2015 plans

Jan. 1st, 2015 11:58 am
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- Manage more than 30 books this year
- Read To Kill a Mockingbird and Great Expectations
- Read the rest of the Jacqueline Carey Terre D'Ange books
- Read Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles

- Start making notes for my novel
- Keep up with my Storium games

- Make myself a top/cardigan/jumper
- Try colourwork
- Actually knit something for my mother

- Try historical fencing
- Manage the MTB skills trail at Templeton without going around any of the obstacles
- Swim outdoors
- Start running again

- Institute monthly date nights
- Finally make our wedding photobook
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Ended up at the on-call vets yesterday with Gizmo because she'd been off her food since Friday. Now waiting on blood test results but an appetite stimulant and some special recovery food, plus roast chicken, appear to have sorted her out. *Fingers crossed* there is no underlying problem and it was just a random thing.

Meanwhile, the Boy is currently at A&E with a suspected broken hand after falling on the nasty bruise he got at fencing last week.

One day I'll have a quiet life!


Feb. 25th, 2012 12:41 pm
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I went to put my merino cardigan on this morning and realised it has developed 4 holes since I washed it! Am most annoyed, I know it said handwash but I did it on a wool cycle in a fine mesh bag for heaven's sake :( All the other handwash garments I own have survived that no problem. And the really annoying thing is that they are completedly out of nowhere holes - the snags on the sleeve where Gizmo caught it with her claws aren't any worse than before I washed it.

Apparently the Boy cut for spider warning, no pictures though ) The most annoying thing is that he was completedly bemused when I was horrified that he told me this! "But I put it out the window", he protested. I'd suspect an elaborate ploy to motivate me into hoovering the flat to within an inch of its life while he's away LARPing this weekend, except that I doubt it even occurred to him as a response.
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Have been quiet around here recently due to a combination of factors, including lots of work to do and silly headcold/viral ick, combining badly to produce major funk. However, we had summery weather for a few days and I seem to have finally banished the ick so I'm feeling perkier, or would be if I wasn't very tired because the Boy spent the weekend doing cross-country pantomime (AKA larping), came home absolutely shattered last night, and proceeded to keep me awake half the night snoring, tossing and turning, and groaning.

Anyway, still have stacks of work to do but have booked a weekend in York early next month so have something to look forward to. And I spent a good chunk of the weekend lounging on my sofa with all the windows open, and bare arms and legs, reading Maggie the Mechanic, which is the first collection of the 'Locas' storyline from Love and Rockets. It's an utterly mad punk/SF/something soap opera, featuring a bunch of mostly female punks and their trials and tribulations (frequently involving trying to get money out of their friends and relatives), spiced up with robots, space ships, occasional dinosaurs, and all manner of shifty unhanded dealings of a very human nature. One particular character has so far alternated between turning up in the middle of the jungle looking for treasure, begging her billionaire boyfriend (with horns...) to make her into a super hero, and getting sacked from the local cornershop - which I think nicely illustrates its utter randomness. Really quite entertaining once you get into it though!
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- Off to pottery shortly. Am thoroughly leaf obsessed at the moment. I discovered new glazes buried in the cupboard before xmas and they turned out wonderfully on a leaf mask thing I made (it was supposed to be a Green Man but it's not awfully face-like apart from having eye and mouth holes) so now I'm thinking of trying a leaf wall plaque similar to the expensive ones I saw at Potfest for the living room, and being tempted to break my rule about no more jewellery (except beads)... Must update my pottery blog with pictures.

- Am about to be reminded just how spoilt I am as The Boy is working shifts for the next 12 weeks. I have to cook my own dinner tonight and get the bus to t'ai chi and I won't be getting tea in bed tomorrow morning (I did say I was spoilt!)

- A letting agent has bought 2 flats in the building and is doing them up at present so we have the builders in nextdoor. The Boy got chatting to them on the stairs this morning and apparently the close is getting professionally cleaned, the security door is going to be fixed and the roof is going to be looked at. Happy-making stuff, I hope our guttering will get fixed too!
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The Boy is the sort of person things happen to. I don't know quite how he manages it. This week, he had lunch with Brian Cox (the actor not the Professor) and got hit in the mouth by a hailstone, which managed to break a filling and crack one of his wisdom teeth. Cue neither of us getting much sleep on Tuesday night because he was in agony :(

On Wednesday, I just about made it through pottery, although all I did was glaze a bunch of beads (don't get excited, they need to go in the kiln on their own so whether they'll be fired before xmas is anyone's guess!) and manage to rub what I later realized was probably Norwegian Blue glaze over something thinking it was iron oxide... that'll be interesting when it's fired! And we did make it to t'ai chi because we didn't want to miss the next section of the 108, but I yawned all the way through and Kev was high on painkillers!

