Sep. 25th, 2012 10:19 am
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Definitely a Wild Woman channelling day today - Boots of Wonder, superhero dress, leather trenchcoat, wild and woolly weather (I nearly got lifted off my feet on Hawkhill on the way into work!). Very glad to be in my nice non-howly office rather than the Turret today!

Have I mentioned how much I love autumn recently? ;)
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I finished reading Witch Light by Susan Fletcher last night. This book was a bit of revelation for me. The plot is engaging and heartbreaking in places but the real triumph is the witch's voice narrating it. In Corrag, Fletcher has created exactly the sort of witch Marian Green is trying to teach people to be in her A Witch Alone and Natural Witchcraft books. To my mind, this book is to natural/green witchcraft what The Mists of Avalon is to Goddess worship. Corrag is exactly the witch I want to be and hers is the Craft that spoke to me as a child, the reason that finding paganism was like coming home.

I'm very amused by the interviewer in the extra features at the end of my edition, who thinks the crazy Seer woman is the only 'real witch' in the book. Corrag might not be the 17th Century version of a 'real witch' but she's certainly one by modern pagan standards.
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This is my reading list from 2009; I managed 29 novels, 5 trade paperback collections of comics and the entire of Strangers in Paradise (I'm not sure how many that counts as, it's about 150 comics all said and told I think!). Not bad going really.

My stand-outs for the year were definitely The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. The first being the kind of archetypal story that haunts you forevermore once you've read it; I see Roland and his quest everywhere these days. And the second being the first novel I've ever read that makes me wish I could write. I don't really know why that is, I've loved a lot of novels over the years but usually I'm most content to admire from afar in a 'that's fantastic but not something I could ever do' way. Whereas reading this book made me wonder if actually maybe I do believe in that old adage that everyone has at least one novel in them. It spoke to my soul in a way which made me wish that I could tell a similar story about my history...

in which I witter like a crazy person about having an idea for a novel. Which is crazy because I don't write fiction )And the last thing I need at the moment is another creative obsession with no hope of paying the bills...

In other book-related news, my copy of An Echo in the Bone (Diana Gabaldon's latest time-travelling historical romance about Claire and Jamie) arrived yesterday and I'm currently reading the first Lucifer Box book as I bought the set for the Boy for xmas and he's already finished all 3. Also on my reading list for the next little while are the 3 trades of Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez, which make up the Las Locas storyline about Maggie and Hopey, which the Boy bought for me. Better start my 2010 book list I guess.
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I guess it's the time of year for it but all I want to be doing just now is playing in the dirt - I have plants in need of repotting, shooting bulbs which need potting up, and last night at pottery class I got my first handmade beads back, all glazed and shiny, and now I'm hooked and just want to sit making more and more... Feeling the cool earth/clay beneath my fingers, waiting to awaken, just like the Earth and the rest of us.

Unfortunately, these things do not pay the bills. These hands need to be typing a report and my brain needs to come out of hibernation. Time for a cuppa, I think.

The crocus were beginning to sprout in the park yesterday, though.
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Have a magical evening, everyone.

I'm off for a walk in a local park with some woods and a rather old untended graveyard, to leave some offerings of thanks for this year's harvest, and generally be a bit witchy :) And tomorrow, some good friends are coming over for dinner and The Boy has something of an autumnal feast planned to welcome in the Celtic New Year.
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And many blessings to all those celebrating this Samhain.

I've finished sewing my costume and am sitting here with half my hair in curlers in preparation for the party this evening. It's going dark outside and the sky has gone a very funny colour, most appropriate, so I'm going to redress my altar and get my Witch on for a few minutes before The Boy gets home. Think I'm going to need to feed the cat first though, she isn't impressed with the time change and keeps trying to eat my dried flowers to illustrate how hungry she is!

Have a magical evening everyone :)
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Last Tuesday evening, I was curled up with my lover in front of a crackling log fire, and on Wednesday night, we were huggled together on a bench in a churchyard, under a gloriously bright full moon, watching shooting stars. I don't think I've ever cast a shadow just from the light of the moon before, I felt like a proper little country witch.
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Achievements last week:

Went running 3 times
Got rid of freezer to good home, and the recycling which was mounting in the kitchen
Made a dint in lounge tidying/document sorting
Bought new draw unit for bedroom so I can clear piles of stuff off my dressing table to make room for all my altar stuff (yes, I find out I'm not going to be imminently unemployed and celebrate with furniture ;))
Arranged to go and sign up for pottery evening classes with [livejournal.com profile] mcwoof

So far today:

Have phoned building society and discovered that my buildings and contents insurance is automatically renewed unless I tell them otherwise, despite me having no written confirmation that my policy did not expire last September
Have looked up how to book catering for the project meeting at work (I really need to remember to put all this admin stuff i do these days on my CV)
Have not been running, but because I may well be out dancing tonight, or at least roleplaying til late and don't want to be asleep by 10pm.

