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- The only areas of the bathroom that are still lacking any coats of white paint are around the door and the outer window sill
- I have travelled on 9 trains in the past few weeks and they all ran on time
- I seem to have acquired the ability to wake up at 7.30am, which is decidedly handy in allowing me to get a full day's work done while still having time for fresh air and exercise
- I don't have a cold any more
- The Boy and I have been together for 3 years today and I still love him even if he does make the flat a tip ;)
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Yesterday, the weather was not foul and I finally managed to motivate myself into exercise. I walked to a local park, spent 25 minutes doing the jogging for 60 secs, walking for 90, that the training programme I found recommends starting with (which is a good idea, I've come unstuck many times trying to get back into training by flogging myself half to death straight away rather than building up gradually), and then did the 5 element warm up and ran through the 44 posture T'ai Chi form in the park before coming home. I'm not sure I've ever done T'ai Chi in the park on my own before, I had a small audience of 2 or 3 dog walkers and a random group of business men, but I feel fairly competent these days as far as my form goes so I didn't let it bother me. Of course, the head of the school has now decided that everyone should go from learning the 37 posture short form to the full 108 postures, so the fact that I can do the 44 posture version is now as much of a hindrance as a help, but never mind...

Today, however, the weather is utterly foul, although it has brightened up slightly in the last hour. And obviously, because we are going up north for the weekend for a friends' wedding, it is forecast to pour down all weekend up there and be nice and sunny here :( And it is supposed to be windy with poor visibility for the drive up tomorrow too. *sigh*

On the plus side, I also made it to pottery yesterday evening. There was a slight mishap involving exploding plaster moulds, which meant I came home covered in slip but I did manage to make a coilpot vase, which will hopefully not disintegrate as it dries out!


Nov. 2nd, 2007 04:29 pm
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I have a slight lurgy, mostly just a bad throat although I'm headachey and a bit generally blurgh as well, and I'm waiting for people to email me back about booking flights for Copenhagan in January, which is rather irritating, because I want to turn off the computer and veg out with a cuppa :(

The party on Wednesday night was good fun though - I was pleased with my costume (Roman noble woman), I laughed a lot, and I got to kill a pumpkin very dead indeed with one of Amy's practice swords! And yesterday, the Boy was off work so I got taken out for a very pleasant lunch indeed, and we had a wander around Perth and then came home and played Changeling. My character sold her deepest darkest secret, which may come back to bite her. The other characters guesses at what it might be were very amusing ;)


Apr. 12th, 2007 10:59 am
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Back in Dundee and busy catching up on work and flat wrangling. Fortunately, time at the parents' getting morning tea at 7.30 am has reset my body clock and I am finally capable of getting up at a decent hour of the morning again, so more time to fit everything in (this is my excuse for updatting this before i get properly stuck into sorting out my database!) :)

Visit went well and was very restful. Caught up with old school friends and roleplaying buddy at the wedding, pottered around enjoying sunshine and weeding in the garden, chose a fabby lamp as my Bday pressie from the parents, which is coming up with them next month, visited Nanna and Aunty Maureen in Milton Keynes and had lovely walk along the Grand Union Canal in glorious sunshine, and headed over to near Worksop to visit old friends from my first year in Aberdeen, Faye and family, and a surprise visit from Cinny. So lots of sunshine and old friends - all good :)

Got back on Tuesday evening, delayed as always, but having enjoyed first class all the way up because it was the only advance cheaper ticket i could get as I delayed booking too long. Am seriously considering treating myself to 1st class coming back up after Xmas as train is always heaving.

Break has also done my head the world of good. Once caught up with work, need to make progress on DIY. Have decided that I'm moving next year, to little house with garden outside of the city, and if this means I have to learn to drive then so be it. I want to wake up to birds singing not traffic noise! Am still seriously considering career shift but having done some research, I'm going to need to be able to keep myself for a few years yet doing whatever I can with my current skills and certainly going back to university will have to wait until I'm settled in my new home as I'll need a new contract/job to get another mortage unless i move this summer, which I'm not going to do since Lodger is staying until October at least and I'll get a much better price if I do the bathroom and kitchen before I sell. Anyway, enough wittering - catching up with work and making flat fit for parental viewing next month is going to keep me busy for the next few weeks!

