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It has just started snowing. Perfect timing as my parents are driving half way up the country tomorrow to visit for the weekend...


Apr. 12th, 2007 10:59 am
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Back in Dundee and busy catching up on work and flat wrangling. Fortunately, time at the parents' getting morning tea at 7.30 am has reset my body clock and I am finally capable of getting up at a decent hour of the morning again, so more time to fit everything in (this is my excuse for updatting this before i get properly stuck into sorting out my database!) :)

Visit went well and was very restful. Caught up with old school friends and roleplaying buddy at the wedding, pottered around enjoying sunshine and weeding in the garden, chose a fabby lamp as my Bday pressie from the parents, which is coming up with them next month, visited Nanna and Aunty Maureen in Milton Keynes and had lovely walk along the Grand Union Canal in glorious sunshine, and headed over to near Worksop to visit old friends from my first year in Aberdeen, Faye and family, and a surprise visit from Cinny. So lots of sunshine and old friends - all good :)

Got back on Tuesday evening, delayed as always, but having enjoyed first class all the way up because it was the only advance cheaper ticket i could get as I delayed booking too long. Am seriously considering treating myself to 1st class coming back up after Xmas as train is always heaving.

Break has also done my head the world of good. Once caught up with work, need to make progress on DIY. Have decided that I'm moving next year, to little house with garden outside of the city, and if this means I have to learn to drive then so be it. I want to wake up to birds singing not traffic noise! Am still seriously considering career shift but having done some research, I'm going to need to be able to keep myself for a few years yet doing whatever I can with my current skills and certainly going back to university will have to wait until I'm settled in my new home as I'll need a new contract/job to get another mortage unless i move this summer, which I'm not going to do since Lodger is staying until October at least and I'll get a much better price if I do the bathroom and kitchen before I sell. Anyway, enough wittering - catching up with work and making flat fit for parental viewing next month is going to keep me busy for the next few weeks!

Oh, while I'm here - hello [ profile] white_hart, I only just noticed that you had friended me so i've added you back now, welcome to the mad house ;)
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Things are pottering along mostly. Am off down to parental abode tomorrow evening as an old school friend is getting married in the back and beyond on Saturday. Gizmo is doing a good line in worrying me since she is being packed off to the cattery tomorrow and then being left with the Lodger for a week - yesterday, she sneakily ate a pile of thread off Lodger's WIP costume (am i the only person with a cat who likes to eat thread??), threw it up with a hair ball all over my bedroom rug, made a stinky mess in her litter box, and then threw up her afternoon biscuits all over the hall! She seemed completely unperturbed however, insisted on having her chunkies as usual for dinner, and has seemed fine in herself. She's currently curled up fast asleep on top of the WIP, pins and all, daft animal!

Have re-read Harry Potter 5 and 6 and am now suffering withdrawal symptoms waiting for the final one (covers are up at the Leaky Cauldron website BTW). Reading Zorro by Isabel Allende at the mo - good bit of swashbuckling :) Have also been (re)watching Babylon 5 series 1 when the stupid teleport TV thing works.

Pottery is going well - on two week break for Easter now. I have a coilware bowl for Mum, tiles, and another chalice to photograph when my camera batteries are recharged. Glazed Bday pressie chalice, vase and bowl last night, and made another plant pot and a random coil pot which may well end up as a plant pot too.

Tonight is probably last session of Deadlands, don't know what I'm going to do for my RPG fix when it's over, will maybe finally get around to running my mad Jeff Noon Changeling game...

Have a hundred and one things I still need to do before I leave tomorrow afternoon, which is why I'm procrastinating here, of course :) Better get on I guess *she says, heading off to make a cuppa*
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The Lodger is away until tomorrow so I've had the flat to myself all weekend. Saturday, there was general pottering and discovering that i can watch season 1 of Babylon 5 on my temporarily free Teleport TV service, which doesn't make up for the loss of BSG and will probably result in me being sorely tempted to invest in the 4 seasons on DVD (don't talk to me about season 5 - I've seen Neil Gaiman's episode and wondered at how fantastic it would have been had it featured Ivanova and allowed them to bring back Talia, and that is all), but has pacified me slightly, as it's amazing how fondly you can look back on it's early weaknesses and the dreadfulness of Sinclair, after you have totally fallen in love with it at it's best. I also made bolognase, 'cos I had a sudden craving and haven't made it for ages, and killer chocolate 'brownies' as my donation for Sunday, when I went over to [ profile] mcwoof's for a delicious roast dinner.