Still to do this week:

Work, work, work, work, work
Finish lounge tidying and document sorting
Clean and rearrange newly undressing-tabled altar and celebrate full moon (and maybe post piccies of that and my new creativity shrine on [livejournal.com profile] pimp_my_altar)
Investigate accomodation for Lancaster Reunion so i can attempt to arrange liftsharing with H&C when they are back from Italy
Phone Sam and congratulate her on her engagement (I'm the last bastion of unattachmenthood of my friends from school now!)

Other things I should do this month:

Book Gizmo into cattery for September reunion as soon as i know how long i'm away for
Book train ticket for return journey
Make a decision re: dining suite
Get a new fridge-freezer
Renew my passport

This entry was bought to you by newly invented words...
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If anyone across the street was looking in my window last night, they would have been treated to the site of me prancing around in a white dress by candle light. Also, my neighbours may have been bemused to hear celtic flute music and singing coming through the wall/ceiling rather than the usual selection of rock ;)

I think Rachel may be starting to wonder what she's let herself in for - her face was a bit of a picture last night when she asked what I was doing as I was struggling to move my non-portable stereo and I replied "taking my stereo into my bedroom so I can get my witch on to some music"!

*evil grin*

Maybe I should write one of those 101 things to do in 1001 days lists.
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Had a very civilised weekend :)

Friday, I ended up cooking chicken and pepper fusili, which was rather delicious if I do say so myself

recipe here if anyone is interested )

There was good food, wine and chatting, all good :)

After Adam and Amy left, I was relaxed and in a happy grateful mood so I set up an altar and attempted impromptu ritual, spirituality rambling )

Anyway, Saturday Alex came over and we pottered in the Ferry and had lunch and then I went round to Small Mike & Aileen's with Adam, Amy and Bradley and spent a very pleasant evening chatting and enjoying some very nice red wine, and Sunday I enjoyed my left overs and the last of the wine from Friday night, relaxing in front of the Winter Olympics, and then played Nobilis. All very civilised, and on Monday I was even helpful and crafty as I went round to Amy's and helped bead the wedding outfits she's been working on. We're planning on starting a little craft circle soon, hopefully that will encourage me to actually *make* something rather than just think about it!

Now I just have to get back into work gear, too many late nights has been the only drawback to all this socialising and tired eyes and reading pdf files all day don't mix well. But all in all, given it's still February, I'm feeling surprisingly content, if not quite up to productive ;) Also, I'm a complete numpty because it only occured to me this morning that I could dump the junk that's destined for the tip in my shed rather than falling over it in the flat until someone has time to take it away for me!!

And while I'm here - [livejournal.com profile] mcwoof Gillies have your furniture on sale until next week and do you fancy a film after work or a curry night if you're busy Saturdays for the foreseeable future? I'll try and catch you on the phone tonight. Hope the OU thing went well!
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more moaning - you have been warned )

I need a warrior woman icon (Starbuck, i think!) and a serious enthusiasm injection! I might have to try some serious mojo on thursday for Imbolc - kinda backfired rather last time though, i ended up with Lottie under my skin rather than some serious thesis-related inspiration, which'll teach me not to be vague about these things in future!
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Achievements so far this week:

Exercise - T'ai Chi on Monday, running Thursday, plus walking as usual. Am feeling yesterdays exhertions but at least that means it's doing something!

Flat wrangling - chest of draws constructed, planned furniture arrangement for bedroom, had brain wave about side-by-side, under counter fridgefreezer to give extra worksurface in kitchen. Week not over yet re: spareroom wrangling.

Witchy training - read over first moons exercises from A Witch Alone by Marian Green. Have bought, and read most of, an introductory guide to world religions (very interesting, hadn't realised there were so many types of Buddhism for a start). Wandered round in the old graveyard in the fog on Wednesday, in The Coat, feeling like a Victorian gothic heroine.

Food - haven't eaten any ready meals, haven't bought meat from the supermarket, have bought lots of organic, British, in-season veggies. Actually looked at cook books and sussed out some new things to try.

Creativity - ended up round at Amy & Jakob's last night, coming up with a character for Jakob's Weapons of the Gods game which is taking over from Adventure! soon - am going to play The Invincible Sword Goddess, with tragedy obviously ;)

Other stuff
Finished reading Affinity by Sarah Waters. Enjoyed it but not as much as her other two. Didn't spot twist. Very Victorian and beautifully written as usual, I just didn't like the story as much and it seemed to end rather abruptly. Have bought fantastic new mermaid-tail-esque skirt in Debenhams sale, which I'm flouncing about in today :)

Now have to wrangle the old laptop because a guy from the BBC wants my colour maps from the last project for a piece on nitrous oxide emissions for an episode of Landward - very exciting!
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It's more or less sunny, I'm not shattered today, in fact I'm feeling rather alive, I've just finished listening to a very funny, inspirational, sound woman ( woodwitch's podcast), Katchoo and Francine are reunited at last (Strangers in Paradise), and someone out there was thinking of me not long ago...