Yesterday, we caught up on much needed sleep with a long lie-in and then pottered into Broughty Ferry, intending to buy a rug or two for the flat from the Gillies clearance sale but it turned out the style we wanted was still Very Expensive, so instead I bought a denim skirt, a brown and cream tweed skirt suit and a copy of Wolf Hall from various charity shops. Which I think neatly proves [livejournal.com profile] mimmimmim's theory that if you give stuff away, good things come back to you :) Although, the skirt suit needs some work as the jacket could do with being cinched in a bit at the waist while the skirt is too tight (strange really given they are the same size) so I think I'm going to hack it off at the hips and redo the waist band. We really need to get the sewing machine fixed!

Today, I need to have a good crack at the much overdue report for Tim, although the fact that I'm typing this with a Gizmo laying over my right arm is not going to help on that front...
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- The only areas of the bathroom that are still lacking any coats of white paint are around the door and the outer window sill
- I have travelled on 9 trains in the past few weeks and they all ran on time
- I seem to have acquired the ability to wake up at 7.30am, which is decidedly handy in allowing me to get a full day's work done while still having time for fresh air and exercise
- I don't have a cold any more
- The Boy and I have been together for 3 years today and I still love him even if he does make the flat a tip ;)


Oct. 29th, 2009 05:04 pm
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I've been feeling a bit mopey this week, mostly hormonal I think, but the largely miserable weather and the clock change hasn't helped, so I was going to have a good whinge. Then several friends posted about family members seriously ill in hospital, health scares, and potential homelessness and I came back to reality pretty quickly. If all I have to moan about is no job when I have savings in the bank and cheap living costs and an employed partner to share them, and my kitchen falling apart, life really isn't so bad is it? Even if said partner has been busy getting latex and paint all over said falling apart kitchen!

In other news, I seem to have become the top destination for the local Jehovah's Witnesses. The guy is interesting to chat to but if he keeps turning up I'm going to feel obliged to ask him in for a cuppa or something and my house is a tip at present! Must tidy the lounge...
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I locked myself out of the flat for the first time ever this afternoon. In a tizzy because I'd been frantically trying to finish the executive summary for this flippin' report only to eventually break for lunch, very hungry indeed, to discover there was no lunch to be had, I flew out of the front door with my wallet to nip to the local corner shop, and forgot to pick up my keys. The Turret has a yale lock and I'd pulled the door to in a strop before I realized my error.

Fortunately for me, The Boy works 15 minutes walk away in the city centre, so this only resulted in fairly temporary embarrassment and panic. Still, I could really have done without any more stress today!
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Had a really good week in (Northern) Ireland (we crossed the border a couple of times) last week - the weather was mostly lovely and the countryside is beautiful.

We arrived on Saturday evening having ended up getting the train down to Edinburgh and then the shuttle bus to the airport because the car is having a fit again. Our flight was delayed by an hour but The Boy's folks were there to pick us up from Belfast so we didn't do too badly. On Sunday we pottered around Rostrevor and went for a walk along the Fairy Glen, and then after lunch we headed across the border to Carlingford on the other side of the Loch, which has some lovely Norman architecture and a castle built by King John in the 13th Century. On Monday, we wondered around a lovely local graveyard and then went up to Belfast, visited the cathedral which has some really beautiful mosaic art work in it, and met up with a couple of the Boy's old school friends. Tuesday was hiking day - we walked up through the forest park to the Cloughmore Stone and then up and across the ridge line to Slieve Martin, which is almost a mountain.

Wednesday, the Boy drove us down to Newgrange and we visted two neolithic burial mounds. Knowth is newly opened to the public and you can't go right into the burial chamber but the stone carvings were fantastic and it feels a bit more authenic than Newgrange, which has been 'recreated' in a way. Still, both sites were really interesting and it was great to be able to go into the chamber at Newgrange and see a demonstration of how the sun enters at sunrise on the winter solstice, even if it is full of Victorian graphiti! We entered the lottery to get to be there over the Solstice but I don't expect we'll get picked. The Boy got selected a few years ago but his work wouldn't let him have the time off :(
Thursday, we went to Carrickfergus castle, which is really good except that they have ruined the inside of the Keep, which is now Disney Medieval style. Then we headed up the very scenic coast road to the Giants Causeway, which is really fantastic:
I won't be forgetting it in a hurry because I got absolutely drenched by a rogue wave while posing for a photo - unfortunately, the Boy has too busy trying to keep the camera dry to capture it.
After that excitment we just pottered around the local area on Friday and walked into Warren Point and back, via the monument to General Ross, who is supposed to have burnt the White House. And Saturday, we headed home to a very clingy Gizmo and something dodgy going on with the wiring of the oven switch, oh the joys of home ownership...
(more photos on Facebook BTW)
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I've been moping about for the past 2 weeks because I've had annoying mild flu and head coldy-type symptoms and felt too crappy to do any exercise, which is what I really needed after the double disappointments of no pottery and the poor Boy missing out on his uni place, putting all our future plans back by another year. But we are off to Northern Ireland tomorrow to stay with his folks for a week so hopefully the change of air will perk me up and I'll feel better by the time we get home. I'm trying not to be nervous about meeting his parents by remembering that we are grown adults who live together and are being treated as such, so it won't be like going to the South Coast at the tender age of 19 and being disapproved of for going to the bathroom in my nightshirt! I'm actually more nervous about meeting his other old friends but at least it looks like I've avoided having to go to the pub with them all, so my aversion to drunken people won't have them thinking I'm a joyless stuck-in-the-mud.

