face, last night it was some kind of bizarre warehouse conversion. I was musing in the shower this morning about whether this is connected to my preoccupation with the concept of home. It's certainly on my mind at the moment, as I feel rather disconnected from the world, inside my little winter cocoon.

* I finished rereading A Breath of Snow and Ashes last night, so I can finally start on An Echo in the Bone now.

* I'm hosting the Mage game tonight, which involves cramming 8 people around my dining table so I should really do some tidying up before this evening.

* But first I should really go out in the sunshine, especially as I have a parcel to post.

(Bonus point)
We have no snow here. This isn't by any means unusual for Dundee, but since we actually got it during the Big Freeze, I feel a little cheated anyway. We did have a rather impressive snow shower on Friday afternoon, with big fat flakes, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Still, at least we have sunshine!
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I've actually managed to achieve stuff today which is a rare for a Monday. That's what happens when I do things before turning the computer on! As a result, I have a tea loaf cooling in the kitchen and had a lovely walk earlier before the sun started going down. We're in the midst of our first really cold snap of the season at the moment - it's been beautifully sunny for the past 2 days but the pavements are thick with frost in the shade and the big pool at the Swanny Ponds is about 3/4 frozen over.

I can't believe it's the second week of November already, this year is going so fast. I've given up on getting the bathroom finished before the new year, it's just too cold and damp to get the paint dry now. Instead, my plan for this month is mostly to get organised for the festive season in the hope that I'm busy working by December. Speaking of work, what I should be doing is the final edits on That Report as the IFA sent it back again; they are really taking the micky now! Still, it is mostly just proof-reading errors now so shouldn't take long.

In other news, I am frantically trying to avoid succumbing to the lurgy that has hit most of the roleplaying society over the past week. I'm not doing too well because I already have a bit of head cold but I'm dosing myself up with paracetamol and decongestants, and trying to do some gentle exercise, and get sunlight and fresh air every day. Went for a walk along the water front on Saturday and swimming yesterday (although that might have been a bit much, my head was noticable worse afterwards), and a walk around two local parks earlier today. Mage game tonight, which I'm looking forward to except that it involves spending another evening with the plague bearers, still at least they won't be in my home this time ;) Trying to decide if I want to go to a T'ai chi workshop in a couple of weeks despite having not been to a class since January...
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- Making a decision, acting on it and moving on. After procrastinating for a week, any decision is better than none.

- A good swim (40 lengths in under 40 mins) which restored my sanity and cheered me up despite it being a grey, damp day, that doesn't even have the decency to be really cold so you can snuggle up in something warm for comfort. More sociable than usual too, I got chatting to the rather cute girl I was sharing the slow lane with, and [ profile] mcwoof amused the life guard by waving and gesticulating at me through the window in the Union foyer.

- the Gizmo creature, despite the fact she tried to eat me when I got home from the pool. Chlorine must be tasty to cats...

- T'ai chi was good on Monday, we went through the 108 twice, and I'm starting to get the sequence into my head again. Next week we are doing the Poem and then I get the relearn Palm II. I love Palm II, it's a great workout and all that stabbing imaginary opponents in the throat and such is quite theraputic ;)

- last night at pottery I glazed two pots ready for trying Raku for the first time next week, and loaded the rest of my unfired work into the kiln for biscuit firing so I'll have more things to glaze next week, when the rest of the glazes should have finally arrived (who moves their business and neglects to inform any of their costumers for 10 months??).

- I get to play an ex-pirate in Victoriana escapades tonight :)

Time for a cuppa.

EDIT: Oh, and a merry afternoon chatting with [ profile] thebirdwoman yesterday while pottering around town in the sunshine, and potentially converting someone else to the wonder of Martin Millar's novels while borrowing the rest of season 3 BSG in return!
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Still no news about whether I have that short contract, the refresh button on my inbox is going to be worn out soon ;)

Had my eyes tested this morning and was somewhat distressed to discover I 'needed'* new glasses given I've had to pay for them out of my savings. Still, they are green and funky, or will be, when my lenses are finally in stock.

Had to assist a drunk out of the middle of the road on my way back into town to meet Amy for lunch. He was on his hands, cat-like, blocking the road, there was someone in a car sitting waiting for him to move out of the way and everyone was just standing there staring, while I struggled to get him vaguely upright and then half dragged him on to the pavement and out of the way. People are very strange.

Dune is rather good, I really don't know why I haven't read it before now. Well, mostly I guess it's because i didn't get around to it before I went to uni and then the Dune game took over the roleplaying society and made me sick of hearing about it.