Oh, while I'm here - hello [ profile] white_hart, I only just noticed that you had friended me so i've added you back now, welcome to the mad house ;)
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Stay at parents was largely uneventful and pleasantly quiet. Spent more time catching up with friends but didn't make it down south to see Nanna and Aunty Maureen, and poor Mum was ill the whole time I was down. Didn't do much aside from eating, reading and watching too much TV. Got thrashed at party scrabble round at Julie and Wayne's with [ profile] thebirdwoman and [ profile] pluginchris. Got some cool pressies including Affinity by Sarah Waters, which I'm reading now, and a very tech digital camera which I will figure out forthwith and then fill your friends pages with pictures of Gizmo looking cute, since this appears to be the done thing ;) Looks like the sparkly winter wonderland pictures will have to wait 'til we get some sunshine!

Got back okay on Thursday despite the dire warnings for snow, although the journey was much delayed and took 7 hours from door-to-door, and I stood all the way from Edinburgh. Weather has been foul ever since i got back - snow turned to rain and its really foggy, dark and cold :( Fetched Gizmo yesterday afternoon and she's now poorly, presumably from the travelling since its bumpy dirt track up to the cattery but she's been sick and bad and doesn't want to eat, which is a first, so she must be feeling rough, poor lamb :( Am hoping she will perk up this afternoon 'cos I don't think I'll be going out tonight if she doesn't. Also, am tired from disturbed night. Ah well, she can't help it bless her.

Don't think I can face sales shopping today especially given foul weather, so shall attempt tidying and usefulness but will probably degenerate into curling up on the sofa with a book, and possibly a fire.

Will probably ramble about stuff at some point soon but I'm not in the mood now.

Anyway, whatever you are doing to see in the New Year, I hope you have fun!
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Have just booked Gizmo into The Cat's Hotel from the 21st to 30th of December so that's her sorted, once she's had her other injection on the 1st. They were recommended by the vets and the woman sounded really nice on the phone. Sounds like she will get plenty of cuddles and attention so hopefully she won't be too miserable (Note to self - take her blanket and brush with her). Was going to book my train tickets now she's sorted but browsing on the website reveals that I can't in fact get a cheaper ticket by buying in advance so there isn't much point really. I might reserve a seat for the return journey though, although last year returning on the 29th seemed to avoid the nightmare of every-man-and-his-dog going to Edinburgh for the New Year (well, that's what it feels like when you try travelling half way up the country on the 30th Dec, believe me; I've had to sit in lugguage racks and been nearly 4 hours late before now!) *touch wood*

In other news:

Exile last night was good fun - our plan to steal the Space Amish's farming equipment back from the technology-hating warrior monks went surprisingly well. We succeeded in retrieving it without dying (although Alex came as close to it as possible, and was only saved by claiming a logos point for writing his character background, allowing him to buy off one point of damage from an otherwise killer blow) and there were only two casulties on the monks side (not killing anyone became slightly less of a priority when we were vastly outnumbered by deadly martial artists!), oh and our shuttle is somewhat worse for wear. But the villagers were very happy to get their artifex back buy an entirely new replacement artifex, and we got trade goods and a party thrown for us, so i think we made some friends :)

And now lunch is called for 'cos I'm cold and hungry - ucky dark, wet and windy weather :(
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I was listening to Excess Baggage on Radio 4 this morning. Matthew Parris must have the constitution of an ox, or at least not get at all seasick, as he was recommending the Santander ferry crossing as a good way to get to Spain. I've been on that ferry. It was 25 hours of sheer hell with a Force 8 gale blowing across the Bay of Biscay, which is apparently a regular occurrance. I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy!! They were also dicussing the joys of long-distance travel on sleeper trains. Given my dislike of flying (planes make me claustrophobic) and love of trains, I now have a yearning to tour round Europe on one.

On the subject of Europe, Mum and Dad went to Santiago De Compostela for a week in September and this morning on the phone, Mum was telling me about the local witch obsession. Apparently all the gift shops were full of witches (dolls, ornaments, mobiles etc), alongside the religious icons, which thoroughly mystified my mother. So upon meeting a local university lecturer who spoke good English, she asked about this and was informed that there is a long history of hereditary witches in the local area and people still go to them for spells. "Mostly for good fortune; they're white witches, they don't practice black magic", she insists to me. I was most amused, no mention has been made of my witchy leanings since Christmas 2 or 3 years ago when i had to explain that just because I'm pagan doesn't mean I can't celebrate Christmas with the family (not what I expected to have to explain, since my father isn't even slightly Christian either, but then atheism is something my mother understands whereas paganism is another one of my weird interests she doesn't share). Anyway, it transpires that she bought my sister a religious fridge magnet and me a witchy one. She could have bought me all manner of witchy tat she said, but most of it was apparently very ugly. It would seem that despite the fact that the locals are presumably well aware that a real witch looks just like your nextdoor neighbour, that doesn't help sell tat to tourists ;) Isn't it funny how it's the little things that make you realise that your parents do accept you for who you are, no matter how strange they think that is?

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