While we are away it will be the 10th anniversary of my move to Scotland. I'm good at feeling stuck in a rut but the fact is the Boy, a bunch of good friends, the Turret, money in the bank and a PhD isn't a bad showing for that time even if I do have no career to speak of. And hopefully I'll come back to news of a new contract and pottery classes starting up again. Besides which, it is almost autumn and that is never a bad thing.
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-Swimming is great, I'm soo glad I took it up again, it really is the most effective form of relaxation for me.

-The Boy is looking very dapper today in his waistcoat. We'll have been together 2 years next weekend and I still think he's a star even when he is driving me up the wall.

-Gizmo has been fine since Tuesday, despite throwing up on the way home from the cattery on Monday and having an upset tummy from stuffing her face the whole time she has been away. She is definitely much happier at the new cattery.

-Anti-histamines aren't quite a miracle drug but I'd certainly have spent much less time miserable over the summer as a child if they had been around 20 years ago.

-This month is going to be very busy and rather expensive but I get to spend time celebrating with some of my favourite people, who I do not see often enough these days.
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Have finally been paid, which is good because I need to do my Yule shopping and find a replacement for my favourite winter skirt, which is falling apart.

Am achey but contented today from lots of exercise over the weekend - went swimming on Saturday and spent all day Sunday at the Rokpa, doing a T'ai Chi workshop run by our head of School. Got to do advanced dar-lu with one of the other instructors as my partner so that was good, although my flexibility is crap because I can't do snake-creeps-down or bend-bow properly :( Oh well, can really feel it today so must have done some good! Hopefully, class tonight will stretch me out a bit and I'll be less sore tomorrow.

Also got treated to a lovely lunch at the DCA after swimming, yum, yum. Although, the poor Boy then proceeded to come down with a nasty cold and was too sick to come to the workshop and has been sent home from work today :( Am hoping I can avoid it, since I had the horrible head-explodey lurgy last week.

Weather is cold but frosty, and sunny and clear, so lovely to my mind :) The Coat even got an outing on Thursday night for roleplaying. Sunsets have been gorgeous and there was the most beautiful reddish tiny crescent moon yesterday evening, She almost looked like a solar eclipse.

Recent cuts

Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:48 pm
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Winter weather and swimming twice a week is a bad combination for my hair so this morning, I hacked about 5 inches off it after I'd washed it. This is not as bad as it sounds as my hair varies between wavy and full on ringlets, so is fairly forgiving of not actually being cut straight because it looks all different lengths as soon as it dries anyway. Also, it is obviously not that bad a job because when he did finally notice, The Boy thought I had been to the hairdressers. It did however, take some time and some prompting before he noticed, as he was full of having spent half the morning at A&E because he nearly chopped the top of his thumb off preparing dinner on Saturday evening and some idiot shut it in a door when he got to work this morning and made it start bleeding again.

For those that care, my hair is now shoulder length and I think the shortest it had been since i left school, and The Boy has first aid skills which are apparently better than those of most of the staff at A&E. Which is undoubtedly a good thing given how accident prone he is. The previous weekend he managed to burn his eye by somehow managing to flick part of a lighted match up under his glasses. I'm now wondering what next weekend's accident will be...
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Last Tuesday evening, I was curled up with my lover in front of a crackling log fire, and on Wednesday night, we were huggled together on a bench in a churchyard, under a gloriously bright full moon, watching shooting stars. I don't think I've ever cast a shadow just from the light of the moon before, I felt like a proper little country witch.
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I'm feeling quite blessed today, having spent the day with The Boy and [livejournal.com profile] thebirdwoman, pottering around, walking on the beach, and having a very nice lunch in Broughty Ferry.

Hope everyone else has plenty to be thankful for at the beginning of this harvest time *hugs*

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