Gizmo is perched on the very edge of the dining table, attacking my spider plant, which she has just realised she can just about reach to snack on. Time for a cuppa, i think, with the aforementioned book, and then tidying before the roleplayers come round for the last session of Full Light, Full Steam. Maybe my inbox is like a watched kettle...

*I don't really because I only need them for reading the screen on this thing and I can see it perfectly well with my old ones, but my eyes have got slightly worse so the optometrist has given me the strongest perscription she can.
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Last week passed pretty uneventfully really. On Thursday, we began our new Full Light, Full Steam game, which is going to prove interesting me thinks :) It's a new RPG system and it's completely unlike anything I have ever played before roleplaying nonsense to those who aren't interested ) So far, it has led to an entertaining and unpredictable game with a decidedly pulp flavour. I suspect it may be ill-suited to serious, subtle, angsty games but then it is steampunk Victoriana in space, who wants to be subtle and angsty!

On Friday, I found my peridot chippings bracelet which has been missing since last year, presumed lost, proving Friday the 13th is only unlucky for some :) And yesterday, the Boy and I took the bikes to the Den of Alyth, which was very pleasant indeed, despite occasional heavy showers, and I attempted actual mountain biking and didn't fail too horribly, although I am sore today.

Other than that, we have been (finally) watching BSG season 3 (I *heart* Helo, he always stands up for what he believes is right, no matter how hard it is), and I didn't particularly enjoy Dr. Who on Saturday despite seeing the artistic merit in it, and I think that probably illustrates why I was never a fan of the show prior to NewWho.
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So far, being 30 is suiting me just fine; I've managed to more or less hold on to the ocean of calm I found during my holiday and have been pottering through life very nicely thank you. I've been making progress on my To Read pile, and generally relaxing, and I'm still doing some work for the European project I was working on before my contract ended (writing a paper and editing reports) because my (former) boss and the project leader asked very nicely. Of course, this relaxed attitude probably isn't particularly justified, because I am not rich enough to sustain the life of an intellectual dilettante for very long, and so far I have applied for precisely one job, but it's not like stressing out helps anything.

Yesterday, the Boy took a flexi day and went cycling in the morning while I did a few chores, and then he took me out to lunch at the DCA (which was lovely, but I do wish they would say on the menu when things have chili in them) and we had a nice potter around town in the sunshine, before heading out to the roleplaying society to design characters for a new Full Light, Full Steam game (steampunk Victoriana in space). I also finished reading Lonely Werewolf Girl, which I thoroughly enjoyed (except for the volumn of errors, which made me feel like contacting the publishers and offering my services as a proof reader!) and would recommend to all fans of urban fantasy who like something a bit, well, 'punk' I guess - given it features a werewolf rock band and fashion obsessed Fire Elementals. And now I am doing something which will inspire envy in Stephen Fry and a chunk of my Flist - reading my FIRST Georgette Heyer novel, The Foundling.

Life is good. Now I just need to get fit, get a job, and sort out the disaster area the flat has become this year!
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Since returning from holiday, there has been a masquerade party, which was very good fun indeed, and the usual weeks activities - t'ai chi (still learning 108, looks like we might be doing a demonstration in the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, which is exciting), pottery (I actually threw things on the wheel and they aren't all wonky ;)), board gaming (Ticket to Ride European edition), and roleplaying (Changeling finished with a victory kiss between Miss Finchley and Ash, and we all lived to serve the rightful King!). Saturday night was the DAFTAs (annual roleplaying society awards dinner) which was also good fun, and on Sunday, [ profile] thebirdwoman came over and took me out to lunch at the DCA, which was lovely.

I finally finished reading Otherland, which was definately worth the effort - excellant sci-fi with strong fantasy elements (it's mostly set in a virtual universe and a lot of the worlds are taken from literature), much recommended to all who enjoy such things, and am now thoroughly enjoying Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar, which is madcap, wacky urban fantasy featuring warring werewolf clans and fashion obsessed Fire Elementals!

And Dr Who was brilliant, very Time Traveller's Wife, and a bit Otherland too.
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On Saturday, i had a lovely day out with [ profile] mcwoof, which involved oogling beautiful Fiona Haldane pastels at Alessandro's which neither of us can afford (scroll down to the forest ones, they are my favourites), buying a really nice moss green, fitted, short suede jacket in a charity shop for £6.50 (June is my shopping luck!), and having a very pleasant walk around the loch in Crombie country park (bracing but very good for blowing the cobwebs away).

