2015 plans

Jan. 1st, 2015 11:58 am
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- Manage more than 30 books this year
- Read To Kill a Mockingbird and Great Expectations
- Read the rest of the Jacqueline Carey Terre D'Ange books
- Read Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles

- Start making notes for my novel
- Keep up with my Storium games

- Make myself a top/cardigan/jumper
- Try colourwork
- Actually knit something for my mother

- Try historical fencing
- Manage the MTB skills trail at Templeton without going around any of the obstacles
- Swim outdoors
- Start running again

- Institute monthly date nights
- Finally make our wedding photobook
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I think I spent more of my long weekend watching the Tour de France and reading Ghost Ship from cover to cover, than I did tidying but I only have 2 plastic crates and 2 document boxes left to go through and the cupboard is looking fairly civilised (a lot of what we've kept is actually packing materials, but it seems silly to throw out bubblewrap and tissue paper when we are planning on moving next year). And I went swimming in the North Sea on Friday afternoon, which was very pleasant indeed. I should definitely get back into swimming, even if it's in the uni pool next time.

I also caught up with 3 friends, although it should have been 4, and didn't come last in 'Ticket to Ride' by screwing over the Boy which was a bit mean of me, but Brad had already blocked me from 2 routes and it was soo obvious where he was going and that it would mean a huge score... Bad wife ;)


Sep. 12th, 2011 01:37 pm
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*Saturday started off very badly, when I woke up to Tony Blair being interviewed on the Today programme and wanted to stab his eyes out after about 2 minutes. I then spent the rest of the weekend avoiding all news and coverage of the 9/11 memorials like the plague, which did wonders for my sanity.

*I went swimming on Saturday afternoon and ended up in the sprint lane, which was a bit full on. I love my new goggles soo much though - they don't leak or steam up!

*The Boy and I had dinner with a friend we don't see enough of on Saturday night and it was lovely. Also, her pet rats are incredibly cute.

*Dr Who made me cry. That's the first time I've been emotionally engaged this series and therefore a win (ETA: okay, I forgot about The Doctor's Wife). My only gripe is that the writing *still* seems to be ignoring the fact that Amy and Rory are supposed to be parents.
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Day 10 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

I don't generally start books that I don't think I'm going to like from the offset but there have been a few I've struggled to get into but ultimately enjoyed - One Hundred Years of Solitude and Wicked immediately spring to mind, as does Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Preacher is probably the most extreme example though, there are bits of it I found incredibly distasteful but I was too caught up in the main characters to give up on the story. The bit where Cassidy meets another vampire in New Orleans is particularly enjoyable for anyone who gets fed up of whiny goth vampires!

In other news, the Boy and I watched Wild Swimming on BBC4 last night and it was a little gem of a programme. We are Dr Alice Roberts fans anyway but outdoor swimming, profound reflections on the link between water and humanity, and even the ever informative Prof. Ronald Hutton musing on the topic, made for a little bit of magic. I haven't been swimming outdoors for years and it made me long to redress that sooner rather than later.
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-Swimming is great, I'm soo glad I took it up again, it really is the most effective form of relaxation for me.

-The Boy is looking very dapper today in his waistcoat. We'll have been together 2 years next weekend and I still think he's a star even when he is driving me up the wall.

-Gizmo has been fine since Tuesday, despite throwing up on the way home from the cattery on Monday and having an upset tummy from stuffing her face the whole time she has been away. She is definitely much happier at the new cattery.

-Anti-histamines aren't quite a miracle drug but I'd certainly have spent much less time miserable over the summer as a child if they had been around 20 years ago.

-This month is going to be very busy and rather expensive but I get to spend time celebrating with some of my favourite people, who I do not see often enough these days.


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:50 pm
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It was so mild yesterday, despite being really windy, that I walked home from the pool with wet hair and no hood on, so I've decided it is time to banish the ice berries for a few months and break out a spring icon. It's looking quite spring like around here - my clivia is in full bloom, I have pretty little tete-a-tetes flowering, and the tradescantias have been at it too, and the mystery pink thing is still full of flowers! And the park is full of crocuses, still a bit early for daffs up here though, I think. Also, we can tell it is March because Gizmo has decided 5 am is breakfast time...


Back to the to-do list anyway, have been too distracted by pottery-related glee the last couple of weeks.
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Off to bed as have just spent 2 hours reading my flist and chatting to a friend online, but have achieved work today (because I didn't turn the internet on until 10 pm (that's right, it didn't exist before then, it's all just in your head)), been to t'ai chi, and went swimming yesterday, so life is pretty good.

I might be a bit quiet around here while I attempt to make more progress on project-don't-stress-at-the-last-minute but bear with me.
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Weather is cold and wet, cycling between rain, sleet and actual snow. Apparently, today is officially the most depressing day of the year, and it certainly isn't very cheery around here as I have stomach cramps and a headache, and feel generally yuck, and I need to write 10 pages of my report this week, and every week hereafter until the weekend after Easter (so 13 weeks altogether) to avoid major stressing out at the last minute as usual.

I do however, have good hair today, entering week 3 of the no-shampoo experiment. In an effort to counteract the very drying effect of swimming in chlorinated water on my already dry hair, I'm washing it with conditioner instead of shampoo, rinsing and then conditioning as usual. It was permanently greasy to start with but I washed it this morning and it is now soft and shiny and wavy, and significantly less fizzy than usual, and doesn't seem to be greasy even underneath so there is definately progress.

And my computer account hasn't been deleted. Although my contract still hasn't actually arrived...
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Have finally been paid, which is good because I need to do my Yule shopping and find a replacement for my favourite winter skirt, which is falling apart.

Am achey but contented today from lots of exercise over the weekend - went swimming on Saturday and spent all day Sunday at the Rokpa, doing a T'ai Chi workshop run by our head of School. Got to do advanced dar-lu with one of the other instructors as my partner so that was good, although my flexibility is crap because I can't do snake-creeps-down or bend-bow properly :( Oh well, can really feel it today so must have done some good! Hopefully, class tonight will stretch me out a bit and I'll be less sore tomorrow.

Also got treated to a lovely lunch at the DCA after swimming, yum, yum. Although, the poor Boy then proceeded to come down with a nasty cold and was too sick to come to the workshop and has been sent home from work today :( Am hoping I can avoid it, since I had the horrible head-explodey lurgy last week.

Weather is cold but frosty, and sunny and clear, so lovely to my mind :) The Coat even got an outing on Thursday night for roleplaying. Sunsets have been gorgeous and there was the most beautiful reddish tiny crescent moon yesterday evening, She almost looked like a solar eclipse.

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