The world's all shiny and hopeful, and I feel like dancing and telling Goddess I love her so I'm off to get my Priestess on!

*bounces off grinning like a mad woman*
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I ended up walking about 10 miles on Monday. I walked along the Tay almost into Invergowrie (incidentally, walking right past the weather station where my Weather Pixie gets its data from), had fun trying to
negotiate my way around the footpaths by the Technology Park in order to avoid having to cross the A9 (I think it's the A9, busy dual carriageway anyway) and eventually made it to Camperdown, no thanks to signposts - it's a good job i have a good sense of direction when outdoors! Then I walked around the woodland, which was beautifully golden with all the scrunchy red and yellow leaves and the sun going down. I even found a sweet chestnut tree but it's too far North for a decent crop, none of them looked edible if you're not a squirrel! Then I walked back via Lochee through the gathering dusk, and stopped off at Amy's for a cuppa and general socialising on my way home. All in all, a very pleasant way to spend the day, topped off by lighting candles for Nanna, Grandad and Grandad Harry.

Yesterday, I went up to Aberdeen and failed to get yelled at (yay!) but also failed to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] vodkafrenzy for coffee because the poor lamb had gone home feeling yucky (*hugs*). Ah well.
Walked about another 4 miles though so more exercise at least :) Then I resisted the temptation to sit up and watch the last ever Six Feet Under so I recorded it and went to bed instead, meaning I got up at 8.15 am again today, despite not having a train to catch. Am very proud, 'cos I did that despite the weather being grey and wet and dark, although it seems to be brightening up now, which is good. Have decided to go to bed at 10 and get up early as a general rule - much better for me. Only
problem is going to be roleplaying nights 'cos Thursdays I don't normally get home 'til 11.30 pm and its normally about 11pm on Sunday's too :( Think I'm going to get one of those daylight alarm clocks 'cos they are cheaper than SAD lamps and I'm worried a treatment lamp might give me headaches given my propensity for such things. Also, am intending to make sure I spend at least one hour outside in daylight everyday, especially when it's sunny. So those are my main plans for SAD avoidance and I'm going to start now, even though it's not normally that bad until Jan/Feb, in the hope that will prevent me feeling like I've losing for my mind for several months! Other than that, think I'm going to stick to flat wrangling and work for now; have plans afoot for witchy training, having been inspired by A Witch Alone by Marian Green, but I think I'm going to keep pottering for now and then start serious work after Imbolc. This part of the Wheel is not a good time for starting such things, especially for me. It's a time for tackling one's demons and planning - Descent and meditation in preparation for Renewal.
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I was listening to Excess Baggage on Radio 4 this morning. Matthew Parris must have the constitution of an ox, or at least not get at all seasick, as he was recommending the Santander ferry crossing as a good way to get to Spain. I've been on that ferry. It was 25 hours of sheer hell with a Force 8 gale blowing across the Bay of Biscay, which is apparently a regular occurrance. I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy!! They were also dicussing the joys of long-distance travel on sleeper trains. Given my dislike of flying (planes make me claustrophobic) and love of trains, I now have a yearning to tour round Europe on one.

On the subject of Europe, Mum and Dad went to Santiago De Compostela for a week in September and this morning on the phone, Mum was telling me about the local witch obsession. Apparently all the gift shops were full of witches (dolls, ornaments, mobiles etc), alongside the religious icons, which thoroughly mystified my mother. So upon meeting a local university lecturer who spoke good English, she asked about this and was informed that there is a long history of hereditary witches in the local area and people still go to them for spells. "Mostly for good fortune; they're white witches, they don't practice black magic", she insists to me. I was most amused, no mention has been made of my witchy leanings since Christmas 2 or 3 years ago when i had to explain that just because I'm pagan doesn't mean I can't celebrate Christmas with the family (not what I expected to have to explain, since my father isn't even slightly Christian either, but then atheism is something my mother understands whereas paganism is another one of my weird interests she doesn't share). Anyway, it transpires that she bought my sister a religious fridge magnet and me a witchy one. She could have bought me all manner of witchy tat she said, but most of it was apparently very ugly. It would seem that despite the fact that the locals are presumably well aware that a real witch looks just like your nextdoor neighbour, that doesn't help sell tat to tourists ;) Isn't it funny how it's the little things that make you realise that your parents do accept you for who you are, no matter how strange they think that is?

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