I have made it to all my usual social activities this week - T'ai Chi on Monday (where I quickly remembered the chunk of the 108 I have learned despite a 3 week gap), pottery on Wednesday (made another plant pot, poured a goblet, and glazed my Celestial Goddess which has turned into a flat-backed plaque rather than a 3D statue), and roleplaying last night (Jakob and I ended up taking over the session with character angst, but no-one seemed to mind too much :) Only problem is, now Miss Finchley has been cornered into basically confessing her feelings for Ash, I have to decide what she is going to do about it, aside from angsting and being repressed!).

On top of walking and T'ai Chi, I also went running yesterday and practiced T'ai Chi in the park afterwards.

I have comics to read, mostly notably Buffy season 8 up to issue 12 (yay!)


I've even achieved some work!! Although now I need to spend the rest of the weekend writing stuff up, but hey, it should be ready to submit sometime next week and then I am FREEEEEE ;) (And soon to be unemployed, but one thing at a time, hm?)


Nov. 2nd, 2007 04:29 pm
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I have a slight lurgy, mostly just a bad throat although I'm headachey and a bit generally blurgh as well, and I'm waiting for people to email me back about booking flights for Copenhagan in January, which is rather irritating, because I want to turn off the computer and veg out with a cuppa :(

The party on Wednesday night was good fun though - I was pleased with my costume (Roman noble woman), I laughed a lot, and I got to kill a pumpkin very dead indeed with one of Amy's practice swords! And yesterday, the Boy was off work so I got taken out for a very pleasant lunch indeed, and we had a wander around Perth and then came home and played Changeling. My character sold her deepest darkest secret, which may come back to bite her. The other characters guesses at what it might be were very amusing ;)
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The last session of Deadlands last night was great fun - I died at the end (stabbed in the heart, that'll teach me to underestimate whores with knives) but I beat Satan 'cos i took the Beast from the Earth Anti-Christ and the Whore of Babylon with me, thereby averting the End of the World! And i got two quotes on the quote sheet :)

Great stuff!
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Gizmo had to go to the vets when i got home as she is all scabby on her head and around her eye where she has scratched some sort of skin outbreak. She got anti-inflammatory and antibiotic shots (yay - no pills to try and force down her) and it is hopefully clearing up nicely. She's quite unconcerned by the whole thing and is curled up asleep on the table in front of me, having raided the trout skin from my dinner last night!

I've updated my booklist for the year. Zorro was very fine - I'd recommend it to any fans of historical adventure stories. I'm now reading the first Otherland novel by Tad Williams. I haven't read any of his stuff before, and haven't read any sci-fi for a while, and I'm really enjoying it.

Life on Mars seems to be getting rather a lot of attention around these parts but I'm trying to avoid spoilers as I managed to mostly miss it and want to watch the rest before I see the ending. I also missed the first episode of the new series of Dr. Who because the silly parentals didn't think to record it for me and I forgot to remind them :( But I thoroughly enjoyed the Shakespeare episode - I really like the historical ones, and Martha seems promising. I've also finished rewatching B5 series 1 so will have to borrow series 2 soon to continue my BSG substitute.

Deadlands didn't finish before I left, but there are 2 or 3 more sessions to go apparently. Last night, the Reverend Peddy (who we have discovered works for the Old Gods) was summoning tentacle-headed beasties with the aid of some townsfolk and Marti managed to (mostly unintentionally) kill them all stone dead with a soul burst hex!

Anyway, need to make work progress despite annoying headache so I should stop rambling.
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Things are pottering along mostly. Am off down to parental abode tomorrow evening as an old school friend is getting married in the back and beyond on Saturday. Gizmo is doing a good line in worrying me since she is being packed off to the cattery tomorrow and then being left with the Lodger for a week - yesterday, she sneakily ate a pile of thread off Lodger's WIP costume (am i the only person with a cat who likes to eat thread??), threw it up with a hair ball all over my bedroom rug, made a stinky mess in her litter box, and then threw up her afternoon biscuits all over the hall! She seemed completely unperturbed however, insisted on having her chunkies as usual for dinner, and has seemed fine in herself. She's currently curled up fast asleep on top of the WIP, pins and all, daft animal!

Have re-read Harry Potter 5 and 6 and am now suffering withdrawal symptoms waiting for the final one (covers are up at the Leaky Cauldron website BTW). Reading Zorro by Isabel Allende at the mo - good bit of swashbuckling :) Have also been (re)watching Babylon 5 series 1 when the stupid teleport TV thing works.

Pottery is going well - on two week break for Easter now. I have a coilware bowl for Mum, tiles, and another chalice to photograph when my camera batteries are recharged. Glazed Bday pressie chalice, vase and bowl last night, and made another plant pot and a random coil pot which may well end up as a plant pot too.