The eclipse on Saturday night was rather fine, although looked more grey with a hint of dirty browny orange, than red to me. It was interesting how much more spherical the moon looked when not all shiny and bright, like a bubble hanging in the sky...

Sunday, we watched The Brothers Grimm after dinner, which was quite entertaining but a bizarre combination of very silly and really rather dark, which somehow didn't quite work.

And now it's Monday, I have a pile of house work to do which I neglected over the weekend, on top of work work, so I better get on with something useful!
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The short version, for those of you interested but pressed for time:

Lancaster weeklend - good fun, caught up with people, ended up spending more of the evening at The Bobbin with the roleplayers than with the reunion-organising crowd.

At the parental abode - relaxing week of not much, but spent too much money on clothes and a new leather trenchcoat.

Journey back - long and delayed, surprise, surprise.

Yesterday - very busy, now have bodice from Amy, Gizmo back at the flat (and very soppy), and Deadlands character for tomorrow's game.

Longer version probably mostly for my own benefit )

Oh and belated Happy Birthday wishes to [ profile] vodkafrenzy and [ profile] evildrganymede! Hope you had fun :)
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Good things: my mouth and teeth got a clean bill of health at the dentists and the check up was FREE

Bad things: bus drivers who think it's fine to drive off while you're still rooting for your change. I find it hard enough to balance on moving buses at the best of times and I'm still a bit wonky in the head with the dreaded lurgy.

Ah well. Managed to drag myself to pottery last night and made my slabs into a plant pot with it's own tray. *fingers crossed* this will survive firing without cracking, my coil pot is split in the bottom but this may be repaired by glazing and refiring, or might get worse, we'll just have to see. Tonight, it's one-offs at DURPS for the start of the new term but I'm going to go and say Hi to people, hassle Bradley into GMing on Thursday and then come home 'cos I'm not up to roleplaying until 11pm, 30 mins walk from my bed.

Tomorrow, I must get my long boots reheeled and sort out my packing for my trip away and then Alex (of Alex and Catherine, not Old Alex) is giving me a lift to the cattery with Madam. And then I'm leaving at 11 am on Saturday, so all go :)
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That got your attention, didn't it ;) Thought it was about time I updated - you can tell I've had face-to-face contact over the past week, i have't felt the need to ramble on here.


Tuesday, i went up to Aberdeen and caught up with [ profile] vodkafrenzy; Wednesday, the elusive [ profile] mcwoof was let out to play and we pottered round the 'Ferry and went to the garden centre (and i had spaghetti with clams for lunch which was scrummy); Thursday, had lunch in the Counting House with Amy and Jakob (great advert for the smoking ban, it was much busier than usual on a weekday lunchtime) and more pottering; and yesterday Alex came over and we had sunday lunch at the Bell Tree and went up to Lunan beach (which always looks lovely from the train, and featured cute ponies, pretty red, green and veiny rocks (so not a geologist!) and a loopy bloke who went in the sea naked and then ran round on the beach briefly to dry off (still naked), despite the fact it had been snowing barely half an hour previously!!)

I've finished repotting my house plants and stripped a bit more wallpaper in the bathroom but that's about it for productiveness. I also finished reading Kafka on the shore by Huruki Marukami, which is now my second or third favourite of his - very fine, although I have no clue what the Hell was going on!!

I could witter on about the latest installments in what i shall refer to as Body Wars but I have stuff i should be getting on with, and no lunch until I go shopping so i shall say only this:

Eat well, exercise, sleep, don't drink too much, and be happy. If you live like that, take no notice of stupid muppets telling you you're too light or too heavy because starving yourself or stuffing your face and sitting on your bum all day won't make you a healthier person, regardless of what the scales say.