Tonight is probably last session of Deadlands, don't know what I'm going to do for my RPG fix when it's over, will maybe finally get around to running my mad Jeff Noon Changeling game...

Have a hundred and one things I still need to do before I leave tomorrow afternoon, which is why I'm procrastinating here, of course :) Better get on I guess *she says, heading off to make a cuppa*
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My hormones hate me this week, i've felt like crap for days and this morning, this was elevated to death warmed-up. Fortunately, a nice cuppa, two nurofen and a long, hot shower are a remarkable restorative, and i'm feeling much more human now.

Deadlands last night was eventful - nattering about the session - the End of the World is Nigh, Demons from Hell and beyond )

Speaking of demons and fantasy - for those of you who haven't discovered it yet via [ profile] thebirdwoman, I'd like to point you towards Dark Red - the webcomic as it's rather fine, in the vein of Neil Gaiman and others of a dark fantasy in the 'real' world bent. You can even get an insight into the artist's creative process over on her LJ [ profile] thedarkredblog.

There, that's my good deed for the day :) Now to plug my own artistic endeavours - chalice piccies will be going up on [ profile] gathering_bones shortly. After consulting with Mum last night, I'm turning my big tile into a decorative piece for her kitchen wall and the four small tiles are going to be Sabbat plaques so I need to get designing those. I may well be doing my bit for interfaith understanding next week, as i fully expect someone to ask me what I'm doing...

In the meantime, work and pottering today, Games night tomorrow, and vistation from [ profile] psychohoebeast, [ profile] daboss and LM on Sunday. Better finish my abandonned spring cleaning :) And I have daffodils - two glasses full in the lounge and a vase on my altar, lovely and bright, and spring-like *happy sigh*
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Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Pottering along without much thrilling to report. Pottery last night wasn't very constructive, I ended up giving up on my Celestial Goddess statue because she had cracked and her hollow body proved too awkward to repair. Maybe I'll try a slighly smaller, solid one, either that or rethink the whole design... I did glaze two bowls and get back two of my chalices though - the triple Goddess one has come out really well, but the rock pool-inspired one I'm not so sure about, it looks pretty good but the rock effect is really rough :( I have tiles to decorate next week so I'm either going to make my Mum a set of new coasters or, if she isn't overly taken with the idea, make a set of little Sabbat plaques (although I have 4 small tiles and the colours are very limited so I'm probably do a somewhat random selection of Oestara, Litha, Lammas and Mabon).

Deadlands tonight. We're been playing pretty much freeform since our character sheets and the rule books got nicked from Bradley's car and it seems to be going well.
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The only thing I've achieved today is rescuing my 'thank-you' present from the Union :( I can't believe I left it behind and didn't realise until I was getting in the shower this morning! Ah well, it was still sitting where i left it when I hot-footed it over there at lunchtime so my new wolf guardian is now safely enscounced on my bedroom window sill :)

It's been grey and bitter cold all day, with occasional sleet, not pleasant, although I went out in The Coat* and was so toasty by the time i had walked for 20 mins that I had to abandon my hood and scarf, and unzip the top of my fleece to vent some heat!

Went back to pottery on Wednesday after a weeks absence due to the lurgy. Collected my little Spiral Goddess figurine and glazed my Spring Goddess and a flower pot, and poured two goblets (I have plans for chalices) AND made my first turned bowl on the wheel (although I've skinned my fingers again - ouch)! So pretty successful. I've decided to keep a crafty journal over at [ profile] gathering_bones to encourage me to achieve something creative every week, so I'm going to post piccies over there when i get around to doing anything other than claiming the name (it may also become something of a Craft journal, at least as far as creative stuff goes, I'm not sure yet, all my art seems to be very spiritually-inspired at present).

Last night was DURPS. We have a newbie in our game as an old friend I knew in Lancaster has moved into the area, and I got hit with a plot stick. Was good fun :) We finished with several of the characters, mine included, watching Custer fleeing from the ghosts of the 7th Cavalry come back to torment him!

Hmmm, guess i better start thinking about dinner. I was going to have a pork casserole but i don't fancy it now (it's what i had the Saturday night of much throwing up, so that's not awfully surprising)...

*For those of you who have not experienced The Coat in person, it's a black wool and cashmere, ankle length, double-breasted frock coat with a big furry collar, which [ profile] frogclock always referred to as 'dead penguine' because it's that really soft velvety black fake fur that toy penguines are often made out of.

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