And the Nutter of the Week Award goes to the Reverend spokesman for the Sabbath Observance Society (or whatever they are called) on Harris, who compared passengers on the controversial Sunday ferry disembarking next to his church to BNP supporters being bussed past a mosque at prayer time during Ramadan. 'Cos only evil people who hate Christians could possibly want to travel somewhere so godly on a Sunday you know! Ahhhh, tolerance...
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Stay at parents was largely uneventful and pleasantly quiet. Spent more time catching up with friends but didn't make it down south to see Nanna and Aunty Maureen, and poor Mum was ill the whole time I was down. Didn't do much aside from eating, reading and watching too much TV. Got thrashed at party scrabble round at Julie and Wayne's with [ profile] thebirdwoman and [ profile] pluginchris. Got some cool pressies including Affinity by Sarah Waters, which I'm reading now, and a very tech digital camera which I will figure out forthwith and then fill your friends pages with pictures of Gizmo looking cute, since this appears to be the done thing ;) Looks like the sparkly winter wonderland pictures will have to wait 'til we get some sunshine!

Got back okay on Thursday despite the dire warnings for snow, although the journey was much delayed and took 7 hours from door-to-door, and I stood all the way from Edinburgh. Weather has been foul ever since i got back - snow turned to rain and its really foggy, dark and cold :( Fetched Gizmo yesterday afternoon and she's now poorly, presumably from the travelling since its bumpy dirt track up to the cattery but she's been sick and bad and doesn't want to eat, which is a first, so she must be feeling rough, poor lamb :( Am hoping she will perk up this afternoon 'cos I don't think I'll be going out tonight if she doesn't. Also, am tired from disturbed night. Ah well, she can't help it bless her.

Don't think I can face sales shopping today especially given foul weather, so shall attempt tidying and usefulness but will probably degenerate into curling up on the sofa with a book, and possibly a fire.

Will probably ramble about stuff at some point soon but I'm not in the mood now.

Anyway, whatever you are doing to see in the New Year, I hope you have fun!
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Have done well for catching up with old friends in the past week - spoke to Simon on Messenger, had email from a guy I met at Grad School and hadn't heard from for ages, and had a phone call out of the blue from Faye, and went visiting Flick and Dan at the weekend :) All fun, except getting back on the trains yesterday - I see why everyone in the Midlands drives now; it took me 3 times the length of the drive to get back on the train, and that was with Dad coming to pick me up from Crewe in the end, because my train to Stoke was cancelled! I was NOT impressed. Will have to give serious consideration to learning to drive so I can have a hire car when I'm down here for going visiting.

Other than pottering about haven't done much. Weather has been better again so been out in the garden lots - nearly had a dragonfly on my foot this afternoon, sitting down by the pond! Legs are not quite as white as they were when I arrived (mine, not the dragonflies' :)) Have also read Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Gabaldon (which I would recommend - historical crime/intrigue novella, nowhere near as woffly as the last Clair and Jamie book, and Lord John is a sweetheart ;)) and The Virgin Suicides which I also enjoyed, although, unsurprisingly, it's rather melancholy.

Going back up to Scotland tomorrow, to face a mountain of work (since the Steering meeting has been arranged now and is only a month away) and a tip of a flat. Still can't decide what to do with my spare room, had more or less decided to turn it into a dining room/study but keep wondering whether to try and get a flatmate. Thing is, I only have one public room so it's really a flat for a couple rather than two separate people (not to imply that couples become one person, you know what I mean - people with different lives and friends), and if I just get a lodger who hides in his/her room then it isn't really company is it? *Sigh* Not really looking forward to being back in an empty flat after having company for 2 1/2 weeks. I've hardly watched any TV while I've been here because I've had someone to talk to...

Anyway, war wounds are nearly healed, I have a red patch on my forehead and the bridge of my nose, and my knees are still a bit bruised and swollen, but seem to be working okay. Am a bit disappointed with my funky hair though, the red highlights have faded alot and look rather more pink than I would like. Oh well, maybe I'll dye it again if I can be bothered, wonder if it will go purple if I put blue on top